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  1. So I figured I'd do a fun thread where you guys would ask me stuff about Wrestling, serious or stupid, doesn't really matter. It really doesn't matter if you know next to nothing about it, or if you're an expert since I'm not saying I'm a huge expert on it myself.

    But some context; I've been a Pro Wrestler since I was 18, I got into it as a way to stay fit and to have a little fun(mainly from taking Jiu Jutsu and Judo classes). I've wrestled for a few very small time promotions, both in The UK and in Japan for a couple of months. Probably the biggest match I had was against Rhyno here in the UK for a small time indy promotion. It's mainly been on and off for a couple of years, I mostly train people now and occasionally during one of their in house shows I'll perform or something. You can ask me questions about that if you like.

    So ask away! Like I said, this is intended to be fun(?).
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  2. How much did you mark out over getting Rhino to physically injure you?
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  3. I consider it the greatest autograph ever; "you got a signed mask by Kane? I got a broken rib, and a few bruised ones from Rhyno!"

    He is a legend, truly a nice guy and came to the hospital to make sure I wasn't dead xD.
  4. Did you do the actual sport of wrestling, or like the showy soap opera wrestling? O_O
  5. I learned the basics of the actual sport wrestling for getting into the Showy "Man-Pera" Wrestling Entertainment bizz. My Judo training would've already sufficed, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to know more of the traditional sport, you know?
  6. So how DO you get in to that kind of wrestling? O__O Is there like, tryouts, or special clubs or job openings?
    And an actual question:

    I know the supplex and stuff, but what are some pretty typical wrestling moves?
  8. My experience is very different to most, especially American born Pros since there's really more of a window opening for likes of Pro Wrestling.

    How I got into it was through a Martial Arts club offered a "Taste of Wrestling" that showed you the basics of the craft. from there I joined a very, very small promotion that has been shutdown for 5 years now and then just moved on as a Free Agent across slightly more well known promotions.

    If you live in America? it's alot easier in my opinion, There's wrestling schools that teach you the ways of the bizz, from taking bumps to learning how to trash talk, all kinds of stuff you need to know to actually get your name out there. Being physically fit helps a ton, as well being part of the Amateur Wrestling teams and that scene altogether since it's usually the common precursor of most American Born Professionals. Having a martial arts background, no matter how little or big, is the best alternative for that. Sometimes promotions also offer places in their own Wrestling Academies, like Chikara Pro, RoH, and to a smaller extent, PWG. however, luck is needed most of all, the luck of being there at the right time if you plan on making it BIG, such as WWE, TNA or japanese promotions like NJPW AJPW and Wrestle-1, etc etc..
  9. What's your theme song?
  10. Have you ever done anything that ended up televised?

    Suplex is definitely the most typical of maneuvers, German Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, it has many forms that many varying styles have adopted into their own move sets. The common of the most common moves is the headlock, Hammerlock, and a lesser extent a wristlock, these moves are most common at the beginning of each bout, usually followed by either a drop toe hold, or a body slam if your bigger or evenly matched to your opponent. Other than those being the most common among most styles, it can depend on your style really; Lucha/High fliers like Rey Mysterio? Senton splashes, moonsaults, and tornado DDTs are usually the most common in their repetoire. Powehouses often go with choke tosses, headbutts, big boots with some powerbombs. I think the defacto and ultimate common, typical move ever is the Irish Whip, EVERYONE does that move and its one of the first you actually learn too lol.

    I've had a total of 5 themes, my longest one though was this:

    Naah, although I've had a couple of "dark" Matches in NJPW. Dark Matches are basically non-televised live tryouts.
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  12. What's your ring name? What was your ring name in japan.
  13. For a long ass time it was "El Demonio Azul" But recently I changed it to "Personatus" because latin names are baller.

    I went by "Allesandro Cordone" Which is a combination of my middle name and my Grandfather's last name (He be italian) in my short stint in Japan.
  14. This is cool and you're cool.
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  15. Have you ever had a moment in practice or a match where you were like "Wow, this position is REALLY AWKWARD."


    Have you dudes ever gotten in to some gigglefits because of whacky match shenanigans?
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  16. I used to be a pro-wrestler like you.

    ..Then I took an arrow to the knee....
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  17. Who are your wrestling idols? :)
  18. Do many indie wrestlers have gimmicks? If so, what's the weirdest gimmick you've encountered?
  19. Is there any videos of your matches?
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