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What are your favorite Asian Music genres?

  1. Jpop

  2. Jrock

  3. Kpop

  4. K-rap

  5. K-Hip Hop

  6. Cpop

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  7. ALL OF THE ABOOOOOVE!!!!! @_@

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  1. Someone should totally start one! I know I got some fellow Jpoppers and Jrockers and Kpoppers out there! @_@
  2. If Chinese pop is C-Pop...

    Then what is Chinese rap? c;

    Jk xD
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  3. Rofl!!! Good one! XD
  4. So Jordanpop, Jamaicarock, Kazakhstanpop, Kuwaitrap, or Cambodiapop are our only options?

    I want a refund.
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  5. What about the option, 'none of the above'? D:
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  6. Well I just assumed if that was your option then you must not be interested in an Asian Music Clan....those are the most popular genres after all....I'm sowee :(
  7. Does this count?

  8. I was joking really :3

    Although Asian music should include more variety, no? Punjabi, Bollywood for example.
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  9. id be down for a Asian music themed clan to join
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  10. ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    you're my new favorite person
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  11. @Razilin

    Obviously it is Crap since not a single person has even voted for C-pop so far XD
  12. its not funny if you explain the joke!!!
  13. Call me stupid but I had absolutely no clue what the joke was until now.
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  14. Sorry I was just trying to point out that nobody has voted for Cpop. I didn't meant to downgrade anything. *hangs head in shame*
  15. What would you all want the clan to be called?
  16. Yo, No Japanese HIpHop? Fuck that list man.

    Kohh is big enough to make it in onto Frank Oceans billboard #1 album for christs sake!

    SOme Kohh goodness:

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  17. As a fellow, all of the above supporter, count me in!

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  18. I'm thinking of starting this clan myself then :3 (you all will have to bear with me though because i've never done this before lol) Nobody has any clan name suggestions?
  19. i'm totally late but i'm definitely in! i love jpop and kpop so much.
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