Ashley's Partner Request?? Idk.

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  1. I'm back again he he.
    But seriously... I want to do a Redo.
    For once I'm willing to finish an rp. And if I did rp with you before... Welp let's redo it with a doff rent plot!! I'm just gonna be clearing my inbox today to yeah...

    Anyways for the new people Greetings!!
    I'm Ashley and here's some facts about me:

    ♤ I'm usually on everyday, but I get super lazy replying so sometimes I'm rlly slow. Either that or incan just read your messages, but can't reply at the moment

    ♤ Sometimes Im not here I'm probably out somewhere.

    ♤ I'd love you to death if you keep writing 1-5 paragraphs, Cus I reply based on how my partner replies.

    *Whenever I'm dominant, I'm sorta scared to play mg role, Cus I usually think that my partner is uncomfortable... So yeah XD

    Okay, on to the fun part:
    *I only play MxF unfortunately

    ♥ Pairings ♥:

    * bold ones is what my preferred character is. And the I underlines is the dominant.

    Prostitute x Client ( this seemed common)

    football/basketball player x Cheerleader

    Student Council President x Rebel

    Pastor's Daughter x Trouble maker (cliché I know.)

    Alcoholic Father x Daughter

    ♢ opposites attract? (Open for anything)


    Percy Jackson
    Mortal Instruments

    ♣ Kinks ♣

    • Lip Biting
    • Hair tugging
    • BDSM
    • Dirty Talking
    • Orgasm Control/Denial
    • Photography/ Videography
    • Teasing
    • Physical Exhaustion
    • Sexual Frustration
    • Internal Cumshot's
    • Humilitaion
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  2. I'll do the alcoholic father x daughter if you want. PM me?
  3. Will do!!
  4. I'm up for a redo or something new mate.
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  5. Yay!!

    Did a pairing interest you??
  6. Had two others in mind. posted them in Two ideas i wanna try out.
  7. Aww
    Well, are any of them MxF??
    Cus I honestly couldn't play Yaoi or Yuri... And you saw how our last rp turned out :/
  8. fine. dibs on fem. and either are available. plus maybe your alcholic dad daughter also interests me.
  9. Okieee
    So let's just do the dad and daughter one.

    (I advise you to pm me Cus I Might fall asleep)
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