Ashes to Flames II: Revenge of the Gods

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    Violet looked over her shoulder, patting the black horse's side as it galloped forwards at breakneck speed. An arrow whizzed past her shoulder and barely skimmed the skin. She cursed. "BACK OFF!" she yelled, taking a sharp turn. The man fell off the cliff, unable to stop quick enough. Violet sighed, but still continued forwards, only slowing down when she reached the new Rebel base. She slid off the horse, tying it up in the barn and sliding her mask off. She glanced around. "I wonder where they got to.." a gun touched the back of her head.
    "Guess who." came a laugh.
    Violet rolled her eyes. "Acer, back off and find something productive..where's Liam?"
    Acer shrugged. "Not sure ma'am..but you've got some new recruits." he lowered the gun.
    Violet nodded. "Got it." she started towards the briefing room where the new recruits awaited.
  2. Walker swished around the beer in her can, uninterested in its contents. The days have started feeling longer since the world went to hell. Or may she was just getting old. Her eyes were blank as she took a swig out of the can. She wasn't used to drinking something so weak and it was too warm, but her choices had become rather limited over the past few months. She put the can down on the small table she was sitting at and pulled out a pack of cigarettes instead. She was sitting away from the other recruits, choosing a spot near a window. She lit a smoke and rested her cheek on her hand. These, too, had long since lost their appeal. She looked out of the window as a thin trail of smoke climbed towards the ceiling. When would she see out of her own apartment window again?
  3. Jonas was seated loosely in the waiting room, her feet propped on the table, her left hand entertaining the safety of a pistol, while her right brought a rapier's blade sliding over her pants, the bristles of the fabric minutely sharpening the blade. Her trigger finger felt itchy, her sword arm felt short. It had been some time since her last strife, and she was dying for a fight, or at least some sparring. She knew the others in the room were bound to be her comrades, and was taking mental notes on their behaviors to better suit her tongue in eloquence.
    Jonas was seated loosely in the waiting room, her feet propped on the table, her hands folded over the now floorbound blade. She didn't seem much like a politician, but she certainly had the training. She felt more like a signifer, the one whose life invigorates their comrades through toil and trouble. She spun the blade around, before speaking.

    "I'm sure you are all here for your own reasons, be they the same as mine, or simply relevant to the cause, but your reason for your presence is insignificant compared to the full scope of things. You're becoming part of something larger than that, a rebellion against death itself, and if we have it our way, we shall wrestle the effigy of life straight from the hands of the reaper himself. The Death Night was killed before we came, but his subordinates remain a threat to the realm. It is time for all the peoples to raise their swords against this foe, for the betterment of humanity, and the betterment of life as we know it. That is the score of things as we on Earth know it."
    -Jonas Yvis​
  4. Liam was training but only a slight problem...he was training with a seven foot Orc, named Squish. Don't know why it's named that...just ask him. Squish was getting aggravated with Liam. "Hey! Hmmph! Squ...ughomph!" Liam yelped as he went through a wall and flew passed a woman smoking. Liam got up as Squish started swinging on him. Liam blocked but was taking damage. His new suit could take it, his sync 1-27 saw advantage points of weakness. Liam swung his arm up to it's jaw, knocking it backwards and flipped backwards and kicked it in the chest. Squish flew back and sat up and groaned but got up and huffed "What? Oh come on, it was a fair fight..oh what a sore loser." He said as he saw the woman. "Oh...hi." He said as he scanned her through his helmet. "I'm Liam." He said as he held out his hand to her.

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  5. Vilan assessed the rebels who crowded the room. The far side of the room, away from most of the recruits, was where she had chose to seat. Her blades kept close to her in case she needed them were only causing her to want to go out and hunt somthing, kill it. She wasn't a -sit down and talk- kind of girl. Instead, she rather be in action, always moving. A opportunity like this she couldn't pass up though. It would help her and that was what kept her from up and walking out.

    She leaned back in her sit, arms cross to keep from pulling one of her weapons out. It would only distracted her. The information she could learn and gather were more important than getting side-tracked.
  6. His blank stare locked with a man who seemed angrier than him, his hand grasped upon the other he smirked. " You are not stronger than me you loser " the man said to Machiavelli who responded with " No i am not...but i am smarter than you " the man blinked " WHAT DID YOU SAY?! " Machiavelli slammed the hand down onto the table and stood up victorious " Chump " Machiavelli said as he walked away pulling his guns from the holsters on his hips and spinning them on his fingers, the wieght continually shifting the guns in circles. He walked towards the girl that was hiding in the corner, placing his hand on the table infront of her he spoke to her " Hows it going back here lonely? " He smirked " Machiavelli at your service "
  7. Star shifted her body, making the chair beneath her creak softly. Grey, calculating eyes traveled around the dimly lit room, watching the other recruits. She wasn't comfortable being around so many unfamiliar people. Not knowing what any of them were capable of made her feel uneasy. Her nose twitched as the stench of smoke clouded her senses. She quickly located the source and her gaze fell upon a woman sitting alone next to a window. She couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind. Her ears perked at the sound of a voice that broke the silence. She listened for a moment and then disregarded it as some inspirational nonsense. Words would not win this war only action would, and she didn't want to waste her time listening to propaganda that told her what she already knew. As she went back to her examination of the rest of the rebels, something burst through the wall. Startled, her hand instinctively fell on the pistol which rested on her hip. Once she saw that it was not a threat only some strange man, she relaxed and removed her hand from the holster. She glanced at the sniper rifle which leaned against the wall next to her chair in the back of the room. More commotion caught her attention as a noisy man slammed his hand down on a table. A small sigh escaped through her lips. Why did I decide to come here again?
  8. Ice was sitting in a corner in the briefing room watching the interactions of the others. HE didn't really talk much since his brothers death but he felt like that was going to change starting today. He was dressed in his battle suit his face mask loosened around his neck and his weapons placed on the floor. the floor was cold on his hands as they rested behind him holding his body up at an 45 degree angle(almost ) the cold made him shiver... I got up and sat in an empty chair next to me. he was smiling happy to finally almost feel welcomed and not by beings how only waned to kill him. I reach into my bag and pull out a canteen and sip on it. through everything that was going on I thought only off of instincts.. where do I go if anything goes wrong. I found exists and I planned out routs on how to get there the quickest way .... I began to tap my foot as I waited for the meeting to get started.
  9. Walker made a point of ignoring the people moving around her. Her eyes remained fixed on a point outside the window. She had no interest in these people, only the ones who were in charge. She hadn't been startled when to people crashed through the wall, her instincts had already asserted that she was in no real danger here. Her cigarette was almost finished and she dropped in on the floor, crushing it with her boot. Now she had nothing to do until things started moving. It was an annoying predictament.
  10. Violet walked through the door, her face shifting from boredom to surprise. "Wow..I didn't expect such an outcome..well hello everyone." She saluted. "I'm Violet.." she noticed Liam and smiled a little. "That's Liam...LIAM?! You blew another hole in the wall?" she put a heavy strain on the word another. "We'll deal with that later.." she sighed, moving to the small platform in the front of the room, looking through the papers that where handed to her. "ahh..I see. Why don't I start by splitting you into two groups. Those who are better at stealth and assassination, here." she pointed to the left of the room. "More with running in guns blazing and making your own plans, here." she pointed right. "No speaking." she added, giving Star a soft smile. She waited for the group to split. "If you don't fit in either, sit in the middle." she added as well.
  11. 'New recruits? Better scare them.' Osi thought with a mischievous grin. He put on his new armor and fiddled with some mechanism on his chest. It started to cloak the armor in an cloak of swirling darkness, with a hood to boot. He walked to the mirror, but since the cloak only made the mask visible, it put off the illusion of floating. He tapped a button on his mask, near the temple. "Ahhhh yes. The souls of the living shall be my feast." The voice was that of a wraith, wispy yet demonic in nature. His eyes were still purple orbs of light that left a streak when he moved. "I love making new shit for myself. :D' He played around with the armor's functions before heading out. A unhallowed cackle seemed to emanate from nowhere, surrounding the group in its sound. Liquid shadow seeped through the cracks under and around the door, a black mass with a hooded skull seemingly materializing out of it. In reality he just used it to make the door invisible and opened it, walking through. None knew that but him. 'This will be fun.' he thought. He surveyed the room, looking at the shocked and frightened faces around the room. "Fresh souls for the Rebellion, eh," the chilling voice said. He noticed Star in the crowd, apart from the rest, and used the cloak to disappear and reappear behind her. "Well, well. What is your name, milady," the voice cooed in her ear.His skeletal hand laid on the gun on her hip to keep her from getting it. "A beauty like yourself has no place in this hell. Or do you?" His voice changed slightly, making it deeper and more intimidating. The voice was more frantic and violent, making others near the wraith who hadn't backed off now frightened even more, themselves far away from the ghostly figure. "What sins have you committed my dear? Whose lives have you taken in cold blood?" The wraith cackled loudly before teleporting beside Liam and Violet.
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  12. He turned around looking when he heard the weird noises and chuckled walking over to the side were he was categorized as a gun blazer and sat on a table a smirk on his face " Glad we have a ghost in this little rebellion " he said moving his hair out of his face as he reached into his pocket pulling out a silver encrusted lighter and began to flick it open and closed.
  13. Osi dashed over to the man, quicker than he could react to, and placed Venia's blade right underneath his adam's apple. "Yes, be glad I'm your ally and not your enemy. Otherwise I would have just collected another soul for my phylactery." He floated back to Liam and Violet, his point made. A wide grin spread under his mask, delighted with the show he was putting on.
  14. A smirk on his face still even when with a blade to his throat, he had nothing to lose and they needed him more than he needed them. Starting a rebellion means you need more help on a fight that you have realized you cant handle, the thoughts trickled through his mind still. " Anyways, So when are we going to start killing " he said placing the lighter back into his pocket.
  15. When the wall exploded into dust and bits by a man crashing through, Vilan had watched the scene before her. Until a hand appeared onto the table before her and a voice spoke. She glanced up and smirked.

    "What makes you think I'm lonely?" She arched an eyebrow.

    Finally, a woman strolled into the room, seemingly having an air around her that showed she was in charge. Right off Vilan knew who this woman was, Violet. It gave Vilan an excuse to ingore the man and pay attetion to what was being said.

    As she was considering what group she'd fit better in, an eerie, sinister voice filled the room. A darkness shadow appeared with only a head floating around. Chills covered Vilan's arms as she grasped her dagger tightly in her hand, and stood with her back against the wall quickly.

    "What the hell!" She muttered, not knowing what to make of this. Was this some kind of test, she wonered. If so then it was wrong to do it this way.

    Suddenly, it was by her and the foolish man, with one of her blades against his neck. The thing, what she decided to call the eerie shadow with a head and voice, moved quickly and unexpectedly.

    She shook her head, having no time to have a reaction before the thing moved once again. She blinked a few times, mouth slightly opened, and her eyes on that thing. Next time she'd see it move.

    (I assumed Osi grabbed one of her blades. Sorry if I had that wrong.)
  16. The door flung open with out loud BANG! and slammed against the wall, with a very minute boot-like indentation about chest-level of the average man. Bishop stepped through, twirling a revolver like an old west American Cowboy you would see in the movies, when movies still existed. He continued his little display of fondness for his gun as he stepped into the room, obviously already filled with the other recruits. Alarmed by the wraith-like figure holding a blade to one man's neck, he quickly drew a bead on the thing's head, and flipped on his laser sight to make it even clearer the bullet would go through whatever organs and structure it had in it's head. If anything was even in there, that is. Either way, he was sure it would hurt like hell. "Drop the knife." he ordered in a deep, commanding voice. Whatever this thing was, it was about to get shot if it didn't comply.
  17. Liam looked around and noticed a lot of people and scratched his head and then looked at Violet " wasn't my fault this time!!' he said as he looked around and rubbed his head. He walked beside Violet and stood next to her and then saw Osi do his tricks which was kind of amusing in some ways but alarming to others, like for the guy with the gun "Oh can't kill a ghost retarded. He's using a illusion." Liam said as he chuckled and lowered the guys weapon. "Plus we never raise our weapons at our teammates, no matter what. He doesn't even feel alarmed. So please, relax." he said as he walked away and stood with his arms crossed and looked at everyone. "My name is Liam, I'm second in command. I will also be training yall, along side with my brother, Osi, who is my wing man. Trust me guys you'd rather me train you than him..." he chuckled at Osi and then continued " you know our world isn't the same, few years ago the King Flaco died...I killed him by snapping his neck and then..." he smirked but no one could see it because of his helmet "...ripped it off. Falco didn't just die, he was reborn as a demon, his true form." he said as he looked at the new recruits. He prayed that everyone could preform the same duties as he had to that night...he lost a lot of men...but he took revenge on them but killing Falco. Now, Falco seeks revenge on him...he can trust too many people. "One thing you must know and are probably wondering why I'm wearing a suit like this and yall have those BDU's or your own uniforms, I joined the rebellion looking like this, I can preform things yall normally can't do. You will never see my face at all...only seldom but normally you won't until I start trusting you. Falco wants my head and he'll do anything to have it. Earn my trust, preform your duties to the best you can and do more. If you do this.....then I may trust you and let you become one of the most Elite Forces in the World. Is that understood." he said as he looked at all of them. He was about to walk away till he saw a head from the wall and forgot "Oh...damn...uh.. this is our humongous Orc, don't make funny of his name, he's furry and fat so I named him....Squish." he said as the huge like Orc came out making a bigger hole in the wall and roared loudly and looked at Liam and threw a trash can and hit him in the face "Omph....alright, I got you! Just wait till after this meeting I'm going to kick you fu.....-clears throat-....we do that a lot. So if he does anything like that, just prepare yourself...he plays dirty." he said as he looked at Osi and nodded and stepped back "Don't scare them too bad. We need them and tricks either." he whispered to him.
  18. after moving to the stealth assassination side Ice stood there waiting for instructions . then crackling noises went off .. I stood attentive watching mostly the reactions of the other.. If I thought right we are in a secure place and if it were a threat we could handle ourselves. and if they re act irrationally... just as I thought this the other people acted irrationally knives went up as well as guns I smiled then a guy Liam began to speak . which was kind of reassuring as he stopped the commotion.. I relaxed my arms and listened...
  19. Walker gave a mental sigh, somewhat relieved that the ball had finally started rolling. She was starting to think this was some kind of talent show instead of a serious military operation. She had no interest in a contest of strength or stealth. Seeing as she had no specifics in assassination or being a hot-headed fool she stayed where she was at, which rather conviently, was located along the center line of the room.
  20. Violet didn't say anything, still waiting for people to move to their respective spots. She sighed after a minute or two on no response. "Okay...Osi, stop, please." She said, looking dead at the floating ghost. She glanced at Liam. "Thanks for the summary. Now, those of you who want to rest, the list of rooms is on the door. those who want to train, ask Liam or Osi where the training room is. If you just want to do nothing, I think you're already doing that." She glanced at her wrist as a red light beeped on the bracelet. "Now that the introductions are done, I'll be...around." She then walked out. She was tired of the whole introducing new teammates. Most people already knew what to do or didn't care. She walked towards her room, and when she reached it she closed the door, collapsing on her bed. "Ugh..too much." she said, kicking her shoes to the floor and curling up. She looked at the suit on the wall. "Later...Later I'll see what you've got.." she closed her eyes, not sleeping, but relaxing.
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