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    Violet winced as the medic ran the alcohol over the deep gash in her arm. "Ouch.." She muttered, taking a deep breath. She'd just got out of a perimeter breach. The Hierarchy's scouts had accidentally tread over one of the motion sensors and caused a Code red. Violet ended up the only one hurt because she'd taken both down before the clean-up crew got their. As leader of the rebellion, she had to keep her 'family' safe. She hadn't taken her mask off yet, completely forgetting she still had it on when she realized she was bleeding so badly. Her mask: [​IMG]

    Falco was angry beyond comprehension. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE ESCAPED?!?!" He roared at the two heavily bandaged scouts. "THE STAGE! BOTH OF YOU!" The two scouts were dragged towards a door that lead to 'the stage', it's a modern version of the colosseum from Roman times. He rubbed his head, gritting his teeth at the pounding headache. "What does it take to get good work??"
  2. He just sat their as chaos echoes through every corner, he road in a Amored Tank with the others, but his suit wasn't as the rest of them, they just stared at him, he looked at them and back out the window. They breached the perimeter, The Hierarchy, the Death Dealers, something or someonw had triggered the sensors and then all hell broke loose. He heard the captian speaking but didn't listen to what he had to say, he just watched the chaos out the window, they kept staring at his suit and him and the captian just yelled his name, "Liam! Liam Alexander!!" The captain yelled, and he turned saying nothing, "You have specific orders, they have been sent to your Link." He said and nodded, "I'll make sure the others don't get into your way." He finished and Liam just looked away. One of the soldiers looked at the captain and spoke "What makes him so special then all of us? And what's up with is uniform? He doesn't seem.....human." They guy said but the captain just looked at Liam and spoke "This man is human, but he is something that can't be killed, he is worth more then your lives. I can't say anymore." The captain looked at the soldier and another spoke "He's only been here for a week! He's just a rookie! A fuc...." He was interrupted by the captain "You will hold your tongue, Private!" He said as the driver yelled the ETA on their destination "Stop the vehicle!! Liam! Your up." That cap. demanded.

    The tank halted and the hatch opened and he walked out, his weapons strapped to him, he held his Automatic in his hand, and touched his helmet, a screen came to life, "Destroy all the enemies, find the scouts and save the civilians." The com said as it shut iff, he started running and turned a corner and saw the whole chaos, they sat him in the worst spot. He suspected that would happen he was the newest recruit, if he died, it wouldn't matter. He walked up and the soldiers that was firing at the Hierarchy had stopped and looked at Liam "What the hell his that?" They said as he grabbed his gun and looked at the men and kneeled "You, stay and fire upon them. I, help and find the scouts." He said and patted one of them and nodded and sat up "Go!!" He yelled.

    Bullets and explosives flew in the air, people from both sides fell to their death, some continued to fight. Liam had a goal and he was going to accomplish it.

    Back in the Medical Center:
    "MOVE! Violet! Violet!" A boy said as he was running in the halls and busted through a door and found Violet "You remember that new recruit we found?! We put him in postion. So far he isn't dead!" He looked at her and stopped and the saw his suit "Where did he get the suit, Vi? It's not one of ours or the Hierarchy's....hmmmm. I set the cams in place so we could keep an update on him. His name is Liam Alexander...age...19." The boy said as he sat down and handed her a touch pad.

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  3. Violet looked up as the medic finished. She took the touch pad and scrolled across the information. "I don't know where he got it, but he's a good find." She stood up silently and pulled off her mask. "Do a clean and sweep, take the helos. I'll do a pick up and collect the rangers." She told him. The boy nodded and left, going to the pilots and explaining. They were going to rain hell on the scouts while Violet would do two drive bys with the convoy, picking up all of the field fighters. "Let's go." Two medics followed her out and towards the garage where two jeeps and a truck lay waiting. Two of the captains were in one of the jeeps and the truck, Violet climbed into the empty jeep and started the engine. The medics climbed into the truck. She tapped her mic and put her mask back on. "Roll out!" Her voice echoed and the door slid open, releasing the helos and the convoy. "This is Vi, coming in hot for pickup. Code 6."
  4. He heard a females voice "This is Vi, coming in hot for pickup. Code 6." And he shot a couple of times and hit his targets and ran to a Ranger and patted him "Convoy is coming. Prepare." He said and stood up and started firing.

    He saw the convoy approach and covered the men as the shot, he killed anything in his path. Ran toward the Humvee and Liam shot the guy in the head and fought the rest, he stood close and fought hand to hand combat, training that he never received from the rebellion, and tore them up, snapping and breaking their bodies. He turned and saw a girl come out, he rose his weapon at her and fired hitting a Hierarchian that was coming up behind her and nodded and waited for all of the Rangers to get in.

    He walked over to the girl "I can't go. I need to find the scouts. My orders." And he turned around and started walking the other way.
  5. Violet shook her hand and grabbed his wrist. "Well, I'm overriding your orders. Get in." She said, pulling him backwards. She looked over to the captain who was giving her a confused look. She held up four fingers and he nodded, running off. "Get in Now recruit." She repeated. The area had been cleared mostly as the helos came overhead.
    "This is Black Bird, permission to fire?" one of the pilots spoke into the mic.
    "Vi, copy that. Watch for friendlies, permission granted." She backed into the drivers seat and pointed beside her. "Sit recruit." She said, itching to get out of the zone.

    Falco tapped his fingers impatiently on the side of his throne. "Reinforcements?" He said through gritted teeth. "Call them back in." He winced as he called the retreat, but he had no other choice.

  6. He stopped and looked at her as she was pulling him in the Humvee and told him to sit and he just stood their looking at her "No. I must find the Scouts." He said looking at her but it was to late, she gave the order to fire along the perimeter 'Damn it...I was so close.' He said in his head, he rose his gun and fired at the people trying to shoot the Rangers and Captain and sat down as the all got it and didn't say a word but shook his head "Damn."
  7. Violet sighed and swung the jeep around, heading back towards base. The ground shook a little as the helos let loose their fire. Once they were safely inside, Violet dismissed everyone but the new recruit. "Liam, follow me." She said, standing up. She started towards her own office.
  8. Aliza had been out on a mission she knew a few sources who would crack under a small amount of pressure, she had found out a few things from the two men whom knew what the rebellion was up to and it had only taken her a few hours of toying with them to get the information out of them.Aliza smiled as she could still hear their begging not to die, Laughing out loud she realized she had to get back in touch with base. With a slight sigh she let the memories of the last few hours slip away.

    As Aliza was walking back to base she had received a letter just before going off on her own mission from the King Falco, that had said she was his new right hand man, she hadn't had time to meet with him before going so she was looking forward to doing so as soon as she could, Aliza had meet him but never on a one to one. As she walked she reset her talking divise "Hey mad killer here what's happening do you need me any where? over" She asked. Aliza had a rather sick sense of humor she knew she was good at her job and she knew that scared people even the ones on her side looked at her as if the wrong move they made she would kill them without a second thought and that was how she liked it.

    While Aliza was waiting for a reply she cleaned off both her babies on her clothes, as she had taken her armor off to be able to breath, as they still had bits of flesh on them from where she had cut chunks out of the two guys earlier "Oh why do others have to be so messy, I know I like the blood and gore but my poor babies like to shine"

    Aliza liked to be out of her armor as much as possible she knew it was safer inside but she liked to be free, she was not worried she knew how to look after herself with in as well as outside of it her Trainer had taught her a lot and he had been the closest thing she had to a Father, Looking up she smiled "I will make you proud" she knew others called her a heartless cow, pure evil and names as such but he had known her the real her.
  9. Falco responded. "I need you here. Now. Out." He said. His voice was clearly aggitated, but not at Aliza. Falco's best captain spoke. "He's not happy..hurry please. Out."

    The Captain from earlier came up behind him. "Careful, she's my boss." He said to him, motioning to Violet who was walking off, expecting Liam to follow. "I'd go if I were you."
  10. He just stood their watching her till the captain came up to him and told him that he better follow her and he kept walking behind her. His suit wad still on, his helmet was still on. He watched get as she walked, her body language, everything, he was studying her. He caught up behind her and walked in the office, and stood behind her and looked at her without a word.
  11. Violet leaned against the front of her desk and pulled her mask off, clipping it on her belt. "Close the door please, and sit down, Liam." she said calmly. She wanted to learn a little bit about this..interesting, new recruit.
  12. Liam obeyed and closed the door and pulled a chair out and say down. His entire uniform was still on, he stared at her into her eyes but he didn't think she could see that. He just say their and nodded at her and sat silently.
  13. "As you may already know, I am Violet, but most rebellion members call me Vi. Who do you think I am?" She started. She wanted to see what he saw first, then she would go from there.
  14. He nodded and spoke but not so much "Your the Leader. I know who you are." He said still sitting their. He never removed his helmet or his suit til he was in his room, he didn't know why. He had a feeling she was going to ask that but he might refuse.
  15. "Yes. Okay. Why did you want to join the rebellion?" She asked, adjusting her center of balance so she didn't lean too heavily on the desk. She reached behind her and picked up the laptop, pulling up the holo screen and moving a few things around before setting it down.
  16. He nodded his head "If I didn't want to be in the Rebellion, I wouldn't have kept your men alive'd be dead." He said, that was the most he's ever said. He looked at her as she fiddled with the laptop "Why?" He askesd.
  17. "Why is because I don't let anyone join. I only let those with the right spirit and the skills to do it. Where did you learn how to fight like that?" This new recruit was starting to intrigue her. His answers where nothing like any of her other rebellors, she wanted to see what made him so much more understanding of the situation.
  18. He looked at her "I taught myself." He said and looked at her and rose his hand before she could speak. He reached the break of his neck and pressed a sensor and his helmet started to dismantle itself. His face showed beneath the helmet, his hair stood across his face, he opened hoods eyes and revealed his sky blue grey eyes, and then nodded, "Sorry. Continue."
  19. Violet waited until he had finished before speaking again. "You did now, did you? That's interesting." She pondered over this a little bit before continuing. "How long have you been against the Hierarchy?" She asked. Liam sounded to be the exact co-leader she was hoping for, but she wanted to be sure he had enough experience.
  20. He looked at her in her eyes, deep into get eyes, "Since I was a boy. The King killed my family and tried to kill me but failed." He said and looked away, "I've been fighting my entire life, I got so close to killing him, but....never close enough." He said as he clinched his fisted and started to bend the bar but calmed himself. "I was in a group a couple of years ago. I taught and led the people, kept then safe. But we were attacked by the King and killed everyone but me. He made me watch on what they did to them....just like they did to my family." He looked dead into her eyes, you could see the rage in his eyes but they were also calm and gentle. "I will avenge your men that were killed." He said as he set every single dog tag he picked from the dead soldiers bodies and set them on her desk. He could tell that no one has done this before and looked at Violet, "What? What's wrong?" He asked.