Ashes to Ashes

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  1. ~1x1 Roleplay~
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    It's been kill or be killed ever since they were sentenced to death. In one last desperate attempt at staying alive, two people have been forced to become world-class assassins. By their will or not, they must kill for an organization that's only rumored to really exist. Going rogue is never an option. You won't even make it out of the facility.

    Until one woman did, and now she's hunted by the very person she considered to be her closest friend.

    Ashes to ashes...dust to dust...there's no telling how long she will last.

    @Sunshine & Whiskey
    Name: Lee Jhung Si | Age: 35 | #1 Assassin


    Christa Vesae || 32 || Runaway Assassin

    Christa Vesae stood poised on the balcony of the complex, her eyes scanning the streets below. She had gotten an apartment under a false, well, everything only two days before. In Chicago, you could blend in anywhere. But with him on her tail, there was no telling when she'd have to pack up her sparse belongings and leave. Chewing the inside of her cheek, she turned the ring on her right ring finger absentmindedly. The simple band of metal had been her comfort these past years, as it was the only item she had of sentimental value. The story behind it was actually quite humorous, though it only saddened her now when she thought of it.

    It had been two weeks since she'd escaped that damned facility. She had left quite a few bodies behind for them to clean up, and she could only imagine the torture they had planned for her if they managed to catch her. Shuddering at the thought, Christa turned to go back inside. There was no sense in leaving herself wide open for a clean shot, in case all they planned was to simply kill her to make sure their secrets stayed secret. After all, she had been one of their top assassins and had gone countless missions that were highly sensitive and classified. The organization only took high-end jobs, after all. If you were lucky enough to know about its existence, you were likely part of it or a client.

    Christa had never wanted to kill. In fact, her first murder had been a complete accident, though no one would see it that way. It was the whole fucked up reason she was in this mess at all. It was the reason she could never live a remotely "normal" life again. Where most people her age worried about kids or the fact that they were still single, she worried about how many hours or even seconds she had left to live. Perhaps she should just let herself die; it would certainly be easier than all this running and hiding and killing. But for some reason, she couldn't bring herself to do it. For whatever reason, she had to live. She had to keep fighting. Or die at least trying.
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  2. Lee was given this mission almost a few days ago and it has literally been hard for him to complete the task since the target was his best friend. Well, still is, kind of. The look on Lee's face told the story when his Senshi, his Master, his father basically, handed him the mission and he pleaded that he could not do it. But he was one of the top assassins in the league so it had to go to him and no one else. It devastating to do this but she broke an oath and must suffer the consequences. Luckily, they didn't catch right then and there but must've been saving her for the right time, which was now. Lee had to take a plane and go to the United States - Chicago, to be exact and he rented out an apartment.

    He practiced day and night with a few weapons and even throwing stars. He meditated and did a few other things that he had learned to keep his mind at ease. This wasn't going to be an easy battle between the two combatants so he had to make sure that he was ready for anything that she'd throw his way. But first, he also needed a plan and that was when a knock came over his door and the person behind it was welcoming him to the apartment complex. With a raise brow and a sense of alertness, Lee accepted the gift with a head nod and a thank you then closed the door shut, locking it.

    Today was the day and it had to be done today, no exceptions. A thought crossed his mind now and he knew exactly what to do. Lee dressed himself up in comfort, combat attire then walked outside so carefree as he scaled in the shadows and even scaled the buildings until he had reached the one assigned to Christa. Lee surveyed the premises before entering in and standing at the door. While looking left then right, Lee spun around and outstretched his legs, kicking the door open and rolling in and over behind a counter, waiting and actually anticipating Christa to throw the first blow.

    Lee had about three throwing stars in his hand and he never missed a target with them and today was definitely not the day to miss. With labored breaths, Lee stayed crouched behind the counter, waiting.
  3. The door burst open without warning, but Christa had been mentally prepared for this. She knew it was coming; she just hadn't known when. In two seconds flat, he was behind her kitchen counter, and she was behind the couch for protection. "I should have known you would have found me so quickly," she called out, her breaths even as she held the semi-automatic gun in her hand. Its weight was familiar but also foreign; maybe it was because she knew she'd have to use it on her best friend. There wasn't much else she had to defend herself save the knife in her boot. Everything she'd brought with her she'd either lost or had to give up. This was all she had. She could only hope it was enough.

    Her muscles tensed as she rolled to the other side of the counter, pressing her back against it. She could almost feel him on the other side, waiting to kill her. It was like a scene in some movie: the two friends caught in a horrible drama pressed against opposite sides of a wall for some idyllic picture. But this wasn't the movies. This was actual life--her life, his life. It was kill or be killed. "They could have sent Johnson. Why, of all people, did they send you?" Her voice choked only slightly, but she bit her tongue to keep the emotion back. Her only friend, her one solace through this fucking mess...she would have kill him.
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  4. Lee heard her words about she knew that this day was coming and so did he. He tried to steady his breathing but the emotions filling the air around them both was getting to him. Lee couldn't do this, especially to someone like Christa. He lowered his head behind the counter and just knew that it had to be done or he was going to be next on their list, if he wasn't killed by Christa first. "Still holding that semi-automatic, I see." Lee said in a sort of hushed tone unlike his usual deep but delicately tone. He gasped when she moved and to the other side of the counter, it was like her energy immediately merged with his. His breathing had finally calmed and she asked why did they send him and not Johnson. "You know how our master is." Lee muttered. "He saw our close connection and wants to test us, well me, to see if I could go through with it." At the this moment in time, Lee couldn't.

    Without a second thought, Lee jumped up to his feet and flipped over the counter to her side. Before she would've had the chance to pull the trigger, Lee pulled out an object that he threw towards the inside of the chamber, hearing the device click onto it then pull by, retrieving the gun and dismembering it right before her eyes. Lee stayed crouched down then swiftly reached in his boot, pulling out a black, palm sized dagger that she had given him a long time ago.

    Lee twirled it through his fingers, taunting her basically then stopped twirling it to clutch it tightly, only to throw it towards her when the time was right. "Why, Christa? Why did you leave the league knowing what was going to happen to you?" Lee asked though not looking her in the eye but instead down at the floor beneath them. Any moment, one of them could be dead but Lee just wanted to know before he killed her or vice versa. Lee went back to twirling the small blade while waiting to listen to Christa's answer.
  5. Christa's eyes flickered as the gun fell into pieces. Shit. She stiffened under Lee's gaze, not wanting to see his eyes. If she saw his face, it would make it that much harder to kill him. She grabbed the knife from her boot and held it evenly, knowing it was stupid to attack immediately. Instead, she watched the knife in his hand carefully, waiting for him to strike.

    Why, Christa?

    She smiled bitterly, looking into his eyes without even meaning to. "You know damn well why. Surely they told you." The water springing in her eyes was involuntary, and she blinked it away immediately. There was no time for petty emotions, especially when she was trying to kill her closest friend in order to protect her own life. Of course, was it really worth it? She couldn't be sure, but every part of her screamed for survival. For some fucked up reason, she just couldn't let herself die. Not yet.

    "I don't want to kill you, but I can't just sit back and let them win. They took everything from me...from you, too." Her eyes pleaded with his, as if she would somehow convince him to put down his weapon. She wasn't sure if she could do it. She wasn't sure if she could actually kill him.
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