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    A cold wind blows through the empty streets of London. It is a city in decay; abandoned by its residents and given over to the rats, crows and packs of feral dogs. Some would say that the British Isles were lucky; they didn't have to deal with the pollution clouds, the tidal waves, the wars, refugees and plagues. In the end, though, none of that truly mattered. England might have been spared the cataclysms that have ravaged the rest of Europe, but those were just symptoms of a larger problem. Nearly eight years without the lifeblood of modern society has reduced the once-proud civilization to ashes. With no imported food and no means of transporting native crops to population centers, cities like London have been effectively uninhabited for years. The noisy bustle of pedestrians has been replaced by the cawing of crows and ravens, their mournful sounds echoing in the empty streets and decaying buildings.

    The only remaining tenants of this former capital city are opportunistic scavengers or tiny communities that have somehow managed to eke out a meager existence in their own ways. With the rural regions home to bands of militant survivalists, disease-infested refugee shanties and the odd wandering cannibal, London has become an attractive prospect in recent months for those seeking asylum from the chaos that perpetuates across the rest of England. The vast city offers many hiding places for those that don’t wish to be found, not to mention offering ever-valuable knowledge and supplies to those who know where to find it. The ruins of the past may yet hold the keys to the future. With the vicious winters of the past two years behind it and the summer of 2028 on the horizon, the city of London may yet find itself the center of a community that may one day change the world for the better... or worse.

    |Setting History|

    ///It is the seventh anniversary of the Saudi Arabian oil field bombings, when a coordinated strike by unknown forces ignited multiple high-yield incendiary bombs in rigs across the Middle East. The fire raged for years, leaving large sections of Israel and northern Africa uninhabitable due to air pollution. The immediate repercussions of this attack drove oil prices to their highest point in decades. War between nations was all but inevitable as reserves were depleted and cities descended into anarchy. What follows is a basic timeline of the events leading up to today.\\\
    -2021: The US annexes Canada after a lengthy series of legal battles fails to secure them an exclusive contract with Canadian petroleum companies. Oil production grinds to a halt for months as displaced civilian workers go on strike or are incompetently managed by untrained military overseers. Other oil-rich countries such as Venezuela begin to quietly stockpile armaments as political tensions rise.
    -January 10th 2022: A paramilitary organisation calling itself the CRMV (Canadian Reservist Militia & Volunteers) attacks US military forces stationed outside of Ottawa with an arsenal of homemade explosives and civilian firearms. Both sides suffer appalling casualties after an ammunition dump explodes. From 2022 to 2024, the CRMV will kill dozens of soldiers and hundreds of civilians in terrorist attacks all over Canada and the northern United States.

    -July 2022: China attempts to invade Russia after failing to negotiate a so-called ‘oil pact’ with the country. The comparatively functional Russian military barely needs to respond as the oil-starved Chinese war machine grinds to a halt shortly after it crosses the border. Meanwhile The European Union disintegrates as oil reserves dry up and their economic futures collapse.

    -December 23rd 2022: The president of the U.S.A declares Martial Law. This declaration remains in effect until the dissolution of the United States of America some years from now. The complete inability for American mechanized infantry divisions to mount any kind of successful offensive against the CRMV without air support (jets having been grounded due to fuel shortages)

    -2023: Air pollution levels from the gigantic firestorms in Saudi Arabia reach lands as far away as Italy and France. Environmental experts now believe that Oman, Yemen, and Eritrea are unsuitable for human habitation and must be evacuated. Parts of Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Iraq are also facing similar problems. The international community generally ignores these warnings. England, Spain, France and Italy begin discussing plans for food rationing as supply lines between them and breadbasket countries becomes tenuous.

    -January-March 2024: Millions of refugees from poisoned lands flee to West Africa, Asia and Europe, exacerbating economic collapse across the world. Greece descends into anarchy as air pollution devastates their annual harvests. Meanwhile, the worst famine since the Great Leap Forward is busy devastating China; tens of millions will die before the beginning of 2025.

    -April-July 2024: Most of Europe is now on rationing. Contact between continental countries and island nations is at an all-time low as fuel shortages make overseas transport prohibitively expensive. A CRMV bomb destroys an emergency oil pipeline between Canada and the United States. Mexico attempts to invade Venezuela with a force consisting mostly of unsupported infantry and is repulsed by the comparatively operational Venezuelan army.

    -August-December 2024: Global infrastructures collapses as machinery powered by alternate energy sources break down from overuse and lack of replacement parts. While local economies can still function at a sustenance level, the capitalist market effectively ceases to exist. Russia begins pre-emptively preparing for complete global anarchy. The Japanese plead with the rest of the international community to maintain shipments of food to their island nation, but these pleas go unheard by the rest of the world.

    -January 2025: Political pressure is placed on Venezuela to increase its export of oil by a factor of five. The Venezuelan government claims this figure is unattainable but grudgingly agrees to increase production in exchange for extra food supplies. The US army initiates the Reservist Reforms, which emphasizes flexible small-unit infantry tactics over mechanized deployments. The CRMV detonates bombs in Seattle, destroying an oil convoy seeking to resupply the city. The ensuing fire devastates most of the inner city.

    -February 2025: The suicide rate in the western world has quintupled since 2018 and is still on the rise. A psychological study conducted by several prominent universities across the United States concludes that well over half the population is suffering from depression in one form or another. Rationing in the western hemisphere is staving off full-scale famine for now, but reserves are dwindling and transport costs remain prohibitive. Refugees from the uninhabitable Middle Eastern zones are the hardest hit by famine, they die in their thousands. A starving Japan attempts to send a fleet south to raid island nations in the South China Sea for food, but most of the ships run out of fuel and drift helplessly at the mercy of the four winds.

    -March 2nd 2025: An unidentified terrorist group sabotages the largest oil tanker in the world as it prepares to sail from mainland Europe to China. The Olympus Mons goes up in a fireball large enough to be observed from the International Space Station when a stolen military truck carrying more than fifteen tons of high explosive is detonated on the docks of Lisbon Harbour during the unloading process. The tanker had been scheduled to deliver an emergency petroleum reserve to every ocean-bordered country in Europe before continuing to China. Without it there is little chance of economic recovery for the west.

    -April 8th 2025: The Russian oil pipelines are cut without warning, severing the last trickle of fuel to a dying Europe. On the same day, unmarked helicopters airlift Russian diplomats from embassy posts in Germany, Belgium and Denmark. All attempts by the other world powers to contact Russia after this date are rebuffed.

    -April 10th 2025: A German convoy approaching a Russian border depot is fired upon by the garrison. Neither side sustains casualties, but the Germans are forced to retreat back towards Berlin.

    -June 2025: The Resource Wars begin. Germany and Italy declare war on Russia, giving the severance of diplomatic ties to Europe and the severing of the oil pipelines as reason for their invasion. The attackers end up doing more damage to their own countries then to Russia, using up the last of their gas reserves in a combined attack that succeeds in crossing into Russia, but is then utterly annihilated by a barrage of thermobaric warheads just north of the Russian/German border. The Russian government still refuses to contact the outside world.

    -July 2025: The Resource Wars reach their second round as talks between European nations fail to establish equitable exchanges of vital goods. France invades Germany, Spain invades France, and England invades both countries soon afterwards. Belgium tries to remain neutral, but is dragged into the conflict when French and German soldiers clash within their borders. Most attacks consist of infantry raiding parties, as few military vehicles still operate. These skirmishes disrupt supply lines on an international scale and by July more than a thousand people will have starved to death across Europe. This number will rise geometrically throughout the rest of the 2020’s.

    -August-December 2025: Lack of adequate health care has given rise to epidemics of disease in parts of the United States and Europe. Typhoid, dysentery, tuberculosis and pneumonia run rampant throughout the winter months. Bubonic plague breaks out in India, racing through the starving Chinese refugee communities and travelling west. Since disinfectants are rare and national garbage cleanup virtually nonexistent, flea-carrying vermin experience a population explosion. The Black Death devastates Europe and the Mediterranean for the first time in centuries, killing more people in a year than any other infectious disease in history besides the Spanish Flu. Global food production is 10% of what it was three years ago.

    -Janurary 2026: The Saudi Arabian oil fields finally burn themselves out after consuming more than one hundred billion barrels worth of crude oil. The legacy of the fires is a gigantic smog cloud that blankets most of the southern hemisphere, reducing sunlight levels by as much as 50%. Most of the Middle-East and large swathes of eastern Africa are now completely uninhabitable. Toxic ash rains across Turkey and the surrounding lands. Climactic damage triggers has at this point begun triggering massive storm systems across the Mediterranean and Pacific oceans. While these will have mostly blown themselves out by 2028, they will have spread oil smog and (after July 3rd) radioactive contaminants across a region that stretches from northern Australia to southern France. Many Mediterranean coastal towns are unprepared for these storms, and are rapidly obliterated.

    -February 2026: Holland is submerged as the dikes burst after years of neglect. Most of the population evacuates to nearby countries, which are already experiencing famines and anarchy. Only Russia and the USA still have governments capable of enforcing policy beyond their capital cities and the immediate surroundings. Survivalist enclaves and Mormon outposts are some of the few areas of stability left in the US by this point.

    -March-June 2026: Most of South America declares war on Venezuela after collectively realising that whoever controls the Venezuelan oil fields is effectively in unchallenged control over most of the planet. The Venezuelan army fights off hastily-assembled militia from just about every military power on the continent. Refugees from the war swarm over the borders into the US. They bring cholera with them, adding another epidemic to the many already sweeping through the US. The conflict means that the very last reliable supply of crude oil to the intact western worlds has now been severed. Total anarchy is not far behind.

    -July 3rd 2026: As their police force crumbles and their populace runs riot, North Korea decides to spite the rest of the world by launching nuclear and chemical warheads against cities in South Korea, China and Japan. Twelve warheads detonate on their targets. Automated silos in Japan and China retaliate. North Korean warheads fired: 20. Retaliation: 59 warheads. The total foreign casualties from the attack number around 1,600,000; roughly half of which die due to poison clouds spread by Korean chemical missiles. Seoul, Qingdao, Fukuoka and Tianjin are the only major population centers damaged by the Korean detonations. North Korea itself is reduced to a smoking, radioactive dustbowl.

    -July 9th 2026: A radioactive dust cloud covers Korea, eastern China and parts of Japan, spreading fallout via a lethal black rain. It is estimated that a large percentage of the cloud is made up of ash from nearly twenty-four million corpses incinerated by the nuclear bombardment of North Korea. Thousands of Korean refugees flee the peninsula in a motley collection of seafaring vessels; the remnants of which will later form one of the few stable migrant communities of the late 2020’s. Westerns who hear of the evacuation call it ‘Dunkirk, but without the safe home across the channel.’

    -August-November 2026: The European Resource War ends, not because of a peace treaty, but simply because there are no longer enough people left alive to continue them. England is the only surviving country with a functional government. Pollution and neglect have reduced world food production levels to less than 3% of what they were six years ago. The western world is now effectively ‘dry’. Not only is there no oil production of any description taking place any longer, but remaining reserves from the early 2020’s (those that still exist) are now too chemically degraded to be used in industrial machinery. In an ironic twist of fate, petrol and petrol derivatives are now more commonly used for their inflammatory properties (usually by rioters) than for their intended purpose as fuel sources for combustion engines.

    -December 23rd 2026: The Whitehouse is burnt to the ground by rioters; it has been exactly four years after the declaration of martial law. The United States of America effectively ceases to exist from now on. The only stable communities are small, isolated survivalist groups. Most cities have been abandoned or devastated by storms caused by climatic variances. Those that remain are in the grip of self-styled warlords that have no connection to any civil government. The fate of the president is unknown, but at least three separate militia groups claim to have been responsible for his execution. Christmas day in Washington DC is celebrated by an inebriated mob of rioters, homeless people and military defectors. None of them are quite deluded enough to think their actions will solve anything, but nobody is guarding the liquor stores any longer.

    -January-March 2027: The winter of 2026 has been one of the worst in living memory. Reduced sunlight levels have resulted in frigid temperatures across the entire northern hemisphere. More people die of exposure then in the Korean nuclear exchange. Some countries have been utterly depopulated, with the largest concentration of survivors being near Mexico and Northern America, which are comparatively untouched by the ecological damage of the past five years. Mexico in particular is experiencing something of a dilemma, faced with riots at home and the novel situation of having to deal with American refugees crossing into the country via the infamous Texan Border.

    -April-November 2027: Refugee communities in the former USA around Utah begin coming down with a mysterious yet invariably fatal disease with symptoms that resemble those of the supposedly extinct Variola major virus (also known as European Smallpox). Poor sanitation in refugee camps contributes to the extremely rapid spread of the disease through a variety of infected vermin and parasites. Unbeknownst to the refugees, their camp is located near to the primary storage locations for US chemical & biological weapons. Years of neglect and weather damage have eroded the seals on several storage tanks, allowed mutated versions of diseases such as Smallpox, Ebola, Bubonic Plague and Anthrax to leak into the surrounding environment. The extreme cold of the previous winter has preserved most of the viral compounds, and allowed them to spread across a vast area. Most of these diseases are non-propagating, but two; Bubonic Plague and Smallpox, are. These invisible killers will go on to effectively exterminate the remaining human population of the continent, with some contaminants reaching as far as Mexico and Canada. Anthrax spores will render vast swathes of the American Midwest non-cultivatable for decades to come.

    -December 2027: The complete lack of electronic communications across the globe causes survivors to start referring to this period of history as ‘The Great Silence’. Industry and mechanised transportation is a thing of the past. Basic commodities like food and tools are valued at more than their weight in gold. Guns and ammunition are almost as sought after. Global food production levels are now at 0.2% of what they were seven years ago. There are, however, many less mouths to feed. Due to pollution and radiation, approximately 28% of the earth’s total land mass has been rendered unfit for human habitation at any level. Most of this area is located in Asia, with some areas of China and Korea so badly irradiated that they are completely inhospitable to all life. Most of Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa is swept by radioactive sandstorms on an almost routine basis.

    -March 2028: The winter of 2027 has proven proportionately milder than that of 2026, and the dust clouds preventing sunlight from penetrating past the upper atmosphere are beginning to settle. The global climate is beginning to repair itself after the vast pollution waves of the early 2020’s, though the average temperature is still several degrees lower than it should be for most regions. Crops are reliably growing again, and the fallout clouds drifting over Eastern Europe have dissipated sufficiently to allow the remaining native life to begin repopulating. Without major human interference, the earth is quickly reverting back to a wilderness state. The human population has roughly stabilized with existing food reserves, with many areas being totally depopulated. In some regions, less than one tenth of one percent of the pre-burn population remains alive. Modern civilization has effectively ceased to exist across most of the world, with the eventual fates of regions such as Russia and Venezuela left a mystery.

    |The Rules|

    1: Be Realistic.
    The primary goal of Ashes to Ashes is to be realistic. If you roll in and try to play some kind of Nietzschian
    superman who can walk ten days without a bite to eat and laugh off a rifle bullet to the torso, then this isn't the roleplay for you. Hardship is a major part of Ashes to Ashes, and rising to the challenge of survival as a flawed human being with access to strictly limited resources is what the game is all about. If you aren't sure how to accurately represent such things as starvation, injury, illness or disability, then you can ask for help from others or look up such conditions online. I have great respect for anybody willing to go that extra mile and faithfully depict circumstances that may not be favorable to their characters.

    2: Be Polite.
    This ought to be standard etiquette for anybody who plays cooperative games like this, but I think it deserves a little extra emphasis none-the-less. This game is here for you; I put a lot of effort into it, and I appreciate it when players who have their differences make the effort to resolve those differences peaceably. If you wish to make an observation about the game or suggest any way that it might be improved, I will be delighted to hear your comments via PM.

    3: Respect Situation Updates.
    Situation Updates are posts that I will be making in response to certain events and actions undertaken by the players. They will contain additional details and feedback about the consequences of the actions in question. Players are free to do their own thing for the most part, but at certain points I will be using the Situation Update method to provide an interactive encounter for the players. When such events occur, please state your actions in a format that allows me to write up a response to them. For example; when fighting an NPC, do not simply say something along the lines of 'John shoots the thug in the head, then goes through his stuff for loot', but instead say 'John ducks behind cover and then quickly leans out to snap off a shot at the thug'. The first action assumes (indeed, forces) automatic success, while the second leaves room for either success or failure, as determined by the next situation update. Any questions regarding precisely how this system works can be directed to me. If you would like to know the outcome of an action or the viability of an action when in a situation that I am not directly overseeing (such as searching an abandoned house for loot), then feel free to ask me for a judgement on what it would be acceptable for you to gain from your initiative.

    4: Character Creation.
    Players may have as many characters as they like, so long as they can post with them at least once every 48 hours. Be sure to justify any skills or abilities you might wish to have in your backstory or other sections of your profile. Military characters are restricted; unless you can prove that you're a member of a real-life military organisation or display excellent knowledge of modern warfare and tactics, you won't be allowed to play such a character in this game. You may not start with a firearm without excellent justification in your back-story, and must take UK Gun Law into account when determining what make and model it is (you'll never see an automatic outside of the military, and you'll never see a pistol outside of the black market).

    |Useful Links|

    |Character Sheet|

    [~-|Personal Details|-~]

    Name: (Self-explanatory.)

    Age: (Keep in mind that it is 2028, and it has been eight years since the oil fires.)

    Height: (Again, self explanatory.)

    Weight: (You might be a little on the lean side...)

    Nationality: (English, Scottish, American, Inuit... you get the idea.)

    Physical Description: (Tell us what your character looks like. This includes his current physical condition, I.E if he is starving, losing weight, well muscled or fat. It should be detailed enough to let players accurately visualize your character in the condition they are currently in, and include any hidden details such as scars covered by clothes. Note that details like 'he is currently very well muscled' or 'he is currently starving' also count as entries under advantages and disadvantages.)

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]
    Skills: (Essentially what your character is good at. This category refers to knowledge gained by research or education, not what they are innately good at doing.)

    Advantages: (This category refers to anything that makes your character stand out from others, I.E a strong intellect, good constitution, double joints, etc. Attributes are genetic and biological, not learned.)

    Disadvantages: (Refers to anything that makes your character lag behind others in certain respects, such as a weak stomach, poor vision, a mental imbalance of some sort, etc. As with advantages, disadvantages are not learned but are either determined by genetics or the conditions in which a character is forced to exist in.)

    Worn Items: (What your character is wearing at the moment, or what he can be expected to be found wearing at any given day. This is an important section to keep updated.)

    Owned Items: (Reserve this section for any items your character owns, but does not have on his person. If he has a stash somewhere, list where it is and what it contains.)

    Personal Inventory: (Pretty self-explanatory; what your character is directly carrying at the moment. You should keep this updated.)

    [~-|Past History|-~]
    (No additional fields here; just give me a reasonably detailed description of the backstory your character possesses. Ideally, you should cover in at least moderate detail what he did before the fires, how he coped with the initial collapse of society, and how he ended up in the location he starts the game in. You don't have to go overboard, but I do genuinely appreciate attention to detail.)
  2. ~Reserved!~

    Watch this space for news and any updates to the above post. An IC thread will be created as soon as we have at least two characters. My own will be done soon, but has been slightly delayed by a bout of poor health sapping my creative energies somewhat. Still, expect that situation to change shortly! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or give suggestions regarding any resources that could be added to the above post, or ways it could be improved. Your feedback is what makes the production of a quality role-playing experience possible, so don't hold it back!

    Oh hey! Look who finally got a character done!

    [~-|Personal Details|-~]

    Name: Gavin Hunter.

    Age: 21.

    Height: 6’2.

    Weight: 180lbs.

    Nationality: English. Very, very English.

    Physical Description: Here’s a handy picture.

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]

    Skills: Gavin lives up to the promise of his surname by displaying commendable skill at tracking and fielding traditional English game animals such as deer, pheasants, rabbits and hares. He can ride a horse saddled or bareback (preferably the former, but saddles aren’t exactly portable...). His participation in hunting activities has also made him an excellent shot with most longarms and shotguns, though he has never used these skills against other human beings. His keen interest in firearms has also left him capable of milling his own powder, and he has on occasion been forced to make improvised explosives, though these have been crude devices at best. Living it rough for a long time has also forced him to learn many survival techniques the hard way, such as how to start fires without matches, butcher game he has caught in traps or shot, and basic first-aid. He also has a typical education up to the early college stage.

    Advantages: It might be just a touch cliché to describe strong willpower as an attribute, but it fits nonetheless. Gavin just has a naturally optimistic attitude that, while not always visible on the surface, constantly keeps him searching for the good in people and the best out of every situation. While everybody gets down at times (it is effectively the end of the world, whatever flowery language you use to describe it), Gavin gets back up a lot faster than others. He has been gifted with a sharp wit and above-average intelligence, letting him absorb and master new skills at a faster rate than most people. In more physical terms, he has the wiry strength of somebody used to living rough, a solid constitution and a general tolerance for adverse conditions despite his relatively privileged upbringing. He also takes a lot of care to look presentable compared to other wanderers, and tends to win people over with his sincerity of character.

    Disadvantages: With intelligence comes a certain degree of haughtiness. Gavin’s biggest flaw is that he has a tendency to assume superiority in a situation where other people can’t immediately prove him wrong, which can lead to brash behaviour and friction in a group. While generally polite and respectful, his wit and quick personality can rub people up the wrong way at times, leaving them holding grudges that he is almost always oblivious of. He tends to overthink interactions, and his gregarious nature occasionally shines through at inappropriate moments. His optimistic nature can also lead him into pitfalls that more cynical people might’ve avoided, and his innate belief in the decency of other human beings has left him extremely reluctant to take up arms against his fellow man. He has never shed the blood of a living person, and finds the idea of doing so genuinely abhorrent. Cruelty is one of the few things that can put a chink in his enthusiasm, and cruelty to animals causes him deep depression (though he has come to regard hunting and trapping as an act of necessity).


    Worn Items: Gavin generally wears a leather trenchcoat to keep the cold at bay. This is easily his most prized possession, being a holdover from the days when shops still existed. Although slightly faded and a touch ragged around the edges, it has held up much better than most other items of clothing, and Gavin is positively obsessed with keeping it clean and in good repair. Apart from that, he wears a pair of heavy walking boots, dark trousers and a grey shirt. For storage, he generally carries a military rucksack. His trousers are held up by a black belt that also holds a holster for a large hunting knife, and for a pistol.

    Owned Items: Gavin is lucky enough to have inherited the almost completely intact service gear of a dead Royal Marine, including PLCE webbing, service jacket and green beret. Not liking to draw attention to himself as a grave-robber, Gavin keeps this gear stashed in the hollow of a tree in the middle of Hyde Park. He also keeps a whetstone, razorblade, several entire packs of soap cakes (it’s a very valuable, rare commodity, after all), some cutlery, frying pans and various other miscellaneous day-to-day items here.

    Personal Inventory: Gavin always carries a Swiss Army Knife with him, as well as a finely-honed hunting knife in the holster at his left hip. He has a pocket flashlight that can still be coaxed to produce a thin beam of light when needed, and a survival tin minus only a few of the perishables. He keeps a 3.5ltr army canteen of boiled water on him at all times, plus a pair of army-issue binoculars. His rucksack generally contains a small hand axe for chopping wood, whatever food he has at the moment (usually canned), a small medical kit, several lengths of wire, several coiled lengths of string and a sleeping bag. Another smaller bag at the bottom of the rucksack holds various bathroom essentials such as a toothbrush, toilet paper (another intensely valuable commodity...) and other domestic standards.

    [~-|Past History|-~]

    (Spoiler tags used due to length.)

    Show Spoiler
    The story of Gavin Hunter begins in the relative stability of the mid 2000’s. He was born into a family of wealthy English landowners, one of the few such families to have weathered the cultural and socio-economic revolutions of the 20th century with their position in society relatively intact. Gavin’s early life was one of privilege; he lived in a small manor house nestled within the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and attended an expensive private school. ‘Hardship’ was a now a word often encountered in Gavin’s vocabulary, at least not before his late teenage years. The oil fires, much like the initial impact of the iceberg with the Titanic, failed to elicit a great deal of alarm from Gavin’s social circle. For the upper classes, things didn’t really change a great deal until the winter of 2024, when food rationing became mandatory for all people, regardless of social standing. Only a few months into 2025, Gavin’s school closed down and he was forced to return to his home in Yorkshire. From then onwards, the situation predictably worsened. The public wanted somebody to blame for the increasingly depressed condition of the English economy, not to mention the near-impossibility of obtaining products that had formerly been taken for granted. Predictably, families like the one Gavin had been born into became the prime targets of rioters, protestors and angry mobs. Gavin’s family were slightly more prescient than others, though. While many of England’s peers were busy attempting to placate the public and buy themselves more time to devise an increasingly-unlikely solution to the problems ravaging their nation, the Hunters were busy quietly stockpiling valuable goods such as food and medicine. Caught up in these events, Gavin became something of a third wheel for the rest of his family; old enough to understand what was going on, but not old enough to be deemed a valuable part of the operation. As a result of this, Gavin spent most of 2025 alone in his room, pouring over the survival manuals and other technical books astute family members had purchased when it became clear such literature was rapidly becoming more valuable than Whitaker’s Peerage.

    Unfortunately for Gavin, the increasingly illegal activities of his family eventually drew the ire of a force considerably more influential than mob vigilantes. On the 18th of March 2026, a large force of military policemen stormed the manor and arrested the entire family on suspicion of looting, theft, extortion and operating a black market for food and other wartime essentials. Gavin was the only one to escape; he hid in a secret passage under the wine cellar, originally built during WWII to provide easy access to a long-defunct bomb shelter. When he emerged, the house had been ransacked and virtually all usable supplies confiscated. Understanding that he was now effectively a wanted fugitive, Gavin quickly fled the premises on one of his father’s horses, taking the rest of the supplies with him. Despite being little more than a neutral bystander to the collapse of society, Gavin was not ignorant of either the reality he was faced with or the options available to him. His education, though cut somewhat short, had focused primarily on economics, under the assumption that he would join the family business when he came of age. Now, in a society coming apart at the hinges, that education served Gavin just as well as any survival manual.

    The Hunter family had hoped to weather the storm generated by the oil fires by hoarding supplies that they could then use to become the centre of a small mercantile fiefdom. Although their manor and its periphery buildings had contained most of their black market profits, they had been wise enough to create small, hidden stashes of valuables across their properties. After lying low for a few days at a summer cottage in the Yorkshire Dales, Gavin emerged to begin reclaiming these stashes and using the goods therein to trade for the supplies he knew would be most applicable for long-term survival. Not having to worry about anybody but himself, Gavin could commit himself to trades that on paper seemed extremely unfair; a case of fine brandy (as useful as fuel as it was for drinking by this point) for a single hunting knife, or an engraved gold watch for a wire saw. By making these deals, Gavin slowly acquired the tools and materials he needed to survive the devastating winter of 2026. The authorities had bigger fish to fry, and thus left Gavin alone while he entrenched his position.

    While so many others were busy succumbing to despair, Gavin found himself actually enjoying the freedom and satisfaction that hard work and the knowledge of self-sufficiency brought. Despite dropping nearly twenty pounds, Gavin survived the savage winter in relatively good condition. His isolation in the Yorkshire Dales and a series of vaccinations from early 2024 kept him safe from the flu, cholera and other diseases that ravaged more populated areas, while a mandatory course in the quintessentially English sport of small game hunting (a family tradition, and indeed the origin of his surname) kept him fed through the coldest winter months. A local farmer who had formerly paid rent to Gavin’s family also agreed to trade him an ancient double-barrelled shotgun if he agreed to use the knowledge gleaned from his survival manuals to mill black powder and create crude explosives using agricultural chemicals. Despite doing his upmost to work only under safe conditions and with very small quantities of explosive material at a time, Gavin went through several sets of eyebrows during the winter months. His worst accident involved the premature detonation of a tin of blasting powder, which left a chunk of shrapnel embedded in his left eyebrow and a small third-degree burn across his left cheek. Both these injuries left scars which are clearly visible even two years later, and caused Gavin to swear off explosives for several months.

    The good times (or at least the tolerable times) came to an end in early 2027, when Gavin found himself being ousted from his comfortable dwelling place by a gang of itinerant travellers who had gotten wind of his comparatively easy living and decided to take it from him by force. Fortunately, one of Gavin’s trading partners warned him of their arrival and he was able to escape on horseback with most of his practical supplies intact. As retribution, the gang burnt his cottage to the ground. With winter still gripping the land, the now homeless Gavin was forced to seek help from the few small contacts he had made during his initial trading runs. Unfortunately, despite relative goodwill within the local community, food was still a precious commodity and living space rarer still, which eventually forced Gavin to sell both his horse and his shotgun in exchange for food and lodgings to last through the remaining winter months. By the time spring rolled around, Gavin was more than ready to accept that there was little left for him in the north. As soon as the snow cleared up, he packed his bags and headed south towards Sheffield and Birmingham. Having lived in isolation for so long, Gavin was shocked to discover the sheer amount of devastation that had been wrought upon his country by the wars and winters of the past two years. He passed through ruined towns and devastated communities more than once having to avoid raiders and other armed refugees unwilling to take any chances with strangers on the roads. He ended up bypassing Sheffield when he saw the town surrounded by a pall of dirty black smoke, choosing instead to head down the M1 motorway towards Nottingham.

    For the next couple of months, Gavin wandered aimlessly across middle England. No community he discovered was stable enough to take him in, or particularly wanted to see him in the first place. Several times he attempted to make a more permanent dwelling for himself in old farmhouses or other rural dwellings, only to be ousted by refugees and other displaced people with either superior weapons or numbers. Unwilling to bloody himself in the defence of a piece of land, Gavin survived through the summer and autumn of 2027 on wild game, forage, and the occasional hot meal in those communities that tolerated wanderers - so long as they didn’t overstay their welcome. Just about everybody he talked to told the same stories of poverty and desolation striking the southern halves of England, forcing tens of thousands northwards into the rural regions to fend for themselves. Despite this news, Gavin figured that the path he was on was as good as any, and continued heading south. To his surprise, he began finding his life easier the closer he got to London. The more urban his surroundings became, the less people he came in contact with. Scavenging became noticeably easier as well, the sheer number of houses all but guaranteeing that at least a few remained unlooted and in good enough condition to provide comfortable (if temporary) lodgings. Gavin spent the winter of 2027 around the outskirts of London, breaking up and burning furniture for warmth in a succession of houses. He never stayed in one place for too long; he had learned from bitter experience that a lived-in house attracts unwanted attention. As soon as winter broke Gavin started moving again, heading further south into the heart of the city. Although he had no real goals in mind, Gavin had an inkling that in London lay the opportunity for security, not to mention the chance to rebuild the standard of living he had enjoyed prior to being ousted from his original residence. The north had transformed him from a bookish and generally uninvolved youth into a shrewd, hardened survivalist. The south, he reasoned, was therefore the best place to put some of those by-now ingrained skills to work.

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  3. This looks amazingly detailed. I'd love to see how this turns out, as it seems to be one of few post apocalyptic RPs in which the focus isn't shooting people. I'll get my characters up later today. Technically meant to be working atm :P
  4. I love the amount of thought you put into your timeline, and it makes the RP so interesting!
    If you don't mind, I'd love to create a character and put it up tomorrow.
  5. I really interested in this roleplay but the one thing is, the character I mostly roleplay with is South Korean...
  6. @FetusMaknae Large numbers of South Koreans migrated to the UK in 1980, so having a south korean character wouldn't be implausible. May make for a more interesting character given the... unfortunate events that struck the korean peninsula. Perhaps it would lead to having sympathy towards common folk, if your character was the more kind type, and male him more spiteful towards governments, given how North Korea was mainly controlled by higher powers in its government to manipulate the people and focus only on military expenditures. Your character might even be sad about the unification of Korea your Grandmother had longed to see, and watched her dream crumble into a radioactive cloud.

    Whoops, sorry for the ramble, definitely didn't want to come off as ovrrbearing, so I apologize. I wrote all of those extra things due to my considering a North Korean character.
  7. I was wondering if it is at all possible to play as either a CRMV survivor that made it to the UK or at least a Canadian?
  8. Name: Jexxal Bayton
    Age: 18
    Weight: 142 pnds/ 73.5 Kg
    Height: 5,9"/172 cm
    (love me I looked these up for you cx)

    Nationality: English/ Romanian
    Physical Description: Slim build, Intense grey eyes, dark raven hair cut short In a messy way as if he did himself. His hands and feet a scarred, His back stripped by a whip. the scars from another time. A tattoo of a pair of dog tags are wrapped around his upper bicep, obviously done similar to how prison tattoos are crafted. He like many other people are starving, he is under weight for his size, though muscled from working in order to survive.

    Skills: Stealth, Knife use, Lock picking
    (The only real things that can be considered skills.)
    Advantages: He has above average looks. He his built to be a runner, able to run long distances without stop. Endurance, he is use to an empty stomach.

    Disadvantages: Good looks, hes learn in the past, that good looks can not allways be a good thing. Physically hes weaker, in a direct conflict he would not be able to win, so he does what he has to to avoid it. Avoids people, have a lot of trust issues. Coming from a poor family of gypsies, he has no formal education. He learned to do basic math and speak both romainian and English. But he can't write or read in english.

    Worn Items: A dark patchwork of a hoodie, ranging from black to brown, mostly a dark gray. Dark cargo pants, belted on by a dark leather belts. A gray undershirt, a dark hiking boots. A black bandanna covering his face, a white cross painted on it. a Camouflage backpack on, you guessed it, his back.

    Owned Items: None only the only things he owns are the things on his back.

    Carried Items: Enough food and water to survive another week. One box of rifle ammo (.35 Rem) useful to barter with. A single 8" combat knife hidden in his boot, 2 more smaller blades on his body, one in his waist band of his jeans the other in a makeshift holder under his hoodie sleeve. A very valuable set of lock picking tools, the only thing still remaining from his childhood.

    History: Born of an english father and his gypsie father, he grew up with his mothers kin. He was an outsider even within his own familly, still the older boys of their group taught him the tools of their trade at an early age. How to fight with and throw with a blade was disciplined into him, the arts of stealth and thievory were also learned at an exceptional rate. He was ten when the fires started, now his family is dead and gone. He spent several years as a slave to some unknown group of survivors, his back reminding of his time spent there. He escaped in the dead of night, the guard not paying enough attention a slit throat his reward. he came to London to escape his captors and his past in Romania. His un-trusting nature following through it all. Besides it all he is kind to those in need, often giving food to starving men, or putting them out of their misery...
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  9. Keeping this here (not finished)

    Show Spoiler

    |Character Sheet|

    [~-|Personal Details|-~]
    Name: Stan Mason

    Age: 34

    Height: 6' 2"

    Weight: (uum.. average? IDK how weight is measured and what is average etc.)

    Nationality: American

    Physical Description: (Tell us what your character looks like. This includes his current physical condition, I.E if he is starving, losing weight, well muscled or fat. It should be detailed enough to let players accurately visualize your character in the condition they are currently in, and include any hidden details such as scars covered by clothes. Note that details like 'he is currently very well muscled' or 'he is currently starving' also count as entries under advantages and disadvantages.)

    Stan has aged pretty badly, though that can be expected really, given the situation. He already has grey scattered throughout his brown hair, which is messy, as if it has been cut hastily with an oversized pair of scissors. He has a beard also, which looks like it hasnt been shaved for a week or so. This is brown too, and contains the same shades of grey at the ends. He is quite well built, and has adequate muscle from his days as a physical workman, however this has started to waste away due to his lack of nutrition. His face has been hardened into a visage of pain, however, his thick features still soften occasionally. He has dark brown eyes which contain a slight trace of blue. It is unknown whether he has wrinkles due to age or due to the folding of the skin caused by his almost permanent frown.

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]
    Skills: Stan has a rough knowledge of mechanical engineering, due to his attempt at taking a degree in the matter. He dropped out after a year, but he knows enough to be able to repair engines etc, given the right parts and enough time. He's forgotten a large amount of his formal education, however he is quite street-wise. He knows where people are likely to have abandoned useful things.

    Advantages: Stan has a great deal of stamina, and is able to ignore lesser pains such as burns. The skin on his feet and hands is rough and leathery, and he doesn't suffer from having to walk barefoot or handle hot objects. He also has a great deal of common sense and a knack for remembering things.

    Disadvantages: Stan has had an incredibly traumatic past, having lost both his parents and all 3 of his siblings to various diseases and assailants. As a result, he has attachment issues and would willingly sacrifice himself to preserve the life of those he wishes to protect. He's pretty stubborn too and refuses to change his opinion without being presented with a very good argument.

    Worn Items: Worn out, 3 year old shoes, a pair of sturdy jeans, and a faded, scruffy white shirt. He also carries a small rucksack capable of carrying a few items.

    Owned Items: A moderate supply of salted fish and several bags of rice are stored in a strongbox at his "house" (essentially a basement underneath the remnants of a residential building that would have been extremely expensive when it was still worth anything at all.) He also has a pan and a few miscellaneous household items kept there too.

    Personal Inventory: A woodcutting axe, not yet coated in blood. A hunting rifle from his days in a fox-hunting association, albeit with only 2 bullets. He keeps it in his possession purely to intimidate people. He doesn't want to waste ammunition. 5 lithium batteries, a hand torch and a leather jacket found on the corpse of some kind of biker thug.

    [~-|Past History|-~]
    before fires
    collapse of society
    how he got where he is

    |Character Sheet|

    [~-|Personal Details|-~]
    Name: Meira (last name unknown)

    Age: 12

    Height: 5' 2"

    Weight: 81 lbs

    Nationality: English

    Physical Description: Meira is relatively tall, and genuinely quite heavy given the current food shortages, however she lacks muscles. She has long, ebony, straight hair that goes down to her lower back when left unstyled. Her eyes are an aetherial pale blue, and she is stunningly beautiful for her age and situation.

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]
    Skills: In contrast to Stan, Meira has an incredibly high intelligence, and knows a vast number of obscure things, such as how to pick locks, how to hide valuable things, and what 3 to the power of 16 is. Theoretically, she also knows how to use a variety of guns and other weapons, and how to make explosives.

    Advantages: When she isn't taking after Stan and being particularly lazy, she can be a fast and agile athlete. She is very observant and pays attention to her surroundings.

    Disadvantages: Meira is naive and stubborn, and is ignorant to many darker aspects of society. She also suffers in the department of upper body strength, an aspect that is all too slow to improve under current lack of nutrition.

    Worn Items: She is usually found wearing one of either a knee-length, faintly floral dress, or the more practical set of jeans, t-shirt and jumper.

    Owned Items: She owns a strange device from several years ago, usually referred to as a "4DS". She keeps it more for sentimental value than for anything else, though she does enjoy playing the copy of "Pokemon Salmon Pink" that it contains, when it has enough charge. Other than that, she shares most of her items with Stan in their safehouse.

    Personal Inventory: Stan forces her to keep some kind of weapon on her at all times, so she is currently armed with a very pretty albeit probably rather pathetic ceremonial dagger. She carries it in a leather sheath on her back that Stan made. It is hidden from view behind a rucksack.

    [~-|Past History|-~]
    before fires
    collapse of society
    how she got where she is now.
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  10. Not an issue. CS96 illustrated things nicely, and I can confirm that the UK is one huge cultural melting pot. Playing somebody from an ethnic background other than English is completely fine, so long as the history makes sense.​
    That's reasonable, but I'd need a fairly complicated explanation of how he ended up in the UK given that A) Trans-continental flights would be exceptionally expensive up to about 2024, and literally non-existent past that point, and B) The UK would (for as long as civil authority lasted) be understandably wary about admitting a foreigner from a land known to be engaging in large-scale terrorist activities against an allied nation, and thus legal methods of entering the country would likely be barred to him if he was or had been an active CRMV member at any point. If you can find a plausible way around these caveats, however, I've no issue with such a character concept.​
  11. Alright but before I begin the sheet I'd like to know if sailing a ship is out of the question. That and if justifying arrival during or after December 2027 is possible, as the lack of electronic communications would have made any kind of background check impossible.
  12. Would playing as a character of Russian heritage be out of the picture?
  13. Are female characters allowed? I've just noticed that the character bio sheet mentions "he" quite a few times, and I just wanted to be sure before I made a character.
  14. Well I'll post my character after school. I'll make my character full Korean but moved to UK because he's was moving to some boarding school before the war began.
  15. Not impossible, but not something I'd expect you to do cross-atlantic. Across the channel, yes. Further than that, not plausible.

    They absolutely are allowed. I apologize if the use of the male gender pronoun made it seem otherwise.

    Nope, go right ahead.
  16. What do you mean people use to make ocean crossings all the time in sailing ships. And that was when we barely understood navigation. Its not like I'm saying he is going to be doing it by himself. I am planning on him being the sole survivor of a trip undertaken by a CRMV cell as it were.
  17. If he wasn't alone, then maybe I'd allow it. Depends how well-explained the trip is, and the reasons behind it. We'll see.
  18. Show Spoiler

    Name: Davian Whitewater

    Age: 41

    Height: 198 cm (6'6)

    Weight: 77 kgs (170 lbs)


    Physical Description: Davian is a man of lofty height who has always been on the slender side, current events notwithstanding. His physical appearance is not exactly a comforting one either. The left half of his face is covered in burn scars. These scars twist his face into a permanent sneer. The sneer however is made a mockery of by his eyes. Those green orbs hold the cares of a lifetime and the despair as well. His blonde hair accents the lean nature of his face by being shorn extremely short. Long limbed and quick on his feet Davian has often been compared to a spider though the former terrorist hates such things. His skin has a weathered look to it and is deeply bronzed from a life once lived outside and is puckered by the odd burn scar here and there.

    Not one to dress to impress the tall man is intstead dressed practically. In what appears to be a Canadian Army Uniform though one shorn of identification and unit patches. It is also clear it has been washed many times, as evident by patches of fading here and there.

    The man also bears numerous tattoos, the theme of which seem to center around violent battles. Most telling is the one on his left forearm. Rendered in miniature but intense detail are columns of US flags. The exact meaning of this is known only to Davian.

    Due to the manner of his arrival Davian is slightly worse for the wear. His face bears the look of the sleepless and his body could clearly benefit from a decent meal or three. But for all that there is clearly a sinewy look to him. A man built for endurance rather then strength.

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]
    Guerilla Warfare- Thanks to the years he spent with the CRMV Davian has a through understanding of how hit and run is done right. He understands how to properly case a target and deciding if its worth the fight. How to maximize one's impact against a target. And most importantly where the exits are.

    Improvised Explosive Expert- Davian's particular speciality amongst his CRMV brothers and sisters was making explosives out of common ingredients. In fact his teacher was after a time learning from Davian.

    Marksmanship- Davian is middling good shot. No sniper elite the former terrorist is still more then capable of holding his own in a firefight.

    First Aid- The sheer amount of fights the CRMV got into compelled him to learn a thing or two about treating battlefield wounds.

    Tattoo Artist- Though largely a useless skill these days this was how Davian earned his daily bread. Back when there was a world that made sense.

    Knife Work- Unlike his only okay shooting Davian can make a knife dance to whatever tune is playing.

    Cooking- In addition to his skills with a tattoo needle Davian is a Cordon Bleu certified chef. Definitely a job skill even more useless then tattooing these days.

    Seamanship- Due the manner of his arrival Davian is actually comfortable with the arts of sailing.

    Advantages: The man has always been quick on his feet, able to react and respond to most things coming his way. Also worth noting is the few times he has been sick it has lasted a day or two at most. Davian's endurance is nothing to sneeze at. He is also capable of covering ground quite quickly should the need arise.

    Disadvantages: Simply put Davian is a big man. And even given his lean and mean status the former terrorist's caloric requirements are high enough to put the strain on his hunting and gathering abilities. And also being that big also makes him quite the nice target for any half decent shot. He is also suffering from survivor guilt and constantly suffers nightmares because of it. Given his non-existent body fat Davian suffers quite acutely from even one day without food.
    Worn Items: A somewhat worn Canadian Army Uniform without identification or unit patches. In addition he carries on his back a waterproof hiking pack with a sleeping bag strapped to it. In it are various things.
    Owned Items: N/A

    Personal Inventory: Davian carries a C7 rifle slung across his left shoulder. Its mag currently has twenty three rounds in it. In his right jacket pocket he has one full spare mag. Tucked up his sleeve is a automatic knife with a 10 cm ( 4 in) blade, completely done in black. Openly worn across his left pectoral is a 15 cm ( 6 in) fixed blade knife with a deer antler handle. Inside the pack is a few days worth of dehydrated food alongside a couple of plastic canteens of water. In addition a scrap of sailcloth about eight feet square is folded around a couple glock 17s Davian has no ammo for. Lastly he has a dark blue sleeping bag.
    [~-|Past History|-~]

    Not so long ago Davian was just a babe in swaddling clothes. Born into a low income family that lived in the slums of Hastings in Vancouver British Columbia. Even as a child the future terrorist already towered over his friends. Growing up surrounded by hookers, drug dealers, gangs, and the associated culture it was a wonder he turned out as well as he did.

    For Davian while no honour role student preformed quite well academically. But it was on the track he truly shone, able to run and jump with the best of them. Social wise the track star had quite a wide radius of friends. Art classes were an other area he dominated and soon outstripped his peers.

    Life it seemed was good, current address notwithstanding. But one of his friends, a girl named Sophia would soon come to influence him greatly. And by the seventh grade they were an item. The daughter of a local tattoo artist she introduced Davian to pleasures and pains of the needle. Needless to say he was hooked and by the age of eighteen was working in the parlour full time.

    Life went on in this fashion for quite sometime. He married Sophia and had a set of twin boys who shared his blonde hair and their mother's dark blue eyes. Earning his Cordon Bleu certified status after Sophia once joked about his cooking. In short Davian was quite happy with his life.

    That was until 2021, the year his homeland was annexed by oil hungry Americans. The annexation of his country drove him to action. And he wasn't the only one it seemed. Joining the fight with Sophia's blessing Davian would soon be called a terrorist by his conquerors. Such appellations did not matter to the newly formed Canadian Reservist Militia and Volunteers though.

    Put through hasty training by the instructors of the CRMV the father of twins was given a uniform. A Canadian Army Uniform shorn of identification and unit patches. This paramilitary look would come to be his defining feature. They also gave him a Winchester Model 70 and thirty rounds to go with it.

    Then the baptism by fire came for the newly organized CRMV. January 10th 2022 and the attack on Ottawa. At first it was exhilarating to finally strike out against the enemy. Throwing molotov cocktails and pulling the trigger. Watching the greedy Americans fall dowm and bleed. But just as he was enjoying himself the world went white then black. He came to in the midst of pain and the sight of his fellow CRMV comrades beating him with their jackets. Trying to put out his burning body Davian found out later.

    It would be two weeks before the now scarred freedom fighter could rejoin the fight. The left side of his face swathed in bandages Davian made quite the impression on friend and foe alike. Once the bandages came off was when the shock and awe hit. The burn scars twisting his face into a ever present sneer. They unnerved even long time friends. Even Sophia couldn't hide her shock at the visage Davian now bore.

    Learning their lessons from the battle of Ottawa the CRMV confined themselves to less grandiose battle plans. Instead revenge became the name of the game. Around this time Davian took to tattooing US flags upon his left forearm, a visual count of his kills. Tratiors from his own country and actual Americans it was all the same to him. And upon the rest of his body he had Sophia's father ink the scenes of battles he fought in. With a snapshot of Ottawa taking pride of place above his heart.

    The years after Ottawa became little more then a bloody blur for Davian. With only defining battles sticking out. The bombings of both the pipeline into America and Seattle really sticking out. Mostly because he was in on the planning.

    The day of December 23 2026 though was a day every single member of the CRMV would forever hold dear in their heights. The parties were quite something else as well. Davian himself felt it to be a turning point in their war.

    Another date would forever be etched into his heart as well, this time for all the wrong reasons. August 3 2027, the plagues and sickness sweeping across North America find themselves a home inside his wife and sons. Watching them sicken day by day, knowing himself powerless to help. It tore the terrorist like no bullet, knife, or even fire ever could.

    Burying them in the graveyard of their hometown Davian lost any real will to fight or even live. Not that was much in the way of fighting going on. The CRMV was concerning itself with mere survival at this point, their enemy having gone the way of the Dodo bird. Doing little beyond teaching a group of late volunteers his skills Davian drifted.

    The leadership of the CRMV, for all intents and purposes government of Canada, wasn't drifting. Deciding scouting out surviving countries was worth the effort they organized a small fleet of ocean going yachts. Crewing them with volunteers who had no families Davian decided to join as he felt it was an acceptable way to commit suicide.

    Bidding the land of his birth farewell on December 2027 the Canadian embraced the duties of a salior. He proved an easy to coach salior and even a capable helmsman. Alongside his comrades in the admittedly somewhat cramped yacht he passed the time with endless games of card. In making sure they were heading the right way. And in trying to control his nightmares.

    The ocean blue however was a calming mistress. And in time the constant sense of motion felt like he was out running the nightmares.

    Once tragedy has attached itself to a man though it seems loath to want to let go. A storm of unusual size struck them and before its fury the scouts of the CRMV were driven. Capable of little more then hoping they weren't swamped the scouts got little rest.

    Three days into the storm the battered and exhausted Davian spotted land and informed the captain of the ship such. At that exact time a rogue wave smashed into them. Overwhelming the hand powered bilge pump the ship began to take on water. Move waves smashed into them and the wind was playing a devil's chorus upon their rigging.

    Deciding his death had finally come upon him Davian whispered a thanks to God before the yacht was fully enveloped in water. Tossed around like a child's toy the storm spat the ship upon the beach Davian had spotted earlier.

    Waking up shivering and wet a couple of hours the Canadian first cursed the name of God then set about trying to preserve his life. Stripping his wet clothes off Davian then ran a few laps across the beach to get his blood flowing. Then he rapidly went through the wreck of the yact to salvage what he could. Miraculously the bow storage had remained dry. Getting his spare uniform he then packed what he could carry and set about bobby trapping the rest. Though knowing he'd likely never see the rest ever again.

    Finding a comfortable niche in between two rocks Davian set in for a nights rest. In the morning the CRMV scout discovered he was in the city of Portsmouth. He laughed at the irony of the situation. The Canadian was exactly where he was supposed to be. Deciding nothing else was going to be learned Davian set out for London, to do the job the CRMV started....and quite possibly seek out his death.
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  19. Name:

    Elyasi Xi Chen
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 100 pounds
    Nationality: Chinese/Irish

    Physical Description: Elyasi has a small frame and has some slight muscle tone to her, but is slightly malnourished. Her hands and arms are scarred from fighting over the years, but now they are mostly covered up by the gloves and coat she wears. She has short and jagged jet black hair from regularly cutting it with a knife. The young woman has a lightly tanned complexion and hazel colored eyes. Her hair and appearance aren't completely well kept, as she has struggled to survive, much less keep herself groomed. She tends to hide her shapely body and binds her chest in order to fend off desperate men thirsty for any woman.

    [~-|Knowledge & Attributes|-~]
    Elyasi has been taught a bit of kung fu, and she carries some parkour skills that were shown to her by her older brother. She's very good at navigating streets and has basic first aid knowledge. After leaving home, she has learned to use knives and make crude weapons from whatever is left of the environment.

    Advantages: Flexible, light on her feet. Is able to squeeze through small spaces due to her build. Has plenty of endurance, and above-average intellect.

    Disadvantages: While she has slight agility, she does not run very fast. Elyasi tends to suffer the most in the winter, as her endurance and mental stability weaken in the cold from scarring past experiences. From childhood she has suffered from mild autism and ADD. She is socially awkward, naive, and is very blunt with her words.

    Worn Items: Elyasi wears a ripped t-shirt underneath a hooded black jacket and dark denim shorts over torn leggings. She walks in one of few cotton socks she has left underneath her black combat boots. Also, the young woman doesn't wear many rccessories besides her fingerless gloves, a grey/black heavy scarf that covers her mouth, a sling backpack, and a necklace with a jade dragon pendant.

    Owned Items: She has a small stash of items at a broken down and almost completely demolished cafe at Regent's park, she gets in by a tunnel that is hidden by a wooden door and surrounded by debris.
    2 cases of water bottles
    4 bags of Beef Jerky
    3 pairs of socks
    1 pair of pants
    1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide
    A few rags (torn from previous clothes)
    1 jar of peanut butter
    2 cans of corn
    1 Journal and 2 pens

    Personal Inventory: Two knives attached to two belts at her hip, and a hidden knife in her jacket. The sling backpack holds three water bottles, 1 box of bandages, 2 pieces of beef jerky, and a small 400mg bottle of aspirin. Torn piece of flag/rag in back pocket.

    [~-|Past History|-~]
    Elyasi was born and raised in Belfast with her older brother and two parents for the 17 peaceful years of life that the world allowed her to have. Her life was filled with school, extracurricular activities, and video games with her brother, until she graduated. That was when the world had seemed to start falling apart. In early 2021, her father died of a stroke, and instead of going to study in America, Elyasi chose to stay home to help take care of her mother. Then there were disputes, fires, and destruction all over the world. Feeling unsafe and alone in Belfast, she and her family fled to London to live with her sickly grandmother who died not too long after.

    During the rationing period, she and her brother broke into grocery stores, cafes, and sometimes even other people's homes to steal medicine and food. They never once attempted to hurt anyone when they stole things, and if they were caught, they'd either fought back if struck, or run away. It helped them to survive in the already struggling city. It crushed her heart when her mother fell ill from tuberculosis, losing yet again another family member to fate. All Elyasi had left was her brother, and she refused to leave his side. They burned their mother's body, left the broken down apartment with what they could carry, and attempted to find a safe hovel to live in.

    Ashes, gunfire, blood, and death. The wars were nothing like she had ever imagined. It was never the life she thought she might have led. Everything fell apart, and Elyasi clung onto the only person that was left in her life. They lived as well as they could with what they had, and what they could manage to salvage up. In the winter of 2026, she and her brother kept each other warm, sharing clothes and blankets to stay alive. The one life she wanted the world to spare was gone one morning. Upon opening her eyes, her brother was still asleep but not breathing. She screamed, and he never heard her. So now she hides alone and steals alone, hoping to live to see the dawn of a new world.

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  20. (Hey, finally finished my character sheet. If you can, it'll be much appreciated if you can give me some feedback for my CS, thank you.)

    Name: Jae Kwon

    Age: 21

    Height: 165cm (metric) 5"4 (imperial)

    Weight: 58.6 kg (metric) 129 pounds (imperial)

    Nationality: South Korean

    Physical Description: Short, slim built to his body with dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and strong Asian (specifically Korean) facial features. Ten kilos under weight due to starvation, has many scars on his chest, arms and back and has a scar on his right cheek.

    Skills: Knowledge on basic survival skills, knows how to speak/write/read Korean, English fluently and basic first aid.

    Advantages: A strong intellect, a decent long-term and short-term memory, good balance and flexibility.

    Disadvantages: Due to his friends and family dead from the Korean bombing, Jae has clinical depression and anxiety, colour blind, has iron-deficiency anemia.

    Worn Items: Normally will be wearing a pair of tattered jeans, a black hoodie that has many stitches trying to fix the holes, a pair of dirty sneakers and a massive black backpack.

    Owned Items: The only things that Jae owns are the things that he keeps with him in his backpack; a little amount of food and water, a pocket knife, a couple of small knives, a couple of blankets, rubbing alcohol, rags, a lighter, a couple of matches and a first aid kit

    Personal Inventory: All of his things are in his backpack, but he holds his pocket knife.

    Jae was born in Seoul, South Korea and a family consisting of his two older sister (one five years and other seven years older than him), his mother and father. Growing up, he had been a quiet child, only making making one friend who was best friends until the Korean bombing. When he was 13 (2021) Jae transferred to an international boarding school in London, not knowing much of the English language. Five years later when Jae was 18, his family and friends died by the Korean bombings which sent him into depression and anxiety. For the last three years to a couple months ago Jae was held prisoner by kidnapper, putting forced labor on Jae. In the last couple of days of being a prisoner, the kidnapper turned cannibal which fortunately for Jae, escaped soon after. Now running away from the cannibal is now chasing him.
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