Ashes and Flames

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    Are you ready to fight?

    The year is 2035. The new president has taken over the government: He's become a dictator. Ripping the country apart, he's created his own empire. He lives in a large mansion in the center of his walled kingdom.
    City above, with the mansion being the taller buildings over by the sun.
    Walls below.
    Outer City Wall_Ken Fairclough 1.jpg
    Outside the walls is ruins. Years of evolution, left to fade away...
    Well, in the process, this dictator created his own militia. This militia was made up of ten of the most dangerous assassins in the world. He sent these assassins out each night to take out those who were thought to be possible enemies of the dictator. The rest of the people didn't dare defy him, because he had control of every single weapon in the city, and he had an army who he could call in at any time.

    One night, he sent an assassin out to take out the Vincent Family. Mother, father, daughter, and son. The assassin took out the parents, but he couldn't take out their 1 year old daughter, nor could he find the son.
    The next morning, the daughter was missing as well.

    16 years later, the daughter shows up in the security feed of the energy plant. Her and her brother rescued one of the managers who had been sentences to death. Once again, they vanished.

    The dictator quickly realized that many of those he sentenced to death had gone missing without a trace within the city walls... They were living outside the walls.

    This is where you come in.
    You are part of the rebellion. You belong to a small group of people who plan to overthrow this dictator. You're leaders are the daughter and son of the Vincent Family: Vicki, aka Vi and Nicolas.
    Their goal?
    Destroy Zane Lovell, the dictator.

    Will you join the fight?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.