Asher Void; The Nobel Shadow Alchemist

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  1. Hello~! I really would like for someone to help me put my idea into picture form-- as I kind of feel like my words just aren't doing the idea justice.

    I have a character named Asher, who has an automail spine. It's visible on his skin and reaches up onto the top of his head where it's anchored. But it isn't bulky. The closest I can find is this:
    (click it to make it big)

    This is close to what I envision, but not quite. See, he gets his title, Nobel Shadow, because the top of his head, where the spine is anchored, looks like he's wearing a crown when you look at his shadow.

    Here's a formal character description if you would kindly feel like helping me out. ^_^

    Asher is six foot tall, 25 years old, with long ebony hair that he wears in a pony. He most often is clean shaven, though has sported the soul patch in the past. Usually, he wears a long duster and a hat. without the hat, there are three metal prongs laying across the top of his hair, like cornrows. The center one comes about a full inch off of his scalp, the other two only about 1/2 an inch. His automail spine is surrounded by scar tissue, since he's grown since his spine was first replaced. It is layered in a modest armor paneling, laying flush under his skin-- yet still visible above. He has blue eyes and pale skin, with a lean almost wirey build-- made more for speed than strength.
  2. What do the prongs look like? Are they like hair or do they only have the configuration of hair? Are they metal-colored or painted?
    What kind of picture are you looking for? Concept art or more like a portrait?
  3. There are three prongs, metal colored-- which is why he wears a hat. To look at him in passing it looks like a hair clip almost. I'm no artest but this is as good as i could do on paint;

    While the middle prong does not come as far forward, it's the tallest-- it comes the farthest up off the top of his head, about an inch off his scalp. the other two are a little lower. prongs.png
  4. @AngelLass

    Did you ever get anything done up for you? I'd be willing to give this a shot, though I'm honestly not sure I can pull off the automail.
  5. No, no one tried it. I would love it if you would!
  6. I'll see what I can do. :] Might take me a little while but I'll get something to you when I can.