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  1. Hello, my name is Ashana, and I've been writing for approximately eight years now. I've roleplayed for half of that!

    I'm in love with fantasy (high, low, modern, superheroes, medieval, whatever), science fiction, historical fiction (I love historical accuracy, I'm sorry, I'm that person), and any roleplay with a steampunk theme (airship pirates!). I struggle with modern roleplays that have no fantasy twist to them. Romance is nice, but not a requirement, and I would not object if you would like to have it in our plot. (Cool guy wave at my fellow aromantic roleplayers)

    A short list of things you should know about me:
    • I have both depression and anxiety. Some days, I am just too tired. I will PM you if this is the case!
    • I am genderfluid, and my preferred pronouns are they/them/theirself or ze/hir/hirself. If you would like to argue about the legitimacy of singular 'they', please don't bother.
    • I'm Canadian, so my spelling is different. You will find "random" U's in words. "Center" is "centre". It's okay.
    • I am a high school student! I will try to post as often as I can (which is probably once or twice a day; at least a few times a week) but my workload varies. I will expect this regularity from you, but if you can't, I will not bother you. (Unless you'd like to be reminded?)
    Now! On to the roleplaying bits!

    I can write around 2-5 paragraphs per post depending on how much plotting was done beforehand. More plotting, more paragraphs! I don't like filling up paragraphs with pointless prose, though I do spend quite a fair bit of time in my character's head, feeling out their thinking patterns. If you like pointless prose, let me know. Regarding character sheets, I like them to be detailed (not too detailed obviously as that takes forever) because roleplayer knowledge =/= character knowledge. I want to make sure we both know our characters well. This can be discussed!

    I also like real faceclaims; anime ones are, in my opinion, so unrealistic and I don't enjoy them. "But Ashana!" You cry, "real faceclaims are just so hard to find!" I understand. I do. Believe me. Here is a website that has so many faceclaims so nicely sorted you'll cry: lazyresources. Here's another one: hollow-art (I understand hollow-art is down right now but it's a very nice resource, and they sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of icons people submit)!


    I'm underage, so no sex with anyone 18 or over, but if you're also underage we can talk about it but I can't promise I'll feel comfortable with it. I can play any gender and any sexual/romantic orientation. I prefer to have characters that are not cisgender and straight, so if you're someone who feels uncomfortable playing a non-cis or non-straight person, please move right along. I enjoy talking to my partners OOC, be that through Skype or PM. This is not a requirement, so do not feel obligated to chat with me. It'd be nice, though! The standard roleplay rules apply here; no god modding, no perfect characters, blah blah blah.

    Okay. On to the fun stuff.

    PLOTS (open)

    Steampunk / Historical fiction
    Check out this blog post: x.
    Four ladies from vastly different backgrounds all take to the skies and join the infamous Guild of Gold, a powerful anti-establishment Guild based in Spain, and are quickly set onto an airship of their own. Set in an alternate timeline of our world, this one takes place during the height of the Pirate Age (1650s to the 1730s). The Guild of Gold recruits pirates from all over the world, using their vast connections to amass ships, riches, and even more pirates; their influence grows yearly, and the world governments are nervous. This is a world where cities float in the sky and pirates terrorize land, sea, and sky. World leaders are assassinated seemingly ever month and everyone plays the game of kingdoms. This is a world where order is an illusion and machines are the reliable reality. Our characters (being able to double up is preferred) are on a modest airship, sent on a mission to attack Navy bases in the Pacific Ocean; thereby severely weakening the Navy's influence and power. At least, that's what they're told. However, not all of their crew is trustworthy, and moles run throughout the Guild. Who has ulterior motives? Are the Navy and the Guild truly so different? Do the ladies uncover the secrets the Guild hides, or are they pawns on the chessboard?

    A big thing about this plot is that the ladies aren't heterosexual. Bisexual, pansexual, asexual, any romantic orientation, it doesn't matter, but they aren't straight. At least one of them isn't cisgender, either.

    Historical fiction / Drama
    If you have an idea, let me know. I love this stuff.

    Modern fantasy
    Creatures in this world: shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, European & Chinese dragons, will-o-wisps, kapres, and various others we can discuss later. I want to spread out from the typical European mythological creatures, y'know?
    The world of the fantastical and the mundane is in danger. Human hunters are common, interwars between the Fae factions are on the rise, and whole countries are closing their borders in a vain attempt to keep out the Fae. Several attempts have been made by the Fae to present themselves as a harmless people who will not challenge the power of the humans; these have all been sabotaged to date. People are scared, and when people are scared, they do desperate things. Our characters can either be Fae or humans, or perhaps a Fae and a human hunter. They know that there is some serious propaganda going on, and that in order to create peace, peace talks need to begin between the King and Queen of the Fae and a human -- any human and all will do, because currently, the King and Queen have a "imprison on sight" policy.

    Like the TV show Revolution, a massive breakdown of the world's electronic systems collapses a majority of the world's governments. All of North America is a dark zone, along with most of Europe and Northern Asia. Any remaining country (we can discuss who is still functional) has closed its borders to the world, not allowing anyone to leave, nor anyone to enter. Outside of these “safe zones,” clans and treaties have been formed amongst the survivors. While the world's weather and climate might be in turmoil, humans have always sought some kind of stability. This is the same; our characters are in the same clan (if you want a “forbidden romance” thing, they can be in separate clans) and skirmishes for resources are fierce. A strong clan set in downtown New York has recently stumbled upon something powerful: a self-sustained power source. With another harsh winter approaching, such a thing could save an entire treaty.

    If you want fandom inspired stuff with OCs and/or canon characters, I enjoy these fandoms:
    FANDOMS (open)

    **Dragon Age**
    The Elder Scrolls
    A Song of Ice and Fire
    Tomb Raider
    The Valdemar Chronicles (all of them)
    Marvel Comics (I'm not caught up on the latest, however; I play a good Bucky Barnes, Jim Hammond, and Natasha Romanoff.)
    Grave Mercy
    The Mercy Thompson Series
    The Song of Achilles
    Percy Jackson & The Olympians (I'm hesitant with this one, due to some past experiences.)
    Harry Potter
    Harvest Moon (I am most familiar with Tale of Two Towns.)

    Thank you for reading, I hope we can get something started soon!
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