Ash and The 8 Legends

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  1. Humans may think it is just drams and they will go away. But they are not just dream they are humans like no other. They have been with everyone since the beginning. And now they are being distorted one by one by every human in the world. And with the help of Darkness it is coming faster than Humans would think. Humans may think the Dream Lord himself could help but there is no Lord, not anymore. The lord did try to stop Darkness but she was to strong and with The Dream Lord gone. The only one who could save them is Ash and the Legendary 8. They are the Hope and Peace of the world. They could save us. The thing is that they are human themselves.

    though worriors

    1. Contentment, Forgiveness (TAKEN)

    2. Confidence, Courage

    3. Joyfulness, Peace (TAKEN)

    4. Compassion, Kindness

    5. Caring, Compassion

    6. Faith, Freedom

    7. Confidence, Hope, Trust

    8. Love, Serenity, Unity

    Each would being forth the new King of the dream world. And with that the darkness would be destroyed.

    And you are The Legendary 8.

    name: (Last Name then First name)
    gander: (tell)
    personaltiy: (you dont really need to tell me)
    first dream you ever had: (must be told)
    likes: (must be told)
    dislikes: (must be told)
    dark secret: (MUST BE TOLD)
    whats your deeps fear: (MUST BE TOLD)
    bio: (if you want )
    looks: (in human world and dream world.)

    Name: Ash
    age: Unknow
    gander: Fe-Male
    personaltiy: Dark evil and at times sweet and kind but that if he is in her girl form.
    likes: kind humans and cute humans
    dislikes: rude humans
    background: Ash awoken from her slumber to see the demon lord. she was the demons lord only dream and first dream of the world. she had no idea who she was. then the lord told her for who she is and they have been good friends but once he died she was lost she had nothing anymore. so her job was to find the ones who would make the new king so he would distory darkness.
    looks: Boy; [​IMG] Girl; [​IMG]

    Accepted Characters:
    last name to first.
    1. Johnson, Felicia
    3. Jam, Hunt
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  2. Name: Jem hunt


    Which 8:Joyfull,peace

    First dream you ever had: Has a nightmare everytime he sleeps of his father killing himself

    Physical Description: Jem is quite tall with a light build and a pale complexion. He has scruffy silver hair that goes down to his neck tip. His eyes are a yellow colour that can oft be mistaken for a red shade due to the mixture of color in them.

    Personality: Jem mind tends to drift , and he is fascinated by art and Reads when he is at home. He dislikes Loud places and people who think they are better than everyone. He is usally in a joyfull mood and hates to fight

    Dark secreat: His family he always keeps it secreat

    Deepest fear:death

    Likes:Being around others,reading,drawing

    Hates:Fights,Annoying people

    History: Jem grew up just like any normal child. He was an only child and spoiled by his parents, he was lavished with gifts when there was no reason for them. As a child Jem spent a lot of time in his horse stable with the horses.

    Family:. Jem doesn't have any siblings and only lives with his mother and father off in London where a handful of families live.

    Pet: dog named, Boxer which he has had since he was a child
  3. AWWWW CUTE If you dont mind could you find a photo? or give me a better Description of your human and Dream World Look PLEASE Im sorry.
  4. name: Johnson Felicia
    age: 14
    gender: Female
    personality: Felicia is usually calm and a bit quiet when she's around people, if she's distressed by something then she keeps it to herself. The only time she dares to let herself panic or cry is when she's alone since she doesn't want to bother people, she wants to stay strong when she's in company. She have a great appreciation for life and wants to protect every living creature.
    which of the 8 are you: 1. Contentment, Forgiveness
    first dream you ever had: Her mother came back from the dead and tried to pull her down into the earth.
    likes: Animals, loyal and forgiving people, peace and quiet, light places, books.
    dislikes: Being alone for too long, loud noises, bugs & spiders, dark places
    dark secret: She killed her mother as a child (See bio)
    whats your deepest fear: Mirrors and being abandoned (See bio)
    Real world: Blonde hair, blue eyes, very pale skin. Around 1,60 m

    Dream world:
    White and longer hair, more mature looking, around 1,70 m tall.

    History: Felicia used to live with her mother until her death, after that she moved to her father. She fears the day her mother will come back for revenge on her since she was the one who caused her death. Her mother had been psychologically ill for a long time and one day she had tried to strangle Felicia. Felicia whom was only seven at the time had tried to fend her mother off, but in vain. She had then been able to reach a scissor that had been pushed down from the table unto the floor when her mother had attacked her, and without thinking she slit her mothers throat The hands left her throat and Felicia ran into a corner of the room, just watching her mother slowly die.

    She was in denial for many years before the fears and memories started to come back to her. As she started to resemble her mother more and more she were no longer able to look herself in the mirror, every time she did she had a panic attack because she thought her mother was back from beyond the grave to kill her.

    Her father couldn't cope with Felicia constantly breaking down during the nights and because he had deep depressions himself he eventually left her in the care of a relative. He never came back to see her again and she was certain he had abandoned her because he hated her.

    But even though she had a very traumatic childhood it was still nothing that was shown in her everyday life. She always smiled among her friends and she never felt her psychological problems during the day when it was bright outside. She wasn't the most popular girl in school but she had her little group of friends. She loved to read books and often escaped to her fantasy worlds inside them when she got the chance.

    Family: Now lives with her cousin and her fathers sister.
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  5. image.jpg dream world image.jpg human world
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  7. Accepted: Lavals charater: Jem Hunt. the Lagudery Joyfull and Peace.
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    Accepted: RedBlood charater: Johnson Felicia. the Lagudery Contentment, Forgiveness.
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