Ascesion of Gods

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  1. The tales of when gods fell to Aufradus, a hostile planet teeming with horrifying creatures, dangerous landscapes and a struggle to survive. Haiku the god of Rampage has been torn from the Palace of Gods. Along with all the other gods he must find out why they were torn away from their divine home and thrust into this hostile environment. He also has to try and find all of his divine brothers and sisters before the planets horrible creatures kill them all. The fate of the gods is in your hands.
  2. Haiku opens his eyes. His vision is blurred from the harsh light that covers the planets surface. Lying face down in a desert like environment. His limbs are weak and sore, a deadly thirst that plagues his mind and a hunger is his stomach, he is not used to feeling such "mortal" things.

    Before he can get up he feels a large creature standing up his back. He cannot turn to see what it is. The creature is heaving and groaning with a slight heaving.
    To his left a large thick, bulky stick. To his right his lance, but it is slightly out of reach. His thirst and hunger slowly creeping further and further in. He is but moments from passing out.