Ascension/Extinction [F seeking M, Resident Evil-inspired]

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  1. I N T R O D U C T I O N

    So this is a plot based heavily off of the Resident Evil series (games). Anything about the plot may be altered as we see fit, and said plot is really in the rough stages at the moment. I'm just putting it out here for now to see if there are any interested parties who might help me develop it further as we go along.

    This is my first time trying a plot like this, so here goes...

    P L O T

    In a place isolated from modern human civilization, an explorer documenting the region stumbles upon the remains of a village, horrifically mutated corpses littering the jungle floor. Disgusted and terrified, he turns to run just as one of the “corpses” lunges at him, sinking its teeth into his arm. Nevertheless, the explorer manages to escape into the surrounding foliage. Several days later, he is found by rescue personnel and taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. After a day’s rest, he appears to recover from his exhaustion and delirium, and is cleared for his flight home.

    Not two days later, the man develops an exceptionally high fever, beginning to show aggressive tendencies and other symptoms akin to a rabid animal. His body also begins to mutate, turning him into a twisted creature near unrecognizable as human. He attacks his family, beginning a chain of events that threatens to plunge the nation into open chaos.

    (YC) is a gifted soldier – highly trained and brutally efficient with a stellar record. After returning from his latest tour, he is contacted by a shadowy government operative and informed that he has been selected for an elite team trained to combat this threat, part of an international alliance against bioterrorism: Task Force Iaso. His new handler informs him that the village’s destruction was merely a test. Those responsible seek to unleash this bioweapon on densely-populated cities, resulting in a global pandemic. Information gathered points to a cult-like terrorist group, The Ascension Movement, obsessed with the idea of humanity’s betterment, believing those who are unaffected by the virus (or retain human sentience post-transformation) possess superior genetics, and are thus “approved” to rule in a “new age of higher man”.

    Ascension’s leader, a charismatic figure known only as Samael, has a daughter who fled the group. An Iaso source within the group – later killed after his identity was discovered – had implied that Samael experimented on his own children, injecting them with the same virus; only, this daughter in particular showed no signs of mutation even after the incubation period had passed. (YC) is thus given the task of hunting down the daughter (MC) and bringing her in safely. He and his comrades are each assigned a location, instructed to investigate and gather intel on (MC)’s whereabouts.

    (YC) arrives at his assigned location only to find the small town overrun by mutated creatures. He takes shelter in a nearby building only to be confronted by the very woman he is seeking. He explains his reasons for being there and (MC) responds that she isn’t content to sit idle in a medical facility while the world goes to hell, and wants to help in dismantling Ascension and bringing her father to justice. Working together, they eventually escape the town and return to headquarters where a sample of (MC)’s blood is collected. They find that the virus, instead of causing a mutation, has worked with (MC)’s system to enhance her natural reflexes and senses, also giving her a unique regenerative ability.

    (MC) is labeled an asset and is permitted to become (YC)’s partner. Together, they must stop Ascension from making further progress, all while an antidote is being synthesized.

    E X P E C T A T I O N S

    - I'm looking for a dominant, confident type of character for (YC). That isn't to say (MC) is weak; on the contrary, she's also the dominant, strong-willed type. It'd be fun to see how their relationship pans out.

    - Please post at least two paragraphs using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. I specified that this would be "adept" when it comes to post quality, so please take that into account.

    - I don't expect a post every day, since I probably can't do a post every day. All I ask is that you keep me informed of any long-term absences. I will return the favor.

    - Help me think of plot twists to advance the story. Roleplaying is a collaborative effort, and I'll honestly get tired if I'm the only one coming up with said twists. Feel free to discuss ideas/brainstorm with me OOC. I tend to like lots of conspiracy, backstabbing and good ol' action.

    - Obviously, this plot calls for heavy amounts of gore/violence, profanity and romance/sex, so be prepared for that. Still, I'd like for there to be more plot than smut.

    - PM me if interested; you could post here as well, but I'll take note of PMs faster.
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