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  1. It was your average day at the Beauregard Castle. A few servants dotted the courtyard, some out chatting over washing clothes and some loading in new shipments for the week’s meals. There wasn’t anything to be overly excited about, just normal people carrying out their lives. One woman, however, was not all too satisfied with her life at the current moment. She dressed impress. Her long flowing auburn hair was done up tight and her gown, made of the finest fabrics swirled around her feet as she walked. She stormed across the courtyard, cursing someone under her breath. A young servant followed her, advising to calm down.

    “How dare he? How dare he say that to me?” the woman writhed, her face scrunched in hatred. “I don’t care what he says my duty is to him but that was just rude and uncalled for.”

    “Now, now, Lady Alexandrina, you must get too caught up in what he said. His is only looking out for you.” The servant said, who was running after her, waving at her to slow down.

    “No. He is only looking out for his ‘family line’. She would be more than willing to throw me to the dogs if it meant for him to have an heir.” The mistress said, slowing her pace.

    “You know that’s not true,” the servant said, finally catching up. “He is just being his old grumpy self, you know that. Give him time and he will forget about the whole thing”

    “I won’t…..” the woman muttered, and the servant grabbed her arm to stop here.

    “Let’s just calmed down for a bit.” The servant said, leading her mistress into a deep breath. “Now, let’s say we go get you into some suitable riding clothes and take or morning ride. What do you say about that, Lady Alexandrina?” The mistress pursed her lips, still fuming, but conceited to her maid.

    “Okay,” she said, “But only if you stop calling me by my full name. You know, I’m not the biggest fan of it.”

    “I only do so, because your father would have my head if he heard it. Come, Lady Alex, lets get you ready…” the servant said leading the way as the young lady followed her…..
  2. A man walked crookedly toward Beauregard Castle, his throat parched and his feet bloodied. His hands wrung themselves around and around like they had a mind of their own as he thought of how to proceed. He could see many men and women dotted around the nearby fields as he began to slowly make his way to the elaborate gates. Coughing sharply, he tried to call some attention to himself, but with no avail. He was totally hoarse, and could hardly utter a syllable, let alone shout for help. Letting himself stand and breath for a moment, observing his surroundings. Is...Is that a horse? He thought to himself, hearing a whinny come from the back of he castle. Not wasting a moment of his consciousness, the man began to walk toward the sound, stepping over bushes and flowers without much care. He was determined, but quickly losing consciousness. Men and woman began to quickly notice his presence, and began to pursue. Some were intent on stopping him, but others simply wanted to know what he was doing. It didn't matter, as long as he was making a scene. The man knew that the more people around when he passed out, the more likely he would be to get help. Speaking of, his consciousness began to fade mid-walk. Dropping to a knee, the man attempted to support himself with his arms, only to feebly flop to the ground with a thud. A crowd quickly grew around him, and murmurs echoed out wondering what to do with him.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.