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  1. So I have been craving a servant x master roleplay for awhile now. Where I do love playing a maid to a playboy master, I decided to change it up a bit. After watching Princess Bride, I loved the idea of a servant boy and the daughter of the noblemen falling in love with each other. So I decided to do that....

    So that is what I am looking for. I am looking for a servant boy for my noble born girl to fall in love with. He would be most definitely working at lord's castle. We can work on how the two meet, if they already like each other, or meet for the first time during the roleplay. I would also like to keep the time period medieval era. No fantasy elements (like magic or mythical beings), just a simple romance story with some drama thrown in there.

    Here is my character cs:

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    Lady Alexandrina Elenore Beauregard

    Basic Matrix

    Nicknames: Alex
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Beauregard Castle

    Physical Matrix
    Height: 5’ 5”
    Weight: 120 lb
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Pale Green

    Mental Matrix
    Perception of Strangers: Kind but cautious
    Perception of Friends: Loves them with all her might
    Perception of Enemies: Scum of the Earth
    Global Perception: It can be cruel place, but a manageable one.

    Social Matrix
    Personality: Alexandrina has two sides of her. There is her lady side. It’s soft-spoken and tender. She does not speak out of turn and acts like any proper lady should. Then there is her true side. She wild, loud and not afraid to speak her mind. She tends to talk fast and holds nothing back. The two sides come out at certain times. Her lady side is usually when she is with her father or during parties. The other is usually when she is out and about while riding and/or with servants.
    Orientation: Straight
    Alignment: Neutral

    Likes: Books, food, sewing, good people
    Dislikes: Complicated dresses, tight corsets
    Loved: Horses, horse rides, picnics on sunny day
    Hated: Snobby people, people who lie to her face
    Fears: Being force to live a life she does not want

    Personal Matrix
    Biography: Alexandrina is the only daughter to Lord Harold Beauregard. Her mother died when she was young and the lord has yet to remarry. Her life is not all that interesting. Raised to be a proper lady, she was always told never think for herself and only be seen and not heard. Thankfully, her teacher was not born of noble blood and taught her real education, like math and sciences as well as proper etiquette and manners. She would often make friends with her servants, since the people that her father wanted her to talk with tended to be so boring. Riding became her favorite past time. Her ideal afternoon is taking a horse out to the surrounding lands, find a nice tree for shade and hang out with a good friends or a good book. Now that she is twenty-one, she is expected to marry to continue on the family line. Her father wants her to marry noble blood, but Alexandrina doesn’t really care if he is noble or not, just that they love each other….

    Personal Issues: She is often compared to her mother and is expected to act like her. Hates to do it, but does it to honor her mother’s memory.

    Extra Information
    Her horse’s name is Snow and it’s a Camarillo White Horse.

    I like to keep post length to at least a paragraph minimum. I will snoop on your page to check to see your writing style. You have been warned.

    Maturity level: With the character being plenty over age, I am okay with this roleplay getting a little steamy (I actually would not mind it at all ;) ) I am a big girl (age 21) and I am okay with roleplaying any level of maturity. I do not care for all smut roleplays though. I, also, will not roleplay rape or violent sex of any kind. It can happen but a time skip will be asked for. I have had characters that have been raped before, but never in text. I do not feel comfortable with typing it and I will terminate the roleplay if you push.

    So I hope to hear from someone soon! Pm me or message me here if you have any questions....
  2. Super craving this now!
  3. I may be interested in this... Feel free to PM me, and we'll see what can be worked out! :)
  4. Still looking, if anyone else is interested!