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  1. I am new.

    Hello and a very good day I bid to you.

    I do have experience in role playing but I'd say, how terrible it is.
    I come to this wonderful site to improve my skills of role playing and creating interesting plots of stories.
    I am not really good in English as some you can observe from this, a few grammatical errors. But I assure you, there will be more than you can see here when I start role playing.
    Another reason, I am here because to try on a new experience on role playing in forums. I am not fond of forums and this is my first time even looking closely at one.
    I am obviously an otaku, but not a hardcore one. I just know a few anime and adapt my interest of it into my role plays, like my character tends to look like anime rather than an almost real person and I tend to imagine them in anime form.

    I am not a full-time addict on role playing but I try to make some time for it.
    I am really interested in this site.
    So please treat me well.

    Thank you.

  2. Welcome to Iwkau : )

    Your english is very good, no worries.

    Hope you enjoy the site!
  3. Thank you, sir. :)
  4. Hi there! Not a worry at all about your english, we have a lot of members from all over the world and everyone has been fabulous about being patient. :D

    Welcome to the community!