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  1. Jasmine watched her creator pacing back and forth in the empty ballroom. The old vampire was part of the council that ruled all vampires of their kind. A lot weighted on his mind this evening. Many vampires had been attacked recently, and they feared that someone or something was preparing to storm the mountain. That would be foolish though, no one could take out their guards, not without an army at least.

    The problem was that they didn't know who or what their enemy was. They had been able to keep completely hidden, and been able to kill everyone they had attacked so far. Were they vampires? Some other being? Human? Humans hadn't been a threat to them for a very long time, he was certain that they wouldn't become too much of an obstacle even in the future.

    "Father, you shouldn't trouble yourself with these thoughts." Jasmine told him. She had lived with him long enough to know what he was thinking without him saying a word. He was like an open book to her.
    "I know" He mumbled, too silently for human ears but loud enough for them. "It's just that..."
    "Nothing. You should rest, you and the others will be able to find a solution to this misfortune together." She interrupted him. "There is no reason for you to think about it on your own." She put a comforting hand on his shoulder, as she had done many times since she had been turned.

    She had never blamed her creator for turning her into a vampire. Mostly since she didn't remember her life as a human. She knew very well that her maker had erased her memories of her past life, and she knew that he could give them back to her. But she was certain that he had done it for her own good, and she could never ask him to let her have her memories back. She just silently waited for the day he might give them back to her.

    He gave her a small smile of comfort to her but she knew he just waited for her to let go of his arm so he could continue to pace back and forth again. He always became restless when something was troubling him.

    Just was about to open her mouth to speak to him again when they heard the doors opening behind them. "Excuse me sir, but there's visitors coming to see the council. The others are already waiting." The young vampire said, he seemed a bit nervous but new guards usually were so it wasn't a surprise. The old vampire gave a nod and made a gesture for him to leave.

    "That's good timing, at least now you will be forced to take it off of your mind for a little while." Jasmine smiled at him and let go of his shoulder. They had a tradition in the council that the five elders was supposed to welcome all visitors, it didn't matter if they came alone or if it was a big group. The only exception was during war times.

    Alicar sighed, but forced himself to smile a bit. He didn't see this as the time to think about guests, but his brothers wouldn't be too happy with him if he decided not to go. They walked towards the main hall where they met up with the other four elders, and took their places while waiting for the guest. Jasmine stood a bit behind them to their left. From the moment the guard opened the doors to let their visitor or visitors in, she would no longer have a right to speak if she wasn't told to by either the council or any of the visitors.
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    From the shadows they stirred, insipid beings spewing forth vile spells of bigotry and hate. With black wings unfurled they sought to blot out the future of the vampire, using their resources and skills to eliminate their kind. The entities be neither man nor devil, hailing from a realm between realms. Where time itself ceased to flow. Such tales may seem whimsical to most; even the grand council of elder vampires. But the Queen Valerna; last of the Sol Vampires was birthed by the darkness, and inside her the darkness stirred. With raven black hair and eyes of crimson she could see through their guise, dragging what was conspired in the black shroud of the void into the light.

    It seemed fate was cruel once more, as within her spiraling fortress of Onyx and Magic she watched it all transpire. Blood stained feral eyes peering intently into a molten orb, the likes of which defied the spell of gravity with ease. This magical sphere, this unholy artifact was one of the few trinkets left behind by her people before their sudden and mysterious fall. No doubt a handful of the eldest of vampires recall their reign; though to be fair at best they were very young; practically in their infancy. With horrified gaze she watched, an enemy older then death had made it's first move. The consumer of time, a being whose ravenous hunger is so strong; that it is said he'd devour the world.

    Quickly she cried, as the Illithids melted into the light, their slender frames, octopus heads, and wailing tentacles melting into the light. The visage of which would have inspired dread among the mortal kind. These monsters were her minions, powerful creatures who once ruled the under ground world when it came to magic and psychic abilities. Rising into armies out of mindless thralls. "I shall return, Jurn will watch over the estate while I am gone. It is time for me to make my move, And seek out my cousins." She replied, her initial words being only met with weary eyes. For the Illithids have been working tirelessly; understanding not what was going on they accepted her words. Not out of a sense of fealty alone, but also from a sense of genuine loyalty earned through her unwavering, stern, rigid position.

    As the ivory skinned being walked by her men they dropped to a knee one by one, bowing as low as they can. Daring not to raise their head until such a time as their queen had departed from their sight. Intoi the shadows she faded...

    The manor they thought secluded and hidden had failed to escape her ever vigilant eyes. For sometime she watched from the safety of her blacken tower, observing as this court went about their rather bland affairs. Though these vampires differed from her in many ways, she still respected their prowess....Albeit misguided from time to time. How she manifested herself was not through the door nor a window like a thief. Instead the once still shadows stirred, causing alarm amongst the lesser vampires. As even their own shadows began to stretch and contort, writhing and shrilling as the center of the congregated shadows bubbled.

    From this pool of shade she emerged, pale skin defiant when contrasted to the gate which served as her entrance. Her defined athletic form remained partially exposed, as she wore a long black eloquent dress that clung elegantly to her body. Flattering her every curve as if it were a mere layer of skin, as oppose to an article of clothing. The gap in the dress exposing some cleavage as well as her abs. But just enough to remain in good taste, not an uncommon sight for a female vampire to be sure. With weapons drawn the guards uneasily surrounded her, uncertain of her intentions as well as her relationship to them. For though she appeared to be like them, at the same token she wasn't exactly like them.

    Eyes of crimson now were opened, as those feral ravenous eyes glanced around the room. Those point irises of her raising many question, as did her ashy porcelain skin. Now it was true most vampires were pale, but none had a complexion quite like Valerna's own. "Stay your blade, I mean you no harm. I did mean to appear outside...but I felt it easier to express the importance of my need to meet with your leaders if I approached boldly, treading lightly at the same time." She purred, her words melodious in nature; almost hypnotic. Each syllable delicately uttered and placed, as if she were a composer leading a grand orchestra.

    Under armed escort they brought her to a hall where she were to wait as the others sent word to their leaders. Seeking guidance on what to do with this....rogue visitor.
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  3. The guards escorted the strange vampire with great cautiousness towards a hall where they were to await orders. The elders of the vampire council waited patiently for Alicar and Jasmine to arrive. Non of them really liked that Alicar always kept Jasmine so close, even during meetings. They knew that a bond between a maker and a newborn was strong, but it should also fade with time. Most vampires in Jasmines shoes would have left their maker long ago, and their maker would have encouraged it. But Alicar didn't encourage her to leave because he was too fond of her and she had never gotten to hear about anything else than the vampire mountain and the council.

    The only reason they hadn't intervened yet was because they noticed how calm Alicar was around her. He had had a very bad temper before he had created Jasmine, and at times his temper had taken the best of him which made him take stupid decisions. As a council member some of his action had been unacceptable and they had been on the bring of actually firing him, which could either lead to him being banished or in worst case sent to death. If Jasmine hadn't been turned into a vampire then they would have lost a valuable council member and one of the five elders which would send a bad messages to other vampires. So they usually let him have her close by even during important meetings so that he wouldn't start to fall back into old tracks.

    They gave a signal to the guard to let the visitor into the main hall. The giant doors opened revealing the vampire and the armed escorts. They also noticed something disturbing with the vampire, she wasn't like them. She was different. Definitely a vampire, but different. As the oldest now living vampires of their own race they understood immediately that she were of a different race. But most other races had been destroyed in wars thousands of years ago. And it was rare to see vampires of different races that weren't enemies towards their kind because of that war.

    The council tensed up a bit, but didn't do anything rash for the time being. They didn't know what she was doing there, if she came in peace or not. So for now they would bide. Jasmine on the other hand looked curiously at the vampire, even she could feel that there was something different about her. She hadn't experienced the vampire wars, nor had she met any other vampire races since she had been created. She hadn't even known that other races existed.

    "Welcome!" Elijah, a tall dark haired vampire standing in the middle, said. His voice was as inviting as the smile on his face. He was probably the only one of them believing that the woman wasn't there to fight. After all, that would be a suicide mission if she were alone. "Guards" he then said and with one simple motion of his hand they put down their weapons and retreated towards the walls. Close enough to intervene if something happened, but not a distraction nor seeming threatening.

    "Excuse them dear, we haven't had such an.. Unique visitor for a very long time." He told her still smiling. The others was still tense and either faked a smile or had a blank face expression, not revealing any thoughts. "I am Elijah, this is my brothers, Ivan and Alicar" He said as he motioned his hand towards the left. "And Jhadar and Eidor" He then continued with the two on his right side.

    "And who might you be?" The guards were astonished over their leaders calm, while his brothers all had different opinions on his actions but kept them to themselves for the time being.
  4. That smell, that intoxicating aroma that wiled her so stemmed from fear. These vampires were right to fear her, and though she meant them no harm; she took it as a compliment. The muscles along her luscious lips began to tug, birthing a smile as she reflected on long forgotten days. Patiently she waited, arms nuzzling against her abs as she peered down the narrow passageway, taking note of the fine gothic visage and decor scattered about the hallway. Though their numbers may have dwindled since the rgeat wars, their taste in art seemed to be forever frozen in time. The only thing jerking the ancient Sol vampire from her reflections of the past, would be the haste of the guards return. Pushing herself from off the wall Valerna made her way down the hallway, following the armed escorts closely as they led her to some sort of open room; no doubt what used to be a war room.

    Once passing through the mouth of the threshold her eyes of crimson drifted about the room. Most seemed apprehensive of her presence, trying their best to maintain their composure at the same time. But it wasn't their body language that betrayed them, rather something far more subtle...It was their odor. While the others opted for silence, choosing to study the strange woman; one known as Elijah stepped forward. The way he spoke to her was warm and inviting, but seldom had the Ash vampire fallen for the guise of security. And so he'd have to forgive her if she seemed a bit tense, second guessing the genuine nature of his tone and words.

    Motionless she remained, as the man ordered the guards to step out of the room securing the door behind them. With the new found privacy she felt like she could speak, though Valerna waited until such a time as the man finished saying his piece. Furling a brow as he mentioned her kind as being "Unique" a term that personally didn't sit well with her albeit spoken without spite. "I sense uneasiness and distrust, this is good. What this tells me is that your paranoia is healthy and well; which means you've not weaken since the last time I've seen your kind." She purred, her word melodious as ever carrying with it an almost unnatural sense of tranquility, as if her mere words could be liken to a soothing spring shower. "It seems none of the old council still live, how unfortunate..." A frown now displaying itself on her ivory colored appearance.

    "The who is often followed by the what, you are all too young to recall my people. And so I shall answer both..." She paused, allowing the weight of her words and approach to settle in. "My name is Valerna, Elder Sol vampire of the house of Kreusheck. A title with little power nowadays I am afraid...Most know me as the Stone Queen." She quickly referenced her recent act of mobilizing and uniting the underdark despite their cultural differences and bigotry. A task that most would of considered as impossible...and still probably do. "For centuries I embraced torpor, watching and waiting as the world revolved without me. But as the shadows stirred, so did my consciousness...For I and the darkness are one. I have awoken and claimed the subworld as my own dominion and now I have risen to the surface world."

    Her arms once more folding against her defined core as she thought how best to explain her true reason for being here. "I have come from my spiraling Onyx tower to the south for a single request an alliance. Long ago we feuded, before the current recording of history we spilled each others blood. But the times are changing; my people gone but what consumed them has not." She intentionally withheld information regarding what this consumer of the grandest and most magically advanced society of it's time truly was.

    "If you do not trust me I understand, giving our murky past. But I assure you in the coming months any warped perceptions you may possess of me will change. I am not here to beg, I am not here to force your hand either. I am here to offer you a chance to prepare for the coming storm...or be swallowed by it." She spoke with a potent sense of conviction, each syllable carrying with it weight stemming from a matter of fact like mentality. Either she was brave in her choice of words, foolish or spinning a web of truth as oppose to deception. It was at this time that the guards would notice something strange outside their structure, in the sky stood several lanky figures who for a moment peered down at them, before casually making their way to the ground.

    Once close the men could make out their faces, the head of these creatures resemble an octopus covered in a thin film of slime as their tentacle flailed about. "Protectors of the queen we are. We come with message after her meeting with your lords are done. we come with warning." They replied; their watery voices seeming more otherworldly as oppose to nature. As if they spoke not audibly rather through some form of telepathy.
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