As the Metal Trees Grow

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  1. So this is a story about a group of travelers, i'd like at least four and no more than six, but it's what it is. It's a sort of High Fantasy mixed with Sci-Fi kind of thing, in this world the technological revolution is beginning to transform the world into something different and people can feel this malevolent force behind it. Well the last refuge of green on this world is fighting back, but there is rumored to be treasure that could change the course of all of this hidden at the heart of the forest. The group of travelers meet an old man who claims to have seen the treasure and convinces them to go after it. The new world is all races, monsters, creatures, anything you can imagine working as one. You can use OCs or mix and match from the following list, or go random, your choice.

    -Spider people
    -Snake People

    Fell free to give them a set of powers, magical, physical or divine as long as it's not like a destroy all kind of thing, keep it balanced. Beyond that not too many restrictions. Join up and experience how Metal Trees Grow
  2. Are we doing character sheets hun
  3. You choice, if you want me to know about your character by all means, or if you'd like to have them flushed out as the story progresses that works too.
  4. Is it okay if i join?
  5. Ooh. I’d like to play as a spider girl too. o_O
  6. Sure, there's a few i forgot to add like Vampires and shapeshifters, but please join.
  7. Ya man I sent my post in already : join us :)
  8. OH I'M INTERESTED! but i'm not sure if I can... hmmm
  9. Join us, we need you T.T
  10. well.... could someone rephrase the plot description. I only mentally got about half of it.
  11. ...for some reason this almost made me want to be a kobold or something...
    But when thinking about it, I dont want to be a small dog/man...
    So I'll be a goblin instead! :D
    If I'm let in, of course >_>
  12. Yes, someone chose goblin, my dreams are made real and the plot if a group of travelers against what is basically the industrial revolution that is eating the green on the planet find news of a treasure that could change the tide.