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  1. Kalivon Village- A small settlement with about 50 citizens or so. A lush green wall of plants surrounding it. In the middle of the village there is a small market from which all of the towns people get there needs. In summer it gets hot enough for the whole village to go swimming in the giant waterhole that is just 50 meters south of the village. During fall all of the leaves fall off the plants, and the air becomes brisk. In Winter they get about 10 feet of snow total, but it never piles up. And in spring there is a single cherry blossom tree in the middle of town that blooms every year.

    It's a beautiful day in Kalivon Village, people and pokemon are living together in harmony. It is the day that 6 new trainers will come to be, some who already have their own pokemon, and some who will receive their partner. They will be traveling to Lumiose city to meet professor Sycamore to receive their pokemon, and to start their dreams. It's currently 9:00 am and if the young ones don't get there quick then they might not make it on time. But it seems a few of them forgot to send their alarm clocks.
  2. Laverna Ambis. A name knew throughout the small village of Kalivon, alternatively known as the village prankster. With Trapinch and Zoura at her side she was a force to be reckoned with.

    "Laverna!" the voice of a stren sounding woman called out from inside the house. Her arms folded over her chest, and a messenger bag in her hand, Laverna's Zoura was quicker to respond to the mothers voice than her daughter was. Transforming into her trainer the Pokemon approached the mother, trying to reach out and take the bag from her grasp as the girl caught up to the two, laughing at the scene.

    "Zoura dear, this isn't for you." Laverna's mother managed to say through her concern for her daughters well begin and own reliability. Disappointed with the answer Zoura pouted, transforming back into its own form and finding her spot on her trainers head. The messenger bag was then passed off to Laverna, her mother immediately going off on a list of things she packed. "Now, there's some money inside, a first-aid kit, I also packed your holo caster," she hesitated for a moment before quickly adding to her sentence "You need to call me and your father every day y-"

    "Peace be with you mother!" the trainer announced loudly in a mocking hero's voice, punching the air, the Zoura that sat on her head mimicking the gesture with its paw, and her other partner Trapinch popping up from the ground, but the gesture had only made the woman even more concerned.


    "No more words, I must be off, the early Spearow catches the Caterpie after all!" before her mother could speak her daughter was off, the Trapinch latching onto the bag and scrambling into it.

    "It's...nearly the afternoon..." she sighed retreating back inside the house.
  3. Akiko arrived at village several days ago, after directly receiving message from Prof. Sycamore, and now was ready to depart. It was easy, since he usually spent nights on benches, or sleeping in nature.

    The problem was, that his alarm clock scared Dratini this morning...

    Akiko woke up, looking around, as he didn't see alarm clock. He jumped up, looking on the sun.
    -Stupid clock!-
    He said, grabbing backpack, and looking for his Pokemons.
    He looked around, searching for blue serpent. Meanwhile, Dratini crawled out of bushes, something round in his body.
    -Was that out alarm clock?-
    Dratini hided face, as Akiko took him on his hands.
    -Okay, let's go, we are already late!-
    He took on backpack, already leaving the grass field they slept on, when serpent hissed loudly.
    -What's wro- oh yes, I forgot my manga!-
    He grabbed stack of manga, throwing it inside backpack, as he rushed to village, trying to remember where is needed road.
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  4. Luca awoke that morning to the voice of his mother yelling at him to get out of bed. He had again not set an alarm and was going to be late if he didn't get moving. As he got out of bed he quickly showered and got dressed. He had already packed his bag the night before with everything he would need for his long journey to become the pokemkn league champion. As he walked downstairs he saw that his Charmander was already awake and ready to go. He smiled at him as he put him in his pokeball.

    He and his mother said their goodbyes as he headed towards the edge of their small town. That was where the group of six was supposed to meet. So they could travel together to professor sycamores labatory. The professor would give anyone a pokemon who hadn't gotten one yet and also wanted to ask a favor of the six of them. After their meeting with the proffessor though it was up to them if they wanted to travel in a group or separately. Luca wasn't really sure yet what he wanted to do. He figured that they would all figure it out later.

    Luca seemed to be the first to arrive st the edge of town as he waited for the rest of the group to show up.
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  5. Touka had been living at her cousins house, when she received the invitation from Prof. Sycamore. Waiting for this day her excitement only grew, but when she woke up this morning she was a mess, not having anything pack or ready, but she quickly got herself together. Telling her cousins mother that she'd be waiting for her daughter just outside of the village. Now she was waiting outside the village for her cousin. She leaned against the pillar to the village's entrance, her Eevee in her arms. She sighed as she waited getting more bored as the minutes passed. Looking back at the village she saw her cousin.

    "Laverna!!!" she called out "Where were you, were late as it is already." Touka said complaining.

    "I already talked to your mom" she said again.

    "So, do you know where Lumiose city is?" she asked. She truly did wonder if her cousin knew where she was going. Touka started walking by Laverna's side.
    He yelled so hard, that several couples, walking by the street, jumped away from him, and headed in opposite direction. It was another wrong road.
    Akiko tried to calm himself down, with his serpent wrapping around his belly, as "hug". Akiko patted Dratini, smiling, but he needed to return to thinking. He was already late, and couldn't forgive himself for that. Akiko walked through small town, when he finally saw gates.
    He muttered, walking past two slow girls, and walking to edge at, surprisingly, high speed. When Akiko approached it, he saw some boy. He gasped in happines, and leaned on tree, rapidly exhaling and inhaling.
    -You are one of "the six" group?-
    Akiko asked, after he restored some of air in his throat.
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  7. Zelia woke up early to pack everything, her Nidoran still sleeping. She swung her legs out of bed and sat up, giving herself a second to wake up. When she finally got the energy she jumped up, causing a small thump on the floor. The thump scared Nidoran right awake. Zelia let out a hushed "sorry." before bending down and patting him on the head. "you can go back to sleep." but when she was up Nidoran was up. Nidoran was quiet but he got up. ok then let's get started she thought to herself, grabbing her bag Zelia started packing.

    When she had got done she still had time, she hopped in the shower and when she got out she was vary late. Her sister who was visiting was playing with Nidoran, when her sister noticed the time and gathered up all the things that her sister didn't think to bring. "Zelia I put your bags by the door." her sister yelled up at her. "thank you" Zelia yelled back. "Zelia you're late you know that right?" "YES." "I know." she said quite agitatedly. Zelia got dressed and raced down the stairs, by this time thee whole family was up and there to say their goodbyes.

    She said goodbye to her family and was off, good thing too, Nidoran was ready to go running in circles playing with a neighboring Pokemon. "Let us be off into the wilderness." "well not quite the wilderness yet." Zelia started in a run, with Nidoran keeping up at her side. We need to get the the rally point, Good thing I remember where it is.
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  8. "Of course, of course!" Laverna reassured, her Zoura copying her gestures as she spoke. Trapinch popping in and out of the bag along the way. "I know Kalos better than I know Hoenn." This time Trapinch popped out of her back with a thick book in its jaws, and giving him her thanks Laverna took it and opened it to a bookmarked page, a hand drawn map in surprising detail was its contents.

    "We're here at the moment, if we keep going straight we'll be in Lumiose pretty soon!" She didn't return the booklet to her bag, instead kept it under her arm in case they were somehow lost, but like she said they eventually met up with a new face at the gates of the bustling city. The voice of a new person caught her attention, her head snapping in the direction of the voice and her reply immediately following after.

    "Seems as though we are! Are you also apart of the group, or are you Professors Assistant?"
  9. Luca stood waiting at the gate while he was there he decided to let his Pokemon out of their balls. He threw them up in the air "chharmander come on out!" His Pokemon made happy noises as charmander ran around a little bit. Luca bent down and patted chaanders head. "I can't wait to get this adventure started with you!"

    All of a sudden out of no where a boy had shown up. He seemed to be exhausted luca assuming he was running here because he thought he was going to be late. Luca smiled at him "yeah I am my name is Luca it's nice to meet you." @WitchcraftIsScience

    Then Luca looked as he saw laverna a girl he knew from the small town and her cousin walk up. Looks like they were going to be apart of the group as well. "Hey laverna hey touka looks like you're apart of the group too huh?"

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  10. "okay it's not much farther from the rally point." trying to run as fast as she could, Nidoran running a little ahead of her. Finally she could see a small group around where everyone was supposed to meet. slowing down she yelled to the group standing at the gate "hey are you guys going to the professors?" waving one of her arms so then could see her. Nidoran had stopped running a little ahead, and was catching his breath. "nidoran come over here you can rest if you want. "I should have done this from the start." Looking through her bag for his pokeball. Nidoran let out a disapproving noise, as he had seen the other pokemon and didn't want to be left out. "oh okay then" still walking forward to the gate.
  11. [​IMG]

    Mona The Glameow did it, as always. The female catty pokemon always did something that put a halt towards the Windhelms' progression, like breaking something, hiding something, letting out really loud cries, and even 'accidentally' pulling out the wire to Oliver's alarm clock in his room with her very long and curly tail. Because of this, the teenager stayed in bed sleeping longer than he was supposed to be today. The soon-to-be pokemon trainer was supposed to meet up with five other people so that they could travel to Lumiose City together. Now it seemed like he would get there too late, thus having to travel all alone.

    Oliver finally got up when Mona decided to come back in his room about one hour after the clock was supposed to ring (which was 8:00 AM) and jump on his body, letting out a loud cry while continuing to jump up and down. Oliver quickly removed the cover from his body, throwing it on the floor to the left of him as well as Mona who was on it. She gave him an angry expression and then ran out of the room, leaping down the stairs. Oliver didn't really care about his pet's feelings at that moment, since his rude awakening was caused by that feline. He was probably as angry or even angrier than her anyway, Until he found out what time it was.

    Oliver looked around his room, which was very lit even though the light switch wasn't turned on due to the sun that came through, telling the boy that it definitely was later than he expected to be up. He looked forward at the shelf that his clock was on, only to realize that it wasn't going forward in time. His eyes then roamed to the outlet behind it that it's wire was supposed to be plugged into, noticing that it wasn't. Oliver mediately suspected the annoying cat, going on in his head about how he would get revenge, right before jumping right out of bed and getting ready to leave the house. He took a quick shower and changed his clothes, brushed his hair, brushed his teeth, and any other small things before he began to head downstairs.


    The stairs led Oliver right into the living room, where he walked through the door on it's right wall, leading to the kitchen where his dad and mom were eating breakfast (their backs facing the microwave), with Mona sitting right in the middle of the table they were sitting in. Oliver took a seat and eyed both of his parents with a curious expression. They were both smiling though, glancing at him for a second to say hi, then going back to eating their food.

    "Hey, why didn't either of you two wake me up? Mona pulled out the wire to my clock, so I didn't wake up in time," Oliver explained to his parents, eating fast so that he could get out of the house quickly. He began to look angrily at Mona now, making her very nervous. George, Oliver's father, decided to speak.

    "Well son, you should have put your clock higher up on your shelf so that Mona couldn't touch it. If me or your mother woke you up, then it wouldn't allow you to learn your lesson," George replied, looking at his wife Sylvia to confirm that she felt the same way, to which she nodded. They both just then decided to hide the fact that they assumed Oliver was still sleeping.

    "Yes honey, you have to learn how to do stuff for yourself, especially since you are will not be around us for months on end starting today," Sylvia added.

    "I suppose you are right, but the other five I am supposed to be meeting with are probably fed up with waiting on me now. In fact, I should leave now. I will call you both when I arrive in Lumiose City. Cya!" Oliver said as he got up and got his back of packed lunches that his mother made for him and place on the kitchen counter, then he got his backpack that he placed in the living room. The young man put the packed lunches in his backpack then left out the front door, waving at his parents before finally heading out. Usually something this big would cause a parent and child to exchange words for a long amount of time, and it wasn't really different in this situation. Oliver already had a long goodbye chat with his parents the night before. They told him what to expect since they did the same thing at about the same age, going out to explore the Kalos Region.

    Before heading out of the village, Oliver headed right for the market to get a few things. While on his way, he noticed that the village's population seemed to be dwindling every day, as there were only a few people he was able to see outside. He grew up in this place, and while he had friends, due to the size, he didn't have many. Sure this trip to Lumiose City was to get his two starter pokemon, but to Oliver it was much more than that. He wanted to make as many friends as possible, starting with the five that he was meeting up with. He may have spoken with one or two of them before, but generally none of them were his friends yet. Most of them probably came from other regions anyway.

    Oliver was done getting stuff from the market, so now he headed right for the edge of town. Upon arriving, he saw all five of the people already there, as expected.

    "Hey everyone! Sorry for keeping you all waiting!" Oliver shouted in excitement. He was smiling at everyone, glancing at each pokemon trainer (or future pokemon trainer) for a few seconds. He noted that he may have been the oldest of the group, which meant that he had to be a prime example. He was going to be as nice and friendly as he possibly could.
  12. Touka listened to her cousin while watching her pokemon copy her. Touka was an excited jumpy girl, who is very easy to get and lose the attention of. The moment she heard of the invitation, she was brushing her Eevee's fur, when she threw her, luckily Eevee dealt with this pretty much her whole life, so she was used to it and landed on all fours. As people arrived to the group she waved to them. Noticing the other fellow join the group she ran up to him, he was much taller than she was.

    "Hey Oliver, remember me, I'm Laverna's cousin" she told the friendly giant.

    "Oh! and this is Eevee" she held Eevee out giving a wide grin.

    Immediately after she remembered something taking a brush out of her bag, she started to brush Eevee's fur. Her attention now completely averted to Eevee's grooming.

    "We have to make you look nice and pretty Eevee" she said to the small normal type.
  13. Luca smiled as he looked around at everyone. Looked like the whole group was there it was time for them to get moving. Luca looked down at his Charmander and smiled as he picked Charmander up and placed him on his shoulder. Charmander made a happy and excited noise.

    Luca turned and looked at everyone "well looks like everyone is here we should probably start heading to proffessor Sycamor's lab. We are already running late as it is so the longer we keep him waiting the more upset he will probably be. So are we all ready?"
  14. Blue serpent on his leg hissed loudly, looking on bottle on his bag.
    -Hmph, couldn't you say you want it earlier?- Akiko asked, but when he saw how serpent looked on him, he gulped, and gave him the bottle.
    -Yes, well... I think I am ready- The teen answered, as serpent moved his head as "yes", his head in the bottle.
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