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  1. this is an rp where almost any race goes from half-cats (Tigrith) to vampires, pixies, mermaids (Aquific) and reapers. feel free to make up a race!

    you can play as:
    -a human
    -a hunter (hunts down immortals)
    -an immortal (called immortal but can die)
    -a reaper (one of each element and only 1. pm me if you wish to be one)

    -dark: rion (rion)
    -fire: isabelle (kacrozeable)
    -water: alyseth (venna)
    -ice: kurain (kacrozeable)

    NOTE: there are different dimensions so don't react to characters that are not near you!!

    the main dimensions are:
    -earth (hunter/human/some immortals)
    -under realm (reapers dimension)
    -goddess realm (no character lives here but can be visited by reapers to so the goddess)
    -pixie realm ( pixies, fairies, other)
    -feel free to make up your own realms/dimensions as well!!
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  2. Kurian sits at alone at a table. the bar is packed full with people and Kurian is the only one sitting alone. His baggy black sweater has the hood pulled up so you cant see his face only some of his snow white hair poking past the fabric. in his hand he plays with a small coin with designs carved carefully into the gold. his emotions are unreadable and he looks about 23.
    the mortals are loud and careless as his own thoughts were hard to hear. the storm outside however kept him from leaving the place.
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  3. A hunter? Cassidy was just a normal 19 year old girl. She couldn't be a hunter. She pulled back her long brown hair. Her blue eyes sparkled. "How can I be a hunter?" she asked the man who had arrived at her door. "They chose you," he answered. "We cannot explain why the council chooses who they choose, but as the messenger I am forced to go along with it. The council must think that you are capable of capturing these creatures." Cassidy let this information sink in. "Wait... I am so confused." The man gestured for her to come outside. "I will explain everything on the car ride there. "Don't I get to pack first?" He shook his head. "No. You will start a new life at the hub." She reluctantly climbed into the car, unsure of whether or not this was the right thing to do.
  4. Her mouth formed a scowl as she pushed passed a few uninteresting people whose breath smelled worse than the liquor choices they had at the bar. Desdemona quickly made her way to the door, the demonic being grinning with satisfaction at the nasty storm playing outside. The thunder shook the very foundation of the place, but that didn't stop others from wanting to have a good drunken time. Imbeciles. If they were smart, they wouldn't wait around for lightning to strike the place.
    She shook her head, a pair of red-furred fox ears becoming visible on top of her black hair. When she glanced behind herself lightning lit up the sky with a bright blue, making her figure nothing more than a silhouette. When the light was gone, so was she from most occupant's eyes as she was now gliding down the sidewalk in the downpour.
  5. Zanna Roth was in the dimension of Zenov when a man came from the portal and turned to her. "You Zanna Roth daughter of Dianna and Bernard Roth. You must know your true identity." "My true identity what do you mean?" "I mean your different." "Well I knew that but I'm still confused what do you mean?" "Well I'm hear to tell you your not full human. But instead a immortal half demon. This is why you have strange abilities and powers that no other posses except for a few like you. And these few live in more than just on Zenov. They live on other dimensions as well for example earth." "So your saying that I'm a half demon so then which of my parents do I get this from?" "It is from your father no one but him and your mother know his true name. He uses a cover up for your safety but now it is time for you to begin your journey and learn more about yourself and what your capable of. But I have one more word of advice. Even though you are a half demon and called immortal you can still die and the reason is simple it is because you have a human half and your father is not the type of demon who is known for not dieing but that does not mean that thoughts who are said can not die truly can't." Zanna stared at the man as he left. "Wait you didn't tell me were I should go!" But it was too late the man who had spoken was already gone. But then she noticed a note that he must have given her. It said: Let the portal guide you. And trust your heart you'll find what your looking for. Also on your journey you will learn of many things that you have posses. Zanna put the paper into he pants pocket. 'Hu? I wonder what all that was about?' She moved a strand of her long wave black hair from her eyes and back in its proper place. She went home to tell her parents what happened and they told her that she need to pack for it was time for her journey to begin. And that she would learn more of who she really was. She went upstairs and grabbed a backpack and began to pack it with things she might need and for some reason one of the things she grabbed was a book on creatures that she once thought were only in a fairy tale. 'I wonder why everyone keeps saying its time for my journey to begin?' She went to her bathroom to check how she looked before she left. She was wearing a dark blue hoody and black jeans which had some chains on them. And her shirt under the hoody was a back and blue striped tank top. She went back to the portal and it transported her into a bar. 'Hu... I wonder why it took me here? I hope I seem to fit in. I probable do it's not like I've got wings, a tail, and horns. Or at least not yet.' She walked over closer to the bar and sat down. Very unsure on what she was suppose to do next.
  6. I need to get out of here... Kurians eyes glazed over the horde of mortals looking for any sign of hunters. he never liked any humans but hunters took it too far, there were many hunter guilds and communities in the world but 5 stood out by name and each had respected tattoos and symbols that he knew to avoid. Imoranity being the top ranked guild requesting by name knew string recruits. Kurian slammed down the coin then held it painfully tight in his hand, hunters were a curse to all immortals... he glanced at his drink see the reflection of his now red eyes, he took a deep breath and the returned to there normal gentle green.
    "what did we ever do to them..." he whispered to himself.
  7. Kurian again surveyed the drunken bodies, he focused on a girl sitting at the bar who wasn't there before. he glanced at the door. I didn't see her come in... he looked her over carefully seeing nothing off. he turn his attention away not worried but curios that he had not noticed her before.
  8. Adaryn walked hastily down the darkened street, glancing behind her every few steps to make sure that she was not being followed.
    "A Wiccan," she whispered beneath her breath,the word still foreign to her.
    This wretched night had felt so unreal, that she could hardly believe it. One moment she had been lying in her warm, safe bed, slowly drifting off into a calming sleep, the next she was out in the middle of a forest, as cloaked women gathered around her, chanting in a mysterious language. In the flickering glow of the fire, Adaryn had recognized, friends, neighbors, even her own mother within the crowd. She had tried calling for help, but with each desperate plead she made, the chanting seemed only to grow louder, in a tongue unlike any she had ever heard before. However, she was able to pick out one word...wiccan.
    "Aah," Adaryn hissed, as a sharp, hot pang emanated from her right hand.
    She stared down intently at a blackened pentagram, freshly drawn by the women, and the source of the pain.
    A sudden noise caught Adaryn's attention, snapping her out of her trance with a gasp, her violet eyes wide with fear.
    "I have to get out of here, to go somewhere with people, it isn't safe out here," she thought, her heart still racing from the fright of the noise.
    Glancing around, she noticed a door on her right. Placing her left hand on the knob, she turned it, a wave of relief spreading over her. With a final glance at her surroundings, Adaryn pushed the door open, and stepped into it's much welcomed light.
  9. Zanna noticed a man looking at her. 'Maybe I've drawn some attention. Maybe it's not that bad though he did looked away. I'll keep an eye pealed for anything. I wish that man would give me a hint on what I'm suppose to do now.' She decided to get a drink but everything she saw on the menu was very strange to her. 'Hmm... The strawberry thing looks nice I'll get it. I think it says it's a strawberry milkshake.' She ordered and gave the man her money which he excepted but he gave her a strange look and whispered to her. "Mama your not from here are you?" "No sir why do you ask?" "I was just wondering. This kind of money is excepted here but not always in the other realms. So be careful. Oh and just to be safe keep an eye out for there might be some who would wish for your presence to be no more." "My presence no more? What do you mean?" "I'm afraid I can not say for I have shared to much." "Oh okay." He quickly got back to making her order and once she had her drink he began to serve others.
  10. kurian's eyes flicker to the coins she pays with, this grabs his attention. iv never seen the currency before, he thinks. he tilts the coin towards her so the beam of light hits the corner of her eye hoping for her attention.
  11. Zanna turns when the light of something hits her in the eye. 'I wonder what that's about?' She turns to see the man with the coin that she thought she drew some attention from earlier. 'Is this what the bartender warned me of or the old man told me some of?' She looked at the man and bravely said "Hello sir. Good day today isn't it?" 'Man I hope that is kind of how they speak from around here or that they think it's a teenager thing like in my world.'
  12. kurain waves her over to come sir with him. "I don't bite don't worry." he gives a slight smile which u can barley see from his hood.
  13. She felt relived at the slight smile and returned one of her own as she went over with her drink in hand. She took a seat next to the man. "Well that's good to know."
  14. "don't pull out immortal objects like that hunters are watching all the time. are you not from this dimension?" he raises an eyebrow tilting his head up so you can see his face. his green eyes shine with the light and he grins showing needle like fangs.
  15. "Hunters? I've never heard of hunters before? And no I'm not from around here." Zanna looked at the man with much curiosity.
  16. turns down to the coin dancing it around his fingers. "mortals who fear and kill us... to say the least." he then takes out his wallet handing you 40$ cash. "use that its from this world..." leaning back in his chair he lights a cigarette and pulls his hood farther down hiding all but his lips.
  17. Zanna took the money grateful."Thanks. So are you from this dimension? And is there anything else I might need to know?"
  18. pauses for several moments. "yea, don't smoke its not good for you." smirks. "you have a place to stay?"
  19. "Good to know but isn't that what your doing?" She thinks for a moment if she has anywhere to stay. 'Well I don't know when that portal thing will open again. And I just have a the things from my world.' She finally knew the answer. "Umm... No. Not really unless the door that brought me here comes back."
  20. "you have gotten yourself into a bas position coming here with no knowledge of the realm." he blows a dark cloud of smoke away from you. "I'm not usually one to help but its seems if I don't you're as good as dead." he looks you over straying for a moment at your neck. "I have a spare room at my house if there no other option."
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