As Mad As A Hatter

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  1. I appear through a blurred space in time that your mind is unable to quite process. I bear gifts of tea. We drink to the inexplicable means of acquaintanceship and the joyous fortune we've seemingly obtained from nowhere at all. Not a penny richer in the name, but still more than content. Time is wasted through these means long enough that our knowledge of each other blossoms into a loose friendship. At least that is what I should hope would happen. Helas, I've forgotten the tea so we'll have to do this the unconventional way. Hello, I'm Finnegan. Or Finn if you prefer. It's a pleasure to meet anyone who would happen upon this poorly glued together post. Perhaps our characters could engage in the drinking of tea at a later date.
  2. Get outta town!

    Lol and into my forum
  3. I don't know how to do that, or I would.... x-x
  4. Its the thread in the modern genre called elder recompense
  5. I should hope so. Have you ever read lovecraft?
  6. No. But then again I don't have the time to read half the books I even want to read so anything suggested by friends is basically not even...just not even... If some magnificent thing happens and I find myself with an abundance of time and lack of role-plays I should think I might read it though.
  7. I gave a general run down of the elder gods in the plot discussion thread. There are a lot more little things to explain but I'm on a cell phone now so hang in there