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  1. Anna Marie was running quicker than usual. Oh, that's right...she was late. To her first class of the semester in the college she was accepted into. Her lungs burned from exhaustion as she turned a corner, running up to the front of the college building. "Please, just a few more minutes!" she pleaded to herself, her legs burning as well. She ran through the main office and headed down the hall to her classroom. 'What a great way to start the semester...' she thought with a sigh.
  2. Henrik had arrived 15 minutes before class was scheduled to start and now he was just looking at the clock, almost counting the seconds until class started. The teacher had already arrived and so had almost every student except a few. 'She is going to be late for her first class ? good job Anna' Henrik thought to himself as he descended down into his chair and could not help but to smile softly as he did. Grabbing his phone he found Anna's number and sent her a message "tick tock goes the clock ;) "
  3. Anna felt her phone vibrate and she pulled it out of her pocket, reading the text message as she ran. She groaned and stopped to reply. "I think I know that, Henrik T_T!!" she sent back before running down the almost continuous hall. She was a few doors away when the bell rang. Instantly, her body iced over as she slowed to a walk. Slowly, she made her way to the door and opened it, the squeak making the teacher turn his eyes to her. When he saw her, he walked towards her, scolding. Being scolded made Anna cringe...she hated getting in trouble.

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