As If!! (Male Needed ^-^)

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  1. Hey guys, I need somebody who can play a male, type over three sentences, and is able to have fun! If it's okay, I want only content under 18. Sooo....ideas! Okay, I think I have one, so here it is :D


    There's a girl and boy who have been rivals since they were younger. In school, they always compete in contests, tests, and even grades. Outside of school they even argue about the smallest things. All of the other kids in the school manage to steer clear of them when their arguments or determination gets intense. Through it all, the two don't even realize that they are pretty much best friends. For instance, if the girl gets hurt or bullied, the boy would feel angry about the person ho did it. And if the boy gets into fights, the girl will be there to help him out. Will the boy and girl realize their friendship, despite their competitive behaviors? If they do, will that change everything or will their relationship only grow to something bigger?

    I know it's a little cliche for an idea, but I've always loved romance like this! ^-^ So, anyone interested?
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  2. Well I have to try out my sea-legs sometime.

    I'm pretty sure I can manage 3 sentences and since I'm a male I'm pretty sure I will be able to play one.
  3. @Manaxer Haha awesome! Thanks for considering! :D Here's the character outline:

    Appearance (picture or description is fine, whatever you want ^-^):
    Possible fears:
    Other Info:
    Again, thanks for considering, and I can't wait to start! *0*​
  4. @Serpentine sorry it took a while... somethings came up
    (Blue eyes)
    Name: Henrik Stark
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Likes: Music, his bed, pizza, good vampire fanfic and video games
    Dislikes: House chores, mushrooms, bad vampire fanfic, huge amounts of homework.
    Possible fears: He is usually pretty rational and does not believe in the supernatural, but after a scary movie his mind has a tendency to run wild.
    Other Info: Something,.... might show up here​
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  5. It's alright, I don't mind! Great Character ^-^ Here's mine:

    Name: Anna Marie
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Likes: Chocolate, ice cream, other sweets, and winning
    Dislikes: Losing, disgusting food, and asymmetrical things
    Possible Fears: Having to spend the night in a haunted area
    Other info: Er...I'll get back to you :D

  6. Alrighty CX Do you want to make the thread?
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  7. Can you do that pleas ? :D