As I love creative people I will use an awesome title like "Hi!", okay?

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  1. Hello! I am Isabela. You can call me any variations of the name except “Beh” – it sounds like goats’ noises. Since my username doesn't resemble minimally my real name I would be gladly referred by its variations, too.

    I am seventeen and study electroelectronic integrated with high school (caused an explosion while trying to change a light bulb but hey, I know how to build a motor!). Since this I haven’t had so much time to rp, but I try my best.

    I have been in a lot of rp communities (integrated better to ones, lesser to others), but they were all in my native language. It hasn’t been long since I started to write in English and I am very insecure about that, so… Sorry for any mistakes? I am trying really hard to revise every word I write and minimize this.

    I'm really fond of small rp groups. They have people enough to don’t get stuck when someone is missing but at the same time aren’t so big I feel shy and hide in a corner, just watching them and waiting to someone notices my existence. Oh my, this sounds depressive. Let’s forget it.

    Potatoes, blood, History and Greek mythology are my interest areas. I am always doing random researches and may have a lot of (not so) useful content about them. Between these I am particularly fond of Poveglia's History, Despoina and very bad things gods have done.

    Glad to meet you all. I wish we can talk/rp/jump in puddles together from now on.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!

    You have better grammar than most people I've seen with English as their first language, so don't worry about that. I know that's a generic answer, but it is true oωο

    I too am greatly interested in blood and Greek mythology, so we should get along pretty well. My area of focus is medicine (first aid to be specific) however, and I'm not very tech-savvy, so I get confused when people begin to speak in tech-language. I know enough to get my computer to do what it wants. This is enough!

    Oh, and history. I'm interested in specific parts of history, but I can't keep dates straight and I get the information all jumbled together. I'm the sort of guy who has to look up what century George Washington lived in despite being familiar enough with that period.
  3. Thanks!

    Oh, I am glad to hear that. Thought I would be killing grammar in any possible ways, so it is really good to know I won’t be giving people headaches while trying to figure out what I said.

    I understand you. Tech language can be a pretty barrier. Although it is still funny try to figure out what they mean. More to teach people their meaning – it usually ends as very crazy metaphors.

    I think nobody but a calendar can get all dates straight. I by myself couldn’t remember the National Foundation Day for my soul’s sake (and it hasn’t influenced my life a single time, if you ask me). History is more about events than dates. Usually bloody, intriguing and somehow funny events, and there is the part I like.
  4. Hi there Isabela! ^o^ Welcome to the community!
  5. Welcome to the site, Isabela :D! I hope you enjoy your stay, and have a potato!

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  6. Hi Beh Isabel! and dang that's awesome (build a motor!)~!

    Well guess what? your grammar are way ahead of me (I guess that applies for vocabulary as well) ! I feel the same as well when I came into the site, though eventually I overcame my shyness through certain people I met~ it was lucky that they took the initiative though =="~ and that's it I guess, I mean I love potato as well hehe~

    anyway welcome to site and enjoy your stay~
  7. Thanks a lot for the cozy greeting, everyone! Also thanks for the potato. God, it is a very good looking potato, now I’m hungry. Is it bacon on the top? Tell me it is bacon and I am going to faint. Or just eat one, I don’t know.

    Nah, build a motor is easier than it seems. Just ignore whatever your professor says and google it. Usually works.
    It is so good to know people here are gentle! I wish it to happen to me too. And potato is love.

    So I will leave this cute one here:
  8. Welcome to the community, Isabela! :)
  9. Your so Cruel! Now you made me hungry for the potato!! DX
  10. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay~

    Now I need to make that potato, it looks good...Dx
  11. Thank you, Alexa!

    And guess who ate potato at lunch. But I still want THAT potato, it isn't fair xD
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  12. Mehehehe, it IS bacon 8D!

    Don't worry, there are a lot of different potatoes.

    Like this one.


    Or this one.


    Hmm, maybe this potato xD


    Please don't shoot! //shot

    Anyways, there are a ton of awesome RPs around, so I'm sure you'll eventually find something that tickles your fancy ^^
  13. There should totally be a way to rate a post as 'You Get a Potato'.

    Potato before blood.

    But anyways, hello, fellow new person~! We can be newbies together :D !
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  14. Okay. Now it's a fact: I am going to eat a roasted potato.
    I wish so, too ^^

    And I completely agree. Receiving a "you get a potato" would brighten anyone's day.

    Yay! Being newbies together sounds great.
  17. I regret nothing and this sounds amazing.

    *Puts on shades* POTATO BEFORE BLOOD.