As Each Bruise Fades, Another Appears (Male dom needed)

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  1. "Stop! It hurts!"
    Lillian woke herself out of the nightmare she was having with a jolt. She sat upright in bed and reached over for her partner with a shaky hand, her fingers searching blindly in the dark for the familiar warm figure usually sprawled out beside her. But she nothing except empty sheets. A whimper escaped her as she turned the other way and reached for her bedside lamp. Her fingers found the switch and she turned it, illuminating the room with a dull warm light. Struggling to catch her breath, she looked around her at the near bare bedroom and whimpered again. Her boyfriend was gone again. This was something she should have been used to by now. The damn stud was always sneaking out in the middle of the night to do God knows what and returning in the early morning hours in a drunken stupor. That was enough to make her tremble even further. Every time he came home drunk, he was always mad about something and took it out on her in the cruelest of ways.
    Pulling the sheets up closer around her, Lillian grabbed her phone and pulled up Jake's number. She sent out a series of "Where are you?" texts and laid back against her pillow. It nearly 3am on a Friday night. She should have known he would leave. It bothered her that he never told her he was going out or where he was going, but what did it matter anyway? He was going to do it not matter how much she begged him not to. With a sigh, she crawled out of bed and wandered into the master bathroom. She leaned against the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her sapphire eyes were bloodshot from fear and lack of sleep. The faintest bruise outlined her left eye from Jake's last fit. The little equine mare sighed and gingerly touched the yellow spot with one finger. It was still tender. Give it another day and she wouldn't have to wear make up over it when she went to work.
    Exiting the bathroom, Lillian checked her phone to see if she had gotten a response from Jake but the screen remained black. "Figures." Off in the distance thunder rolled and she winced. She hated being alone when storms rolled through her little town. They were always the most violent whenever Jake was out and she was starting to think it was a pattern. Maybe she should check the weather on the weekends and plan a trip to her sister's house. Heading into the kitchen to fix herself a snack, Lillian pulled up texts between her and her sister and sent her a message telling her Jake was out again. Within seconds, the girl had replied telling her that she should come over asap. May was the only person who knew about the two's violent relationship and did her best to convince her younger sister to leave him. But Lillian refused. She loved Jake with all of her heart. And she was scared.
    As the little mare was taking left overs out of the fridge, she heard a the familiar rumble of Jake's old Ford pull into their dirt drive. It idled for a moment and Lillian braced herself for an onslaught. She should of put the food back and hurried back into the bedroom to pretend she was asleep, but even drunk, he wasn't stupid. Her phone buzzed and a text from May lit up the screen. Lillian heard his heavy boots against the wooden porch out back and she quickly pocketed the device. Putting a plate with her food on it in the microwave, she leaned against the counter doing her best to appear nonchalant. The back door opened and Jake stumbled in, slamming it behind him, bringing in the rain and mud from outside.
    "Hey babe, have a good night?" Lillian asked, turning to look at her stallion. He was a mess. His shirt was blood and his jeans were torn like he had gotten into a scuffle down at the bar.
    "What are you doing up?" he growled. "And whats in the microwave?"
    Lillian pulled out the plate of warmed food, "Just a little something for you. I figured you would be home soon so I thought you might like.." Before she could finish, Jake crossed the kitchen and knocked the plate out of her hands, sending food scattering all over the floor. Lillian jumped and he grabbed her by her arms, getting very close to her face. She could smell the alcohol on his breath and see the anger in his brown eyes. Her sharp nose even picked up the faintest smell of cheap perfume on his collar.
    "I don't want any of your shitty cooking!" He gave her a rough shake and tossed her to the side. "Get your ass back in the bedroom." Lillian did as told once she had her balance and half ran back to their room, Jake in tow. He nearly fell a few times as he tried to maneuver his way down the hall after her. She sat down on the bed, nearly sitting on her phone that buzzed again in her pocket. "Jake. Let's get you undressed and into bed. We can talk tomorrow about what happened." she coaxed, keeping her voice low and gentle. This didn't appeal to him.
    "What happened to me? Don't worry about what the fuck happened to me!" Jake was slurring his words, but his next movement was hardly impaired. He drew back his right hand and whipped her across the face. The smack echoed throughout the room and Lillian cried out in pain. Her hand went up to touch her cheek as he came down on her again. He grabbed a fist full of her white hair and yanked her up on the bed as he clumsily crawled up onto it over her. She was crying and begging him to stop, but he wasn't listening. "'Shut up!" he hollered, grabbing her around the throat with his free hand.
    Lillian tried to find her happy place but the thunder outside was loud and she couldn't shut out Jake's brash out bursts. He let go of her throat, allowing her hair, and proceeded to yank off her sweats. During the commotion, her phone fell from the pocket and landed on the floor where it began to ring. May's photo glowed brightly on the screen. This seemed to piss the stallion off even more. "Jake!" Lillian cried as he undid his pants and pinned her arms above her head. "I don't want to, not tonight! I'm on my period, you know that!" But Jake didn't hear her. He slapped her across the face again, cutting the spot below her right eye and continued to carry out his intentions. Not caring, he drove himself into her and forcefully fucked her while she cried and whimpered for him to stop.

    It was just an average night in their house. Jake would tire before he could finish and eventually roll off of her, leaving her to curl up into a ball and cry herself to sleep. She would wake up the next morning to find him hung over, but scarily happy and oblivious to the previous nights events. The weekend would carry on and she would return to work on Monday where she would avoid the knowing looks given to her by co-workers and try to make it through the week without someone questioning her. Something had to change, and fast, before Jake would do something so horrendous that May might end up being an only child.

    (looking for someone to play a male co-worker that confronts her about her home life. More details if we PM each other. Hopefully someone is interested!)
  2. sure would love to help you out if you haven't gotten any other responses yet if you don't mind play multiple ones? now who is May?
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