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  1. A story about a boy and his yandere class mate who has an obsession with him.

  2. "Life is nothing but a crappy game". The words of Keima Katsuragi came to a certain boy's mind as he sat on the roof of their school, a place that was normally off limits. Luckily someone carelessly dropped a key one day that lead up to the roof. Ever since then a boy named Hitori Ren has made usage of that key, coming up to the roof whenever he didn't feel like attending class. Why should he? Nobody liked him cause of his otaku ways, he made great grades, and generally he didn't like anyone else either. They were all just shitty background characters in his eyes.

    "Heh, stupid goblins. You were no match for me" Ren muttered as his eyes stared at the screen of his PFP. Dungeon Busters was an increasingly popular game amongst otakus and Ren had just gotten a copy right when it came out and was naturally wasting English class to play it. Why wouldn't he? His English grades, just like all of his other grades, were perfect. There was another reason why nobody liked Ren. He just looked strange. Slender and short may have made him 'cute', but the rest of his features were strange.

    Pale white hair that went down to his shoulders and pale skin made him look creepy and definitely gave him more of a 'you never get outside look'. To top that off his circular glasses made him nerdy and more otakuish and the one red eye and other green eye he had just put people off. Not that Ren cared. The 2D was all he needed. Those other classmates with their popularity and good social lives could go bite the dust for all he cared. As long as he had his games and his online friends he didn't need anything else.

    Yep, life was pretty good for Ren. The young otaku thought that nothing could go wrong at this point.
  3. A young girl watches on all fours from around the corner. She stares at the boy with adoring eyes and a slight blush across her pale cheeks. The girl watched the boy, thinking about what he does all day, what games he plays, and even about when he's changing. This girl was no normal student, she seemed to latch on to things she liked, especially when it came to a boy. She had managed to slip in devices all over the boy's house, watching him, listening to him, and even devices that allowed her to enter his house. Many times she watched him sleep and listened to his soft breathing as well as his shallow heart beat.

    The girl longed to be with him instead of seeing him secretly in the middle of the night or from around corners where he could not see her. Her name was Snow Evergreen, a quiet girl that not many noticed in class, but always felt scared around. Snow always gave off this dark aura that made you feel like if you crossed her that she would most likely pull a knife on you. Despite this, her looks were fairly average and somewhat pretty if you look past her aura.

    She had long black hair that reached the small of her back and bright green eyes that contrasted with her pale flawless skin. The young girl cursed at her self, thinking about confessing her love to her classmate, Ren. As he sat there she wondered if she should go up to him, but every time she tried to move toward him, she would think about not doing it and move a few steps back. Snow pondered for a second and then strutted up to the boy, trying to gather the nerve to tell him how she felt about him.
  4. The world around him meant nothing and usually never registered to Ren when he was playing games or reading manga. So naturally when Snow suddenly moved towards him he didn't really notice. Not for a few long moments anyway. His thumb hit the pause button and he looked up, seeing the girl looking down at him since he was currently sitting and she was standing. Guessing she wanted something Ren just gave her a blank stare, raising an eyebrow as he did so. "Who are you? Also, what do you want?"

    He had never met Snow before. He didn't know who she was nor did he care. Why was this girl even up here? A student council member? Someone sent up here to tell him to go back to class? It was hard to say, but whatever the message was it better be quick. Ren didn't have a patience for anyone else, especially girls. They always annoyed him, especially since their height was about the same, something he also usually got made fun of for.
  5. Snow falls to her knees before him and places her hands on the ground, looking into his eyes. "I-I love you, Senpai." Her face turned red when she said this, showing that she was not faking these feelings. Snow placed her hand on his knee and pulled herself toward him, closing the gap between the two. She gently kissed him on the lips and then pulls away. "I-I know you don't really know me, but I've seen you every day. You always seem to catch my eye when you enter a room and I-I love you." Snow bites her lip and sits back, pulling a video game device out of her pocket, a next generation one. She bows her head and holds it out to him almost like an offering. "H-Here, my dad sent this to me and seeing as I already have one, I thought you may like it." Snow was already giving him things even though he had not said anything yet. He could have rejected her right after this, but she kept on pushing, trying to see if she could get him to consider her with the bribe of a gaming device.
  6. He was purely dumbstruck. What sort of Dating Sim or Romance Anime-esque situation was this? The first words that he ever heard her say was a confession of love. Girls avoided him like the plague, yet here was one already confessing feelings of love to him. He was about to dismiss it as a joke, but the reddened cheeks and her eyes staring into his made it hard to dismiss this as a joke. He had seen plenty of romance anime and played tons of Galges to know that those were signs of genuine feelings, signs that couldn't be faked by someone who seemed nervous.

    Before he could even get a word in edgewise he found her face suddenly closing in on his and felt a gentle kiss upon his lips. His own cheeks reddened at this. Normally he was pretty resistant to 3D girls, but when one suddenly kisses him that's a different story. Was he dreaming? No it couldn't be, that kiss felt way to real despite its briefness and how sudden it was. Was this girl serious? She had been looking at him this entire time? While Ren hated denizens of the 3D if there was one thing he could tell it was how to catch a liar. She sounded so genuine though.

    Too genuine actually. Still he was quite dumbstruck though by all of this, a mixture of thoughts swirling in his head. To add to the confusion already occurring above a PFP 2 was suddenly offered before him as if she was trying to appease the gods of a shrine or something. He almost reached his hand out to take the device, but didn't do so and instead held back. After all those things were quite expensive. Heck they weren't even out yet actually as they were scheduled to be released in a week. Despite that, here was a genuine PFP 2 in her hands. Did her dad have connections?

    Normally he would have turned down this kind of offer and confession from anyone but a PFP 2 was too tantalizing to pass up. Of course he knew that it was wrong and didn't feel like accepting a gift in this manner if he was just going to turn her down coldly. He may have hated people but he wasn't a heartless prick who would use someone else's feelings to get free stuff. That would soil his pride as a gamer. Still, perhaps there was a way that he could still accept the gift and not crush the girl's heart. There was one way. Ren didn't really like this plan, but he figured it wouldn't be all that bad.

    "H-Hey... listen". Ren cleared his throat, quickly focusing himself and regaining the composure that had been slapped out of him harem anime heroine style by her sudden confession. "You may know me but... well... I know nothing about you. I-I can't just... go out with someone without getting to know them first". Yea, that seemed good. "So before any relationships are made lets just start off as friends. You said you already have a PFP 2, so we can play games together and just hang out, get to know each other. Then after a while if things go smoothly then we can... well..." even this next thought made Ren's cheeks redden a small bit as his voice grew a small bit quieter. "Start going out".

    He scratched his head nervously. He normally was quite steel willed, but this situation was by no means normal for him. If it had been him discovering he had magical powers or some abnormal hair colored transfer student coming in he wouldn't have been surprised. But a nice, pretty girl like Snow confessing to someone like him out of the blue? Im-freaking possible.

    "So... what do you say? Wanna start off as friends?"
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  7. Snow looks up at him and her eyes glaze over a bit as she thinks. Friends? What use are friends? She wanted him badly, definitely not as a friend. Snow sighs and leaves the handheld on the ground before him before standing. "Okay." She says quietly, but still sounds a bit sad. Snow guesses she could go to his house as a friend, she'll still be able to get closer to him.
  8. She seemed sad for some reason. Ren could somewhat understand if she wanted to go out right away. He had seen it in Galge before, so he guessed that was what it was. He gently picked up the game device, looking up at her as she stood up. He guessed that they could hang out together and other such things and be friends, but for now going out was something he didn't really want to do. "I take it you are heading back to class?"
  9. "No....I'm going home...." Snow says quietly and walks away from him. She starts to head towards the stairs leading down from the roof, sighing a bit.
  10. Ren gave her a nod, watching her leave before picking up the the PFP 2 that was left behind for him. He wondered if he really should have accepted the offer of friendship. Still it was too late now and Ren decided to just spend the rest of the school day skipping class. He didn't have anything important going on today anyway, so he decided to test out the PFP 2 that he received from her. It truly was the new PFP 2 and not an imitation. This really wasn't a prank or a lie. She really did have feelings for him. It truly was strange...

    Still the rest of the day went without incident, at least incident that Ren didn't know about. Ren went home after that as he was an avid member of the Go Straight Home Club. He wondered if Snow was doing alright. Well she was at home, or so Ren assumed, so he would do the same. He walked to his house, stuck the key in, and opened the door. He lived alone in an average house as his parents were always overseas on business, rarely ever coming home except on a few rare holiday occasions.

    Currently he wasn't really on guard as he was too focused on playing the new PFP 2 he just received, it truly was a great console, so he resumed playing it in his room, sitting on his bed as he did so.
  11. Snow sat at home, watching his home on her wall of monitors. When she sees him enter his room she just watches him, not moving at all. Snow got up from her chair and looks back at a skeleton laying in the corner. "I'm going out daddy." She walks out of her room to Ren's home.
  12. Ren played games for the longest while, playing on his computer, consoles, and his brand new PFP 2. He played for quite a while before eating some food and then watching anime. Unfortunately Ren was up late the night before, so he was actually very tired. So as he sat there, in front of his several game consoles playing games he fell asleep, his body finally giving out. His head was slumped over on the table he kept his multiple controllers on, a wall of TVs with Galges playing on them in front of him as he slept.
  13. Snow sneaks into his house and looks into his room. She smiles a bit and walks over to him, laying down next to him. Snow gently kisses his neck.
  14. He didn't hear her at all as she sneaked into his house, something that she had done many times before apparently without him ever knowing. Of course he didn't know that. When he slept he was an incredibly heavy sleeper. As she kissed his neck he mumbled a little in his sleep, shifting a little in his seat as he mumbled "Mmnnn... Miho-tan... those onigiri are pretty good..." in his sleep. He talked in his sleep alot, or at least did so whenever he fell asleep in front of a game or anime. Currently there was a game playing on one of the games that had a girl named Miho as the main conquerable heroine.
  15. Snow growls a little in anger. "Miho?! Who the hell?!" She pulls a rope out of her pocket and ties his hands up to the bed post.
  16. He remained asleep the entire time as his hands were tied to the bed post, his hands unable to move. Still he was out like a light. After all he had been awake for the past 48 hours now. Naturally that made him exhausted and made him unable to awaken. If Snow looked at the wall of screens in his room he would see alot of girl characters on the screens. Ren was an avid player of Galges, games where you fell in love with girls. On one of these screens was a girl named Miho, the dialogue box showing her name as Miho.
  17. Snow got up and pulled a knife out of her belt, slashing each and every picture of a girl on his wall. "You only need only need me...." She giggles a bit with a wide eyed, crooked smile. Snow walks back over to him, putting her knife back in her belt and laying down next to him. She wraps her arms around him and snuggled close to him, falling asleep beside him. Now that she had him....

    She would never let him go.
  18. All of the screens would easily be broken by the knife, the screens once showing the Galges now all being broken and showing nothing on them. Blank with only shards of glass on the floor to remember them by. The posters of various female anime characters he had would also easily be slashed apart by the steel blade, and even then Ren still remained asleep. Luckily it was dark in this room since there was no window, due to it usually being covered up by a curtain, and he always kept the lights off, so once the screens were all destroyed there was no light inside of the room anymore.

    Eventually Ren slowly began to wake up after a few long hours, but immediately noticed something was wrong. He had noticed that his games were all not on the screens due to the darkness of the room, guessing that his consoles must have automatically shut down after a few hours of inactivity. It was what he noticed next though that was strange. Arms were wrapped around him, soft arms. The arms of someone else. Why was there someone else in his house? More importantly why couldn't he move his hands.

    He didn't want to scream and wake up whoever was in his bed, as it was too dark to see who the person was. He began to struggle against the ropes, hoping to slip out of his bonds and escape whoever was in his room before that person woke up.
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