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    •|Mona Adams|Pemby,Anarma|Outskirts|•

    "Fuck." Mona sighed, resting her strained pointer finger back to it's original position. She looked down with an annoyed expression at her manicured black nail, a now above average sized split running down it's center. She huffed to herself, biting down on her bottom lip, as she started to chew the skin out of habit.
    " I swear to.." she was cut off before the sentence could leave her lips by a flock of seagulls next to her. Currently, she found herself on the outer-lines of Pemby, Anarma. Her home city, and her newest play pen. It was only 5 years ago she found herself pulled into the mysterious "city" -- or whatever people were calling it, and after a short week of exploration, she had decided to stay.

    It was a few months before she heard tell of others like herself living in the city, and before she noticed not everyone around her was... well... human.
    She looked down to the floor, eyeing her shoes, which happened to be 6 inch stiletto heels; an accessory which Mona was rarely seen without and was quite often questioned about. Questions such as "how do you stand on those?" and comments like "wow, those must be killer". Common questions, common comments, ones she enjoyed giving answers to.
    There was something about the small things in Mona's life that others couldn't fathom; which made the red skinned individual feel powerful and in-control.

    Mona looked up, her burnt golden eyes focusing on the glistening magenta lights falling through the panes of old, nearly shattered glass above her. She was outside a run-down brick apartment building, somewhere on the outskirts of Pemby, a place she'd rarely frequent. She watched as the colours dripped from the window above her, and rode their way through the cool night breeze. The blaring music rang through her highly sensitive ears, whisking away whatever ambient sounds nature held in store for her, tonight.
    She found herself tapping her long, slender hand to the side of her bared thigh, in accordance to the beat of the music. Her eyes now shut, she let the sound waves carry her through the night, washing away her current thoughts and struggles; bringing her to a moment of sheer and utter bliss. And just as soon as she had felt peace, the music turned on her, dropping to such an extent Mona felt the concrete below her shake, rumble and jump, causing her entire body's shock.

    Just as easily as she had been blissful. Rage filled her.

    She opened her eyes, the burnt gold now glowing with hatred. In a moments notice she found herself mimicking party-goers, walking up the small set of shambled stairs underneath the tiny brick building where the rage inducing music was coming from. This was where Mona's target was, and this was where Mona's target would stay, albeit dead.
    A smile hitched the demons lips, curving her face into a sadistic grin. She made her way up the stairs, heels clacking relentlessly on the wrought iron stairs. They were rather dangerous for an individual wearing heels -- that weren't wedges. Each stair was spray painted black, with small holes and leafy looking carvings in random places. Mona found herself walking up the stairs, eyes glued to her feet to make sure her heel didn't fall through one of the stairs holes.

    As she touched the landing at the top of the stairs, she looked behind her, watching the sun fall in the sky. It was a rather beautiful night, even for October; when everything started getting colder and darker, faster and faster. She walked into the party behind a rather boisterous couple hung over each other, and as she entered, her eyes scanned the room for her target. It wasn't anything amazing to look at, it was quite small in fact. There was a half sized kitchen on the far left crowded with drunk individuals, a small door that most likely lead to a bedroom directly beside it; probably occupied by a group - mid orgy. a large haphazardly made couch with a base made of a large flat of wood, and the cushion part seemed to be an old, tattered futon, and to the right, a large DJ booth, from which there was no DJ, but continuous music kept playing. On top of the crappy looking couch was a man and two women draping themselves over his sweaty, practically bare body; aside from the boxer shorts and housecoat.

    Mona cocked her head to the side, no one would miss this douche. She smiled, striding up to the man with a confident gate in her step. The leather hugging her body moved with each step, barely giving room for movement, but that's the way Mona liked it. She knew all male attention was on her at that moment. It was almost like a catwalk as she strode down the center of the tiny one bedroom apartment, pulled the gold and black embellished gun from out behind her back, and shot not once, but twice, directly into the center of the futon man's head, smile never leaving her face.

    The sound of screams filled the demons ears as she whipped around to watch the panic spread from face to face. Girls screaming their lungs out, men grabbing hold of their dates - and beer, high-tailing it for the small door that everyone was trying to cram their way through at the moment. Mona chuckled to herself, closing in on the dead mans body, she jumped up onto the ugly lounge he was so enjoying himself on, pushing the end of her heel into his cheek, causing his body to roll onto the ground in a heavy, ugly, dead lump.
    She plopped down onto the futon, understanding now why he choose to sit here, finding it rather soft and comfortable. She sat there, twirling one of her twin guns around her pointer finger, watching as the last party guest shuffled out of the room, practically shitting themselves' and all Mona could think to do was laugh.

    The music was still blaring, loud, with hard drops and continuous base; two things she was quite sick of at this point. Teeth gritted, she took aim at the two large Bose speakers, pulling the trigger and shooting directly into the center of the speakers, ending the pounding and silencing least for that moment.
    She reached down to her side, retrieving the cellphone she kept plastered to her side with the help of her leather outfit (who needs pockets when you have skintight clothes?), bringing the phone in front of her eyes, tapping on the unlock button to open up her phones main screen. She punched in her passcode, shuffling her feet into a criss-crossed position, and began to type to a blocked, unknown number, that was simply labeled with a "?" question mark, in her phones messages.


    She sat back, dropping her phone into her lap, closing her eyes, listening to the blissful silence.
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  3. V E S P E R T I N E



    "To me, through the farthest times,
    the whispering of faint memories come as starlight."

    Beyond the time of blowing wind ringing in my ear, that cry has gone dark,

    She opened an eye and immediately squinted it shut. The lingering sunlight burned her sensitive dilated pupil, still also awakening from a lengthy slumber. A familiar melody rung in her ears, almost making her want to fall back asleep, for it was so soothing to her mind. However, at the same time, it made her stomach slightly turn. A strange cocktail of emotions was brought on by the music accompanied by broken lyrics, but Vespertine did not want to bother with wondering why it was. Instead, she just let it be. She opened both of her eyes, slowly this time. Her vision fixed itself to the sky and she squinted in between the leaves of the trees surrounding her, noticing that the sunlight was just barely trickling between their silhouettes. Based on the sun's current positioning, sunset was soon to come. This slightly confused her considering she typically didn't awaken until long after the sun went to sleep. As she stretched out her long limbs, she quickly realized that this was a mistake a moment before toppling off the tree branch she had apparently been napping on. Thinking fast, her eyes darted towards a fluffy looking bush a few feet away from her. She concentrated hard, using her telekinetic abilities to rip it from its roots out of the ground to relocate underneath her. Although the landing wasn't as if she plopped onto a soft cloud, it was better than plummeting to the forest floor full of debri and various rocks. She let out a silent sigh once she brought herself to the ground, glad that her mind worked quicker than her body. Smoothing out her long scarlet-colored dress, she looked back up towards the branch she had chosen as her prime sleeping spot, probably around 25-feet off of the ground. Why she preferred sleeping in trees most of the time, she could never understand. She had a perfectly comfortable bed inside her cottage.

    [???] piece of the dream becomes clear again in the wind;
    Remember, you breathe in me,

    Vespertine yawned, rubbing her aching eyes a bit too roughly. She couldn't tell if she wanted to go back to sleep or wander around looking for herbs and special flowers to test new concoctions, one of her favorite past-times. The light outside was dimming, which gave her slightly more of a reason to stay awake. She'd eat if she cared enough to.

    "Walkabout the borders of The Ridge, it is," she mumbled to herself, brushing stray strands of delicate hair out of her face.

    She pulled a tiny scroll from one of the pockets in her potion belt, mulling over the ingredients required for this particular potion. For the past few days, she had been conducting research regarding memory loss. Despite the relation to her own life - being that the clarity of her memories was as good as trying to remember an old dream - this potion was not for her to use. She had no interest in recalling her past considering she did remember one detail. Based on that detail, she would rather not bother remembering the rest. It'd do more harm than good. Her current life was, for the most part, peaceful, so she would rather keep her sanity over losing it.

    I remember, a long time ago,
    [???] its appearance,

    Vespertine fumbled with the scroll, squinting to read the ingredients list. "Next on my list needs to be another potion for lousy eyesight. I could have sworn I made a generous stash weeks ago," she sighed while bringing the small slip of paper closer to her face. "I should make them taste better while I'm at it."

    [ ] GINSENG
    [ ] SAGE
    [ ] CLEMATIS
    [ ] W-----
    [ ] ----

    Damn it.

    The young witch always made sure her potion scrolls were stored away carefully as to make sure this type of instance wouldn't occur. Some scrolls were much older than others though, so perhaps this wasn't her fault after all. Three ingredients were clearly visible on the list, yet two were barely there due to dirt, smudges, and whatever else. Although on one hand, it would be interesting to discover which plants, herbs, and flowers worked in this cocktail on her own, she knew that blind experimentation was not always such a good thing. In fact, it could prove to be quite dangerous. Perhaps she could set this scroll aside and use her telekinetic abilities to lift the specks of dirt and sludge off of it... one millimeter at a time. That wouldn't be great for her dwindling eyesight, but this challenge was of her interest. Besides, she had all the time in the world to get the job done.

    Remember my tears forever -
    [???] even if you cannot expand your fragile win

    As she carefully rolled the scroll back up between her long, slender fingers, the last of the sun's light began to disappear from the dark and gloomy forest of Pemby in which she resided. A night of lonely wandering beside the questionable area of The Ridge was to begin. She paused in her train of thought, glancing back up into the sky, a watercolor palette of deep crimsons, violets, and magenta. The colors began to fade as the blackness of the night sky swallowed them for its dinner.

    Remember my breath in you, little one -

    "Got dark quickly tonight."

    I will remember you.

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  4. Thank you so much, you guys!

    The audience, mostly composed of teen girls, went wild. Ariana grinned, waving energetically and reveling in the attention she would miss for the next while. This was the last show of her worldwide tour, and the girl had decided to take a break for a bit in Anarma, where she had conveniently just bought a condo. With a last wink and a “Love you all so much!” Aria walked off the stage, tossing an unused water bottle to a nearby fan.

    As she reached her dressing room, Aria ran a hand through her long black hair, plopping down on a couch and closing her eyes.


    The girl groaned, reaching over to grab her phone on the small coffee table to read her text. Hopefully, it was from someone important and wasn’t just a fan who had somehow guessed her phone number (there were, surprisingly, quite a few people who had managed to do that). Sitting up, Aria read the text, raising an eyebrow at the content. Long, slender fingers quickly skimmed over the phone’s surface, and within a second, a ‘whoosh’ sound was heard.

    where was this murder?

    When no immediate reply came, Aria put her phone down and looked down at her clothes, wondering whether or not she should get changed. She really liked her current outfit, a short, forest green dress with a fitted bodice and a frilly skirt, accompanied by a pair of designer stilettos. On the other hand, Aria was certain that there would be paparazzi outside the stadium, and she didn't want to be photographed wearing the same sweaty clothes she sang in. With a sigh, the girl decided on the latter choice and stripped, replacing her dress with a pale pink crop top, leggings, and a black kimono cardigan.

    Aria's phone buzzed against her hand just as she picked it up, ready to leave.

    "About time he replied..." The girl muttered to herself, rolling her eyes. She wanted to know more about this murder; though it was only her second day in Anarma, she had heard that not all the citizens here were human. Perhaps the murderer was another Siren, like her? Aria narrowed her eyes at this thought. She hoped not! Another Siren would mean more competition, and she didn't want anyone stealing her fans' admiration.

    When Aria looked down to read the text, she was disappointed - the reply was a simple 'dunno'. Oh well, it would be good for Aria to get to know the city she would be living in for the next few months anyway, so she didn't mind a little search and asking around, even if it was already nighttime. Picking up her designer purse, Aria strutted out the door of the dressing room and out the main entrance of the stadium, making sure to look good for the cameras.
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  5. [​IMG]

    As the night sky and glimmering stars began to glide across the sky, the glow and livelyhood of Mardi Grass in Pemby is just getting started. The pubs were full, clubs were starting to open for the night, and the biggest Mardi Grass party in the entire city was in full swing. This week, the entire city center was booked for their big extravaganza, and frankly just about anybody could get in. Thousands of people crowded the streets drinking, dancing, having fun. The highlight of the massive celebration just starting to open for the public. People gathered around the decorated stage at the center of the festivities, chanting their hosts name louder and louder until finally the tvs that lined the streets cut on as red bolded numbers began to count down for the main event. The crowd began to chant downward, much like they would during the new years festival at New York City, and when it hit zero the enter crowd watching screamed Mardi Grass as their host ascending unto the now illuminated stage.

    "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!" following with the infamous "let's get it started" by the black eyes peas blaring in the speakers set up around the streets. As the volume was turned up the crowds moral went wild, before the song finally faded and their insane host finally began to open the main entertainment. He was rantic on how excited he was, if everyone was having a good time, getting the crowd to cheer, and of course thanking those who made such a fantastic party like this one.

    As the he began listing a few, a limo rolled in slowly , of course the crowd parted, a few even climbed on top and rode it to the front of the stage. "And of course our biggest contributor, the big dog that made all of this happen. The one, the only, NIKOLAI POLZIIIIIIIIIIN!!!" the guy hollered like a screeching monkey as the car came to a stop and the door opened to reveal the man himself. The crowd roared in thanks to the tall blonde haired pretty boy whom greeted them with a charismatic smile and a wave. He was dressed in a casual suit adorned with Mardi Grass beads which clinked together as he jogged up the steps and stood side by side with the party's host. He continued to wave and smile at the crowd, his face appearing on all the screens lining the streets. The host made a slight joke off mic and the two laughed cheerfully. "Alright alright alright, now that my boring introduction is over. Nikolai, my man, do me the honors."

    "Hahaha, sure thing." Nikolai grins with a voice like heaven as he takes the detonator from the hosts hand and then presses the glowing green button on the device, suddenly the lights on the stage and street lamps go dark and the crowd's antics finally go quiet. Like clock work there is the sound of many whistles echoing down the streets, and bright bold fireworks explode in the now dark sky. Mardi Grass themed balloons rain down on those walking the branching streets, and the stage lights up as Beyonce and several other famous music sensations take the stage singing together.

    After the opening act, the various artists have their own individual shows. Major artists played on the main stage, and other artists from other genres of music actually had set up on mobile stages several blocks apart through out the entire city. Nothing like this had ever been done before in the city, and it was all thanks to Nikolai, it was all thanks to GREED. After the big opening, the man fled the suffocating outdoors and into his company building, which was one of the tallest sky scrapers in the entire city. He was greeted cautiously by the secretary at the front desk, whom he ignored as always, and shuffled into the elevator. There was a ding as the door closed and he tapped the highest number on the panel, which would take him to the highest floor. His office.

    Another ding signaling he had finally reached his floor, he stepped out of the elevator and into his pristine office. The light click of his polished shoes echoed into his ears, and he hummed peacefully to himself as he approached his desk. Taking a seat in his expensive leather bound chair, he picked up a very old looking book from his desk. Nikolai sighed blissfully as he leaned back in his chair and opened the book to a marked page. From there he began to read quietly, the sounds of the concert below never reaching his ears. He ensured that his office would be sound proof ages ago, who wouldn't make that investment in a city like Pemby?​
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  6. [​IMG]
    • Viktor's Home| Pemby, Anarma| Night •

    They were only a thin slice, held between the contiguous impressions that composed our life at that time; the memory of a particular image is but regret for a particular moment; and houses, roads, avenues are as fugitive, alas, as the years.

    Viktor sighed, chucking his copy of 'Swann's Way' into the large pile of books that sat before his bed. He flung his arms over the edge, planting his face into the soft silk sheets that topped his large, rather luxurious mattress. That had been the 7th book Viktor had devoured and finished in a week - a week of utter boredom; nothing to do but read, write and draw. These were the regular day to day antics that Viktor got into, nothing fun or exciting, nothing adventurous, and never anything public. He was a shy boy at heart, still to young to consider himself an adult, but to old to be considered a child. He was a shy and sweet boy, a massive difference from a few years back when he would have done just about anything... or get what he wanted.
    He had thrown his past years behind him, switching to a much more docial life of lounging and loving. Always being somewhat of an introvert, Viktor enjoyed his alone time, but lately he had been craving exuberance from life, he wanted vibrance to appear out of the blue and wack him across the head, to get him moving and to allow him to feel free for once, even though he was quite possibly one of the free'er individuals that lived in the city. Viktor was the only barricade that held himself back, with constant fears and worries about what the outside world was like these days, if it was as easy as it was a few years back to take life by the reigns and ride it out, keeping the horse steady through the entire performance.
    The scissor-straight blonde propped himself up onto his elbows, letting his angular jaw rest atop his hands, he sighed once more, eyeing down a small spot on his pristine pastel orange walls that had seemed to chip off. His lip raised in annoyance.
    A soft knock sounded to the mans right, "Good Evening Sir, I've come to inform you dinner is now ready. Would you prefer to eat downstairs? Or shall I have a maid bring a plate to you?" The old, salt and pepper haired male looked down to the shy blonde, quizzing him with his eyes, seeming rough around every edge. He was a rather regal looking individual, a butler fit for a wealthy person, though that wealth was never questions in it's origins. Viktor looked over to the man, pondering if he was even hungry enough for whatever his chef's had concocted this evening, he bit down on his bottom lip, listening as his stomach gurgled in response.
    "I'll come down. Just give me a moment, Jerry." The old butler nodded, turning on his heal and silently walking away from his young master bedroom. Viktor flipped himself so he was now sprawled out on his back, arms and legs in a starfish position. He blew a soft strand of hair from his eyes, looking to the large wooden canopy of his bed. With a hefty and rather un-needed grunt, Viktor pushed himself up on the bed, swinging his legs over the side, connecting them with the ground. He stood, a moment of vertigo overtaking him due to the fact he'd spent his waking hours in that bed, 15 hours this day alone. He stood for a moment, regaining his equilibrium before setting off to the kitchen.
    He arrived to the smell of roast, and instantly his distasteful and bitter mood departed. His eyes lit up a glowing golden hue, as he eyed down the perfectly cooked and seasoned slab of meet awaiting his pallet on the center island, Jerry and two rather shy looking maids stood by, ready to attend to their young masters needs in anyway they could. Viktor took a large helping of roast, slopping some mashed potatoes and a few green beans onto his plate; instantly driving his fork directly into the mash. Potatoes of any-kind were Viktor's downfall, but mashed potatoes took the cake, he would swear his life on the gooey globs of love. The fork he had came to his lips, and the moment the food melted onto his pallet, he died a little inside. Soft giggles brought him from his food daze, and he noticed the two maids were giggling softly at him. Immediately Viktor brought his head down, shying away from the attention and walking away from the two ladies to the dining room.

    "Young Master, if you are interested, I've been told there is a large gathering in town square tonight hosted by one Nikolai Polzin - odd name, but a wealthy fellow. I can have a car waiting for you if you choose to attend."
    Viktor stood there for a moment, pondering the idea. Odds are Jerry and the rest of the staff didn't want him around tonight, sullying their attitudes with his own bleak one. It would probably be a good idea to get out of the house, attend this "gathering".
    "Alright, have a car ready for me in one hour, please." Viktor could almost hear the smile on the old butlers face. He doubted Jerry expected him to go along with the idea, let alone choose the time for his car to be here. Viktor sat down at the dinner table, forking down a few small bites, leaving the rest of his plate for the dogs, metaphorically that is. Well, Gluttony is as Gluttony does.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Áedán stood where he was, motionless and with a vacant expression upon his features hand gripping a small winged pendent as it also clasped the silver lion's head cane. Before him a vacant lot where a house used to be. Not just any house, it formally belonged to the prior embodiment of Charity. She had killed herself because she had nothing more to give and worn herself out. She'd been guilty of giving too much. A fact he desperately wanted to change; partly as a being of temperance and restraint. Partly because he cared for her so very much. She'd loved him because he was her guardian and in many iterations--her lover. He'd never before known what the term lover meant until she reached up to touch his face with her gentle, delicate hands.

    Charity was fragile like blown glass; tempered to be molded into any particular form--but once the shape had hardened it was hard to change it again and one risked everything just holding the semblance. So when he held her, he had done so carefully as not to break or crack that which he held dear. As an angel, it was all still so new to him. But each time he lost her, it bereaved him greatly. This last time was no different. Though for most it'd be almost a century now. But for him, for him time held no meaning. He who never grew old, and never lived in the shadow of declining health and mortality. But she was...different. She could give in to despair, and she had many times. Each time he'd felt like he had failed her.

    If the heart was a journal full of secret desires and echoes of the past, his most assuredly would be brimming with notions and contemplatives; precarious emotions and subtle longings. Such that, he wished her house still stood before him when he'd been the arsonist to raze it. He'd found her in a tub of overflowing red water; staining his clothes with the blood of his beloved he'd crossed the room, wading through the water to gently pick her body and take it into his arms as though carrying a bride. Her wrists slashed and her face was blue and cold to the touch. He didn't shed tears, but his emotions lead to houses eventual fate as he walked through it carrying her dripping naked form. For miles and miles until he delivered her lifeless body to a place more serene than the one that had taken her warmth from him.

    He had wrapped her in linens carefully, and placed a kiss upon her head in a doting manner before unclasping the pendent which he now carried with him. He laid her to rest beneath a large willow who's dancing branches swept over the beautiful verdant grasses. "I'll find you again," he had said quietly. "Somehow, someway, I'll find you." It was a solemn vow he made long ago. A vow he wished to keep. And so turning his closed eyes away from the previous location that once warmed him, he ventured on in search of her. In search of the new Charity.

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  8. As soon as Ariana stepped out of the stadium, she regretted not taking the other, less conspicuous way out. A big crowd of her fans and a few paparazzi were already waiting for her. The celebrity was never more grateful for her security guards. Taking advantage of the confusion and chaos as people were guided back by the guards, Ari quickly ducked between two of the burly men, her small frame weaving between the members of the crowd.

    Rolling her eyes, Ariana ignored the shouts of the paparazzi ("Ariana, wait!" "Give us a smile please, Ari!") and dug a hand through her purse, rummaging around for something to wear on her face while she ran through the streets. The girl smiled as her fingers wrapped around her sunglasses case; in a city like Pemby, black hair was common, so as long as some of her face was covered, Ariana was sure that no one would recognize her.

    As she slid her sunglasses onto her face, Ari heaved a sigh. She would definitely get shouted at for her antics later, but hey, better enjoy her freedom when it lasted. Suddenly pausing in her walking, the girl cocked her head, listening. She was sure she could hear singing up ahead - maybe it was another concert? The noise grew louder as Ari continued walking, until she was close enough to confirm that it was a concert. There was a small crowd gathered around the makeshift stage, but most people walked past it, paying the singer no attention.

    "C'mon, Jess! We gotta hurry, or we might miss the opening act!"

    "All those famous singers singing together..."

    "Nothing like this has ever happened before! Hey, my friend says she knows the guy who put this all together - Nikolai Polzin, I think..."

    The singer furrowed her eyebrows at the passing pedestrians' words. It sounded like a big party was going on, so why hadn't she been invited to it? Ariana Anderson was one of the most famous celebrities in the world (and, according to herself, probably the best singer in the world, too) - if there were famous singers performing there, she should be up there too. Narrowing her eyes, Ari sped up, pushing herself to the front of the crowd. She was going to have a talk with this Nikolai!
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  9. [​IMG]
    |Mona Adams|Pemby,Anarma|Outskirts|

    The annoying buzz of Mona's cellphone brought her from her daze of claustrophobic screams. She was fully reclined into such a relaxed state, it took most of her left over energy to move her arm even the slightest inch to retrieve her phone.


    "Guess it's party time."
    Mona lifted her body from the futon, clacking her heels against the linoleum flooring. She quickly swiped a bottle of Grey-Goose tequila from the kitchen, making her descent down the intricate staircase.
    A few drunk party stragglers were still lingering on the grounds, causing Mona to arch her lip in annoyance.
    "Hey you!" The couple before her spun around in a drunk; stupor of surprise. "Get out of here or I'll drown you in the goddamn river." It only took the couple a few seconds to muster up their sobriety with shocked looks, paling their faces, and with that, Mona was alone.
    She looked down to her pale fingers, admiring the fact she wasn't current;y red. One thing she adored about herself was her ability to shift herself into that of a natural looking human - even though her hair was a still an ice cold blue, her eyes lay deep in her skull boring anything and anyone with a dense gold and her nails were still longer than an average woman's, she seemed to be able to pass for a normal person.
    From this distance, Mona could hear the blaring music of center streets party - most likely for Mardi Gras. She smiled to herself, eager to collect her payment, enjoying how easy this was of a deal. With a quick twirl and skin of her gun, Mona walked off into the night, following nothing but the blaring sounds of song and dance that would lead her to her payday.
    As she approached the party, a large hair-raising grin graced the demons face, catching the eye of a few stander-by's, clearly bringing them to edge as they shuffled away from her menacing presence. Mona looked up, watching the street below her go dark as signs of fireworks appeared in the night sky above, mingling with the stars and moon in a beautiful and bright show.
    She took this opportunity to evade her detection and suspicion, making her way over to the edge of the river where a large yacht stood proudly in the water, filled with many different masked individuals. Noticing she was nothing more than a sore thumb in the crowd of masks, Mona brought her manicured hand up to her face, giving a soft wave before her eyes and lips. A thin red and purple smoke floated softly before the woman, manifesting into what seemed to be a horned devils mask, topped with beads, jewels and decorative mardi gras designs.
    She stood to the side of a large wooden post, resting her arm on the log, awaiting the expected payment.
    "A lovely night for a party, is it not, my dear?" A tall man stood beside Mona, his hands squarely stuck into his pockets, feigning a shy attitude... or perhaps it was one of nonchalance. Mona smirked, her golden eyes focusing on the ebony haired male.
    "Good to see you again, Blake." Mona shuffled her lax position so she was now facing the man beside her. "You have my money, yes?" She instinctively started tapping her fingers in unison on her bared thighs, watching the mans reactions. The man noticeably shifted, giving off a sense of fear. Mona watched his movements, figuring out almost instantly what she had earlier suspected. "Of course you don't." Before the man could say another word, Mona finished her sentence. "Blake, I no longer have room for IOU's in my life, and I warned you. Why even show up, if you knew what was going to happen?"
    The man started, watching the demon with an intense gaze to be sure no movement was made on her part. Blake wasn't aware what Mona was, though he had known from previous times she was rather volatile.
    "Mona...I..." The man found himself cut off from the rest of his own sentence, Mona's hand now solidly wrapped around his neck with intent on murdering him. She brought the man from his feet into the air, causing him to claw at her hands and gasp for short breaths. Her golden eyes shimmered with malice as the ever president smile on her face grew wider and wider. The people around the two seemed to tune into the event, backing away slowly, all while watching what was occurring.
    Mona shot them all a sadistic grin, turning her attention back the thin, lanky man hoisted in her hands.
    "Lets see what the citizens of Anarma think as I make an example of you, Blake Mortzin."
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  10. [BCOLOR=#000000]"Bye bye Miss!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The sound of a child gigging as she ran around, pleasing the female as she watched the little girl. Her little feet were imprinting the cute little footprints into the warm sand from the day, then again, there were always footprints on this side of the province; either from little kids, herself, or adults who didn't know how to keep their hands to themselves, or just teenagers who were too busy pretending to act cool and smoke in this area. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ew. Couldn't they read the no smoking sign? For fuck's sake...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The child ran around happily, until finally finding her parents. The mother crouched down, holding her arms out as if asking for the girl to come over and give her a great big hug. The child hugged the woman's leg before leaving, waving happily while going home with her family. It had been a long day, since she was teaching the little kids how to swim. Then again, she couldn't complain about the water, as there was no place she rather be. The sun appeared to have been going down at this point, and it was getting dark, so it was best to get inside soon and then go back into the sea. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]A soft sigh escaped the woman's lips as she walked into the building she called her house, unlocking the door with her key that was strapped around her wrist with one of those spiral wristband things, just so it wouldn't fall off. Her hair was soaking wet, but it didn't really matter since she would get it drenched again. The house was completely empty and dark, probably because the lights weren't turned on? Yeah, probably. She lazily turned the lights on, flicking the switch with her index finger. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"I'm home.." [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]She announced, as though anyone were actually going to greet her. Well this was depressing. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Then again, she couldn't complain. She only came into the house to grab something to eat, and here she was. Letting out another sigh, she knocked the door closed with the sole of her foot, and locked the door so that no one will come in to rob her. But then again, who would be stupid enough to do that while she was home? [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]As she took off her shoes at the front, well sandals, she began walking across the wooden planks of the first floor and to the kitchen, turning on the lights there as well. To her left was a small room connected to the kitchen through an indent in the wall. A large indent, probably from the wall to the other end of the wall for the top half, just so that it would reach the counter and no lower. From the hallway, she walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge, looking for something to eat. Oh pray there would be leftovers from the night before-- Aaaaaand nothing. Of course. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Silence filled the house, and it was almost eerie for a child since someone could be like BOO from behind them and try to kidnap them or something. Even the thought of something like that freaked the hell out of her. She shook her head a little bit, trying to get the thought out of her head. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Meredith.. You're what? 20 years old? Act like it.." [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]She mumbled to herself, not worrying about if others were to hear her and think that she were crazy. To wake herself up, she stretched up and cracked her back, finally relieved. At this point, she should really whip something up for herself, and whipping up something she shall do. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]But the question was what she should make for dinner. Well, she still had some sticky rice and some raw tuna, avocado, and seaweed, so it looks like homemade sushi it is! It's take about half an hour, but it'd at least be food that's edible. She had started, gathering all the ingredients and spreading them on the counter, still drenched while in her swimsuit. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Alright! Lets start cooking so that I don't starve!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]It took about an hour of rolling, chopping, waiting, and etc until she was finally finished with the sushi, but it was completely worth it! She brought the tray of her meal over and down to the dinner table, also picking up some wasabi she soy sauce she prepared, along with some wooden chopsticks. Just as she sat down and was about to take a bite of a roll, her phone started buzzing next to her, much to her annoyance, but eating would have to wait. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Hello?" [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]She asked softly, holding the blue phone to her ear as it had stopped vibrating. It was a friend of her's, and the girl's eyes seemed to have lit up for a moment there. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Hey! I know you're probably busy right now, but there is a huge party happening up in Pemby! I know you don't like parties too much, but maybe you wanna come? I heard it's really good! The one running it is Nikolai Polzin." [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Her friend seemed to be enjoying the talk, and being polite, she was quietly listening. Where had she heard that name before? Well, no use pondering over it, since there were probably a million people named Nikolai, and a million people named Meredith as well. Hearing her friend pause, as if waiting for a reply, she hid a sigh, seeing no way around it since it would be rude to turn down an offer. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]"Alright, alright. Just send me the address and I'll be there, unless you want me to drive you, or unless you are going to drive me." [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000]She replied, leaning back on the chair. What a nice friend, being patient enough to listen to her friend's invite while her stomach was growling and there was a tray of food in front of her. If she didn't know any better, she might as well have been gluttony or sloth. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Her friend soon hung up, and a soft 'ding' would sound from the phone. It looks like her friend just sent her a text message, flicking her finger to unlock the phone as she stared at the address. Usually, she wouldn't go, as large cities weren't her forte, but again, it'd be rude if she stood her up.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]What an eventful night. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Well, what could she do? It looks like her plans for resting in the water were done for, and there wasn't anything urgent she needed to do, so why the hell not? It was only for one night anyways. She would quickly finish up her sushi for dinner, savouring every last bite. Ah the sticky rice and the sashimi, well done if she would say so herself. Well anywho, after finishing up, she grabbed her tray to wash the dish, finishing up in probably 3 minutes and then walking upstairs to get herself freshened up. Even though she didn’t really go to parties, she can’t really go there smelling like the sea now, could she? Nah.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Meredith began walking up the steps, holding onto the railing as she walked up the staircase and to her room. It was pretty much abandoned, save for how well she has been preserving it. The rug in her room tickled her bare feet, and she was glad that at least part of her body would be in for a fuzzy welcome. Well, for now, she should look for something to wear. There really wasn’t much in her closet, as she was never one for parties and the such. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]It took her a little while, but she found a nice dress that suited her for the night, and she would go with that. Usually it would be too short for others, but taking her own size into consideration, it was a perfect fit. She then grabbed a one inch high heel, just to make herself feel taller since she was only 5’3” at the age of 20. No wonder people call her a midget. The dress looked so out of place on her, as it looked fluffy and happy and stuff. Though, then again, it was a party in the city, there probably wouldn’t be people dressed in something as childish as this, so she might as well not try too hard. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]She ended up wearing a blue dress with a thin blue scarf wrapped around her neck loosely. The scarf was a very light blue, almost fading into a white colour and it didn’t seem at all warm. The dress itself had straps, but they were thin and some veil material fell down her shoulders with a small sapphire right on top of her chest on the dress. The dress wasn’t all too fancy, since it felt tight around her waist but was more loose and flowed better past her hips, so her legs were freeeee--[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Ahem.. Well in anycase, she should get going to the party, since wasting all that time wasn’t the wisest idea. It was already almost time for the party, though she’ll probably stay for an hour and then go back home to rest in the sea. Oh well, she’ll wait for her friend to get drunk or high off something and then drive her back to her home and put her in bed before leaving. It wasn’t too hard to figure out where the key was hidden anyways. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Now, how did you walk in heels again? From being so used to walking barefoot, she may or may not have forgotten how to walk in heels. She was struggling for a little, but eventually got the hang of it enough to walk around the room. There wasn’t much to do with her hair, since it dried out itself and she just had to comb it and put it up in a pony tail. Of course, there were two clusters of hair; one on each side, hanging next to her bangs and acting like a frame for her face. Well enough with her hair, she should get down and drive to the party already. Letting out the third sigh of the evening, she slowly walked down the stairs, trying her best not to trip, and getting to the door with her blue purse, hanging from a strap of baby blue on her shoulder which held her keys, her wallet, and her phone. Well, she pulled out her keys and opened the door, turning behind to close it. Oh shoot, she forgot something. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]She opened the door again, quickly walking in and flipping a sign over by the window that read ‘No one is home, sorry’. Just in case anyone would be looking for her, which was highly unlikely considering it was night time. Walking back outside and closing the door again, slipping the key into the socket and turning to hear a ‘click’ sound, just to make sure she properly locked up. After hearing that, she pulled the key back out and placed it back in her purse. Well, it was time to go. Carefully walking off her porch and opening the car’s door, she sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine, because who else was going to drive her? Well, tonight will be a long night, so might as well get it over with. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Speaking of getting things over with, wasn’t there suppose to be one of those meetings with all the sins and virtues sometime this month or the next? She would have to fit that into her calender, and unfortunately cancel any lessons or events happening that day or night.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The car’s engine rumbled, backing up, and heading to the address she was sent. They were pretty detailed, the invitation at least, and it was organized so she couldn’t complain. It was a party, so she should try to get her mind off the stressful things in life. Wait, didn’t the ocean do that already? Well, it was fun to try out new things. Though, she was curious as to who exactly this ‘Nikolai Polzin’ was, and where had she heard his name from in the past? Oh she will find out soon enough...[/BCOLOR]
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  11. Cyrus Marin/Pride
    Marin Management Office, Pemby (Anarma)
    Cyrus was in his office, looking over potential clients. He almost felt bad for some of these hopefuls, they would NEVER make it in the modeling world. He smirked at a picture of one girl, she had far spaced eyes and her hair was even dryer in the picture. He threw the picture in the trash can next to his desk. "It's really a pity that people will never look as good as me." Cyrus sat the book of aspiring models aside. He took out his phone, his home screen was a picture of his daughter Lulu. Lulu was his only family in this world, and the only person he needed. He text messaged his babysitter that he would be late tonight. It was normal for him to run late, so his babysitter usually stayed overnight for him. After sending the message, he put his phone back in his pocket. Standing up, he went over to the windows, looking out to the dark sky of Pemby.

    While Cyrus was looking at the people roaming Pemby, his assistant Lilianna came into the office. She was as dumb as a Spongebob episode, but she had breast the size of she was perfect for him. "Mr. Marin, there is someone here to see you." He turned to her. "Who?" She just shrugged, her breast bouncing. He smirked and ushered her to let the unknown person in. Cyrus saw it was one of his old colleagues. "Brandon, come in." The tall ebony skinned man walked further into the room. "You can go now." Lilianna shook her head, leaving the office.

    Cyrus sat down, Brandon sitting in front of his desk. "So, what do you want now." It really wasn't a question, Cyrus knew what the man wanted. "Cyrus, I need more money, now." Cyrus raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" The man stood, now hostile. Cyrus just sat there, smirking like a mad man. "This is not a joke Cyrus, after the things I've did for you and you only give me 20k!" Cyrus expected the man to yell, it was common for Cyrus' "fixers" to get angry with the devilish man. "No need to yell now." He didn't move at all as Brandon stood there.

    "I'm done doing your dirty work." The man, Brandon took out a gun. That just made Cyrus break out in laughter. "Marvelous idiot." Brandon stared at the maniacal laughing Cyrus. "Give me more money or..." Cyrus stood up, he was only a few inches taller then the other man, but he looked ten feet tall now. "Or what?" Brandon tried shooting the gun, but his finger wouldn't pull the trigger, he looked at the gun in terror. "I wish we could have ended on better terms...but hey all things end." In just seconds Brandon was decapitated and Cyrus was standing over the man with his sword stained of blood. "Your brain was flawed, what a pity. " Wiping the blood off his sword and onto the deceased man's jacket, Cyrus called Lilianna into the room.

    Once she came into the room she gave a gasp, but was suddenly okay with the dead bloody body...thanks to Cyrus' false comfort. "Please get someone to take care of that, after you get me a car for tonight." Cyrus had already heard of Nikolai's party, he usually stayed away from Greed and Gluttony but he still had to seem a little tolerant of their so called "changed" attitudes, he would never trust them two. Lilianna shook her head with a big smile, going to get a car service for the man. He sat there looking at the headless body. "Now that is a model in the making." He took a picture of the body on his phone.
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  12. Selene Eudokia Sapientia​
    "Moon's Depot Alchemical and Magical Store - The Rift, Western Edge"
    Selene was standing on the terrace of her store, looking northward. Lights of Pemby were starting to become more apparent as night set in. On the other side, Bramly was about just as shiny.
    Her store was set on one of the roads between the two cities, and due to her alchemy it was one of the few green areas in the rift. Because of this, several other houses popped up after a while down the street, and her solitary house was not the center of a small village, an unnamed village however.
    She had just closed shop, and the last car was leaving her parking lot, heading towards the north. Due to her expertise she keeps no stock, the customers come in and order what they require, and then depending on the recipe either wait for it to be done or return at a later date.
    The last potion she had to do today was her latest iteration of a love potion, effective within 30 minutes, lasts for 6 months, bound to the buyer, highly illegal anywhere but in Anarma. This was part of the reason she moved here, nobody really bothered checking what was she doing in the Rift, in fact, it would seem everyone avoided going here besides for moving between the two cities. Her neighbors were most likely outcasts, hermits or loners.

    The reason why Selene exited to her terrace however, is the other reason why she arrived here. There was something going on in the north. She was not sure what, but her feeling rarely failed her. Still, there was no reason for her to go there, In fact that was quite dangerous, going to the two cities.
    She turns around and heads inside, while going there personally was quite dangerous, there were other ways of being present. The room on the second floor was her bedroom, quite small and simple. Just a single-person bed and a desk. She required very little luxury. Rather then lingering here she immediately heads towards the stairs to the third floor. The third floor was both her magical study and an observatory. Certain magical effects could be amplified with the correct alignment of stellar objects, so she had a telescope installed with the profits from her store.
    However she wasn't here to stargaze today. In the middle of the room was an intricate and large magical circle, this was an incredibly complex magical rune that took weeks to draw precisely, its effects were worth it though, by standing inside this circle Selene's magic could be transmitted over a very large area, the entirety of Anarma to be specific.
    Selene steps inside and breathes in.​
    "I invoke the spirits of the wind.
    In the name of the school of the north.
    Serve under my hand and become my eyes and ears.
    Transfer my will over untold distances.
    I, Selene Sapientia call upon your service"

    Quite a simple spell. After all she was just summoning wind familiars to serve her. And instantly the circle below her flashes green and eight green, semi-transparent swallows fly out of it. She doesn't need to instruct them what to do, the birds immediately fly through the telescope's port and head north. All she needed to do now is wait, her familiars would scout Pemby from the air for her. If there were anything noteworthy, she'll know it.
    Though now that the spell was done, Selene walks out of the circle and heads to the basement, her alchemical lab. The familiars were semi-autonomous and she only needed to be in the circle to communicate with them. Since they were on autopilot now, she could go back to work.
    There was quite a few alchemical potions ordered for tomorrow after all.​
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  13. Honk, Honk, Honk.

    Just fabulous. There was quite a bit of traffic, all to which annoyed Meredith greatly to say the least. Since she was waiting while the roads were jammed, she might as well lean back and wait it out. Though, that was her original plan, she had a reason to be impatient; One being that she didn't want to make her friend wait, and the second being that she didn't want to stick around if all she was going to hear were cars bump into each other, honking, and swearing. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she looked out the window to look at the city lights. It was probably bad luck that she ended up on the busiest street anyways. Sigh.

    Just before she was going to drift off, another car hocked at her, snapping her awake only to see a car full of teenagers in it. One of them looked at her and started swearing, to which she didn't even bother listening to and kept her cool. The car held at least 8 people, with a couple of guys in the back with girls, music bursting out of the windows- hell, even with the windows rolled up, they could be heard loud and clear- and the reeking scent of alcohol and cigarettes.

    Suddenly, every reason why she hated the city was coming back to her now.

    Meredith shook her head, gently stepping on the gas and continued driving through the angered drivers. It was night time, and a celebration no less; couldn't others just be more happier? Geez...

    Her friend was probably there by now, and using the directions given by the GPS, she just had to make a right turn, find a parking, and enter the party. Easy, right? Not. The whole parking lot was packed, and she would be surprised if she were able to find one sometime soon. Under her breath, she cursed her situation, but it wasn't like she expected anything less. It was the city for god's sake, she could even hear everything from where she was; THE FAR END OF THE PARKING LOT. Oh great, this'll take a while.

    Patience braced herself as she went on the hunt for a parking space, and it probably took 30 minutes of circling until she found an empty spot. It was the furthest away, but it wasn't like she cared much, she found a parking at least. "As much as I don't want to walk... I better start.." The female mumbled, stretching from her long drive and walking closer to the screams of the crowds, the music, and more than likely, pollution. Oh how she hated pollution. There was a large building near the area- or in the area- of the party, which she swore looked familiar. There were a few reasons why she would leave the seashore: one being that meeting with the Virtues and Sins, and the other being if someone wanted or needed something, and she would feel guilty if she declined.

    By the time she had reached the party, her friend came running behind her and tackle hugging the petite girl, at least under average height. "Hey! I didn't think you'd actually come!" Wait, was that suppose to be a compliment, an insult, or neither? Well aside from that, Meredith just smiled, as talking casually was clearly not an option here. Meredith had known this girl since they were in grade school, and they have been inseparable since. Behind her, was a man who was roughly 5'9", towering over her and about the same height as her friend, who was 5'7". "This is my boyfriend! His name is Jacob. Jacob, this is Meredith!" Her friend happily introduced one to the other, and she shook the man's hand politely. "Pleasure to meet you." He said, and Meredith nodded in response.

    After some talk and getting to know the other, Jacob and his girlfriend went to go fool around; hopefully she wouldn't get pregnant before she were married; that'd make her no different than Lust in her opinion. Meredith looked around, and in the crowd, she didn't stand out much due to changing her hair to blonde; the crowd was mainly full of red, yellow, and brunettes anyways. Now that she was here, what should she do? It was the Mardi Gras, so she might as well enjoy herself if she could.
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  14. [​IMG]
    •P•E•M•B•Y••A•N•A•R•M•A• -- N•I•G•H•T•T•I•M•E•

    Viktor stood before his mirror, eyes pinched together in a judgmental glance. He found himself dressed in his regular garments; a large and baggy double stripped sweater with a large 99 imprinted on the back left hand side; it's baggy hood falling to his upper back. His favourite black beanie graced his dyed pink locks, covering the irregular coloured headset he had pressed against his ears, softly musing songs of classical music into his ears - toning out the outer world. Around his neck, a long silver chain with a heart embellished key, hung, swinging with every move from the man it was attached too. His pants were typical skinny jeans - however they were a vibrant pink that accented his skinny little legs perfectly. Gloves with the same 99 and double stripped prints were wrapped around his petite hands, and in one of his free hands he held onto a katana. An odd accessory to bring to a party, but Viktor never left his house without it - let alone ever let it leave his sight.
    He sighed, bringing the key hanging around his neck up to his pale and raw lips, chewing harshly on the already beaten and bruised metal. Spitting the key from his lips grasp, he made his way from his mirror to the first floor of his manor. Jerry was waiting for Viktor at the bottom of the stairs, a shit-eating grin hiding just behind the butlers facade. Viktor sighed, knowing the butler was more than happy to see his master finally leave the house and actually interact with society and people - not just fictional people in books.
    "Master Viktor, are you ready?" The black clad butler ushered the young man towards the opened door, leading out to a blacked out town car. The only accessory of the car that was different from a typical town car was the small golden dragon adorning the cars hood. Other than that, it was inconspicuous and easy to get around town in, not that Viktor had anyone coming after him - that he currently knew of.

    He jumped into the car, placing his jingly katana to the seat beside him, resting into the soft leather seat backing. Jerry closed the door softly, and with that Viktor was whisked away to Pemby's city center, his hopes of peace and quiet slowly leaving with each turn of the car.
    Viktor continuously chewed on his bottom lip, causing the raw red look it always had to strengthen; his lip chewing was an awful habit that needed to cease as soon as possible. As he felt the car come to a stop, the chauffeur opened Viktor's door, allowing the man to exit, katana in hand. He looked around, squinting his eyes at the light, realizing just how bright this party was going to be - lovely. Viktor brought a hand to his eyes, adjusting to the glare with a quick rub of his strained eyes. He looked from the left to the right, seeing the closed shops, the streets crowded with people, the simplistic side stage with a band playing he couldn't hear (due to his headphones) and some rather beautiful fireworks. Hmm, perhaps this wouldn't be the worst.
    Viktor's eyes fell on a rather large crowd gathering near the river, his curiosity getting the best of him as he pushed his way through the crowd to the high density location. His eyes focused on many things during his walk, large glass skyscrapers, fireworks, glistening beads, masks of every origin. Out of habit, the dye-job pink brought his hanging key to his lips, chewing softly on the trinket, hand clasped rather tightly around his blade.
    If he had been without his headphones in the moment, he was sure he would have been swept into the cascading party that was Mardi Gras and whisked away with the rest.
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  15. "I don't want to be reborn. Please..."

    The world around her was more beautiful than anything she'd ever seen. Shades of blue shifting, becoming darker the further down she looked. Golden light shone down upon her from above, penetrating the surface and illuminating the strange yet breathtaking sight enveloping her.

    It should have been painful, yet all she felt was relief.

    She should have been distressed, yet now she felt more at peace than she had ever done before.

    Regret is what should have overcome her, yet she felt none of that.

    The world around her began to distort, eventually fading into darkness.

    And once again she had become lost to the world.

    Until charity was reborn.



    Lisette Dragomir
    - Charity -

    People. People everywhere. Never in her life had Lisette seen so many people. They moved in masses, heading up and down the streets, in and out of brightly lit up shops and cafe's. Sometimes they moved in groups of 3 - 10 people, sometimes just in pairs or alone. It would happen that a person of one group would call out to another or that people stopped in the middle of the street to exchange a few words. It was an ever changing image, a dynamic world of so many faces, so many stories, it was hard for her not to become overwhelmed. Wherever she looked there was something happening - new scents, new people, new sights and new experiences. And she wanted to see all of it.

    She looked like a doll, this Lisette. Her petite frame, child-like body, pale features and rosy cheeks. Too perfect and simultaneously too strange to be human, with her piercing crimson eyes and long, flowing white hair. The skirts of her long, frilly blue dress swirled around her knees as she ran along the streets, slipping between crowds and doing her best not to get in anyone's way.

    Eventually she reached what appeared to be some sort of park of garden. Excited that she had found something so beautiful and a green amidst all the people and tall buildings, she could not resist the urge to enter. The concept of ownership of land and trespassing was not something she was familiar with. She had, after all, never stepped outside her parents mansion before. So when the large metal gates didn't appear to be locked, she simply assumed it would be alright for her to enter.

    And what a sight she was met with as she got past the hedges surrounding the garden. Roses of every kind and color lined the stone pavement, filling the air with a wonderful yet very strong and flowery scent. She inhaled deeply, so deeply that she made herself sneeze. It seemed rather unbecoming of a lady with her apparel, yet the high pitched sound she produced was endearing at the same time. She produced a blue napkin matching her dress from the little black purse slung around her shoulder and carefully dabbed her nose with it before slipping it back to where it belonged before proceeding further into the garden. Soon enough she came across a large fountain. She stopped, tilting her head slightly as she admired the beautiful statue of a fairy seated on the sculpture the water was spouting from. A gentle, warm breeze brushed past her, tugging lightly at her braid and skirts. The water in the fountain looked very inviting. Surely it would be fine if she dipped her feet in it for only a little while...

    It didn't take the white haired girl long to make a decision. Lisette slipped off her shoes; a pair of simple black Mary Janes. her white socks followed, which she neatly placed in their respective shoes, before she gathered her skirts and climbed into the fountain. The water was colder than she had expected. A soft gasp followed by a giggle escaped her lips as she felt the cool liquid pool around her ankles. It was a nice feeling, she decided, as she shut her eyes and drank in the tranquility of the night. Somewhere far in the distance she could hear music, and yet the garden itself seemed so incredibly peaceful. Her heart was pounding and her head felt dizzy from all the excitement she'd experienced.

    This is nice... she decided, and only the beginning of my adventure.
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  16. [​IMG]

    The pleasant sound of paper turning in a old book is the only that reached Nikolai's ears during the mardi-graw celebrations. His green hues darted back forth as he read each line, each word. Once at the end of the right page he would wet his thumb with his own tongue and then flip the page. After a long while of reading, there was a small disturbance settling with in him. A dull growl emits from the pit of his stomach, and upon doing so Greed realized that he is quite famished. A bit of an annoyance as this particular story was finally reaching a really climatic scene, but hunger is something that needs to be taken care of. Marking his page, Nikolai snaps the book shut and places it neatly on his glossy wooden desk.

    "I'm not really sure what I am in the mood for tonight. Everything is so satisfying. I do have a big appetite, so maybe I'll just have...well...everything!" The young man chuckles to himself, thinking himself to be amusing. He stands up from his chair and adjusts his shirt before removing his suit jacket from off the back of his chair. Although, he hesitates for a moment as it occurs to him how incredibly hot and muggy it is outside. Shaking his head Nikolai drapes his jacket back over the back of his leather chair. "Best not, it is to hot for such a heavy jacket."

    His neatly pressed button up dress shirt is good enough for such weather, but before he leaves his office he adjusts his shirt collar and bow tie for a moment. Turning to the glass window behind him, he stares at his own reflection and combs his finger through his blonde locks. Finished prepping himself, he turned to face the elevator door swiping the book of his desk deciding last minute to take it with him and then proceeded into the elevator. He traveled all the way down to the lobby floor, the elevator making a cheery ding as it came to a halt and it's doors swished open. Passing by the front desk, he told the secretary that he wouldn't be in his office for a while because he is leaving to eat dinner. With his polished shoes, Greed steps out unto the street unsure where he should go first for a fabulous meal.​
  17. [​IMG]

    Mona's fingers were harshly wrapped around her prey's neck, and with the annoyance currently coursing through her demonically stained veins - it was only a matter of time before she would snap this bastards neck.
    "Do I dare give you a second chance...?" the demon grit through clenched teeth.
    She was watching the boys jerking movements, the air in his lungs most likely coming to a stand-still at this point as Mona's fingers only aimed to tighten themselves around his neck.
    "P-p-" The man tried to get ground on some words, even with very limited time left on his air supply. Mona found this commendable as a creepy smile crept over her mask covered face, hidden to everyone elses eyes.
    The blue haired demon took a breath, her nails nearly reaching the back of Blakes thin neck in connection. Mona took her spare hand, lifting the mask from her face to reveal her rage induced iris's. She truly wasn't that mad, however, being the incarnation of Wrath did have some downfalls to it in the sense that even the slightest bit of annoyance sent the girl into uncontrollable fits of rage and on murderous streaks, it was mostly why she made such a good mercenary.
    Mona smiled, watching Blakes eyes flutter into unconsciousness, and with that last leap of effort from the man, Mona snapped his neck with a simplistic flick, throwing his limp body into the river beside her. She looked over to the body, floating and slowly sinking down...down...down.
    "Tch... am I ever going to find someone who actually pays me?!" Mona belted out loud. She had noticed some wide and astonished eyes on her during the small scene she had just caused, this only making her want to kill another. She wasn't a fan of attention that she didn't ask for - though with the ways she killed, it was only a given that she didn't get caught in the act more often.
    Mona looked down into the reflection of the water... best to hide rather than be detected or call-out on appearance..
    She made her way over to a small stand of beads and masks, and silently slipped behind it. Bringing her well manicured hand to her face, Mona swiped the appendage down over her body, a mere 10cm from actually touching her flesh.
    Her face slightly distorted as a sharper fangs and a wider jaw appeared as her new face, her body gained a set of overly voluptuous curves and her entire outfit changed as well. Instead of the separated leather top and skirt, Mona's body was now held by a different styling of leather. Criss-crosses that encompassed her entire body, say for the bikini like bottom and band of leather covering her chest. She took both her hands, pulling the hair tie from her large up-do of blue, before running both her hands through the hair. The tresses took on a shade of pea-green with a happy, almost sun like glow. It sprouted out on different sides in different junctures, giving her hair the look of wild. Her final change was to take the glasses from her face, tosses them into the air while she watched them evaporate into a red mist. She blinked, opening her eyes to find them a glowing mixture of green and yellow.
    With a mischievous smile on her face, Mona walked out from behind the cart into the crowd of party goers'.
  18. The streets reeked of alcohol, loud music, smoking, dead cigarette butts, and the such.

    How beautiful.. Not.

    Meredith had been walking around for a while, and her friend seemed to have been either drugged, or she has been drinking... What was the difference? It's not like she was going to get raped... Hopefully. Last time, she almost got pregnant from those other guys.. She was only lucky that Meredith could come before-- Yeah, lets stop there. The patience virtue let out a soft sigh.. Why did she bother coming to the cities? Of course, her friend had her boyfriend with her.. Maybe Meredith was just being paranoid. She could be having fun right now but... Fun in her opinion, was resting in the water, gazing at the stars, and at some of the spotlights that were shot up in the sky in silence.

    This was anything but what she had in mind.

    Her own silence was soon cut off by a man who approached her.. Whom had smelt like heavy alcohol. A heavy drinker, possibly. He spoke in such slurred language, that Meredith could barely understand, but it was clear that he was staring at her with a weird expression on his face. Now, she wasn't a sin, but thinking about it.. If Wrath were in this situation, she would probably kill the guy before he had a chance to realize that he would be dead. She shuddered that the thought, but almost giggled at how accurate that would be. "Hey girly.. You wanna.. Hic.. Go sammar?!" He asked, and it was clear that she was distressed by this. "... No, it's fine.. I was just about to meet up with my friend..." Meredith replied, slowly trying to back the hell away from the man. 'Just back away Patience, you got this.. You got th-- OH SHIT HE GRABBED MY HAND.' And yes, he grabbed her hand as she was backing up. He stared at her a little bit, and then gave her a frightening, perverted smile that would freak out any girl who wouldn't clobber him down at the spot.

    Her mind was racing at this point, as she was clearly trying to figure out what a normal person would do. Well, she could just smack him a good few times, but that would catch some attention. She couldn't really do anything, and the man was drunk for gods sake, he didn't know what he was doing. "Sir.. Let go... Please.." She asked, trying to reason with the man, even though that wasn't really much of an option. She kept trying to slowly back away, but this caused the man's hand to griped around her wrist. "Wazz wrong girly... You got... hic.. zome'on 'ere?" He asked again, as he wobbled a little bit. She was trying not to lose her head, and to stay calm and collected by trying not to freak the hell out. "Noo.... Um.." That was when she had noticed who the one harassing her was... It was her friend's boyfriend. Oh the nerve of him! To actually attempt to cheat on the girl while drunk, leaving her alone and letting boys do who knows what?! Usually, she wouldn't do anything, but she was pretty disappointed in the man, and that gave her enough reason to smack him with her purse and walk off. It's not like it hurt him too much, it would probably just be enough to put him in a light daze for him to let go. She began walking through the crowd, throughly frustrated from disappointed, and eventually calmed herself down. She would have to break the news to her friend later though.

    Just grand.

    As she was going through the crowd.. That was when she felt a sudden chill up her spine. It wasn't the type of chill she felt when she was cold, or when someone was staring at her in a stalkerish manner, but it was the type of chill that screamed out 'SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS HERE, AND YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT' type of chill. She knew her friend was here, but who else?
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  19. About to move past the small stage, Ariana paused and glanced at the singing girl through the corner of her eye. Smirking, she hummed a low note, one only the two singers could hear, and watched as the girl on stage lost her note, voice faltering, and stumbled off the stage. Envy chuckled to herself, sarcastically blowing a kiss to the singer, who had burst into tears of embarrassment and was sitting at the side of the street. Continuing on, Ari skipped down the street, mood having been lifted by ruining the aspiring singer's career. Yawning, she noticed a large crowd dispersing near the edge of the river. Ducking between the many people, the sin pushed her way through the crowd, peering over the water's edge.

    "Whoa." The singer studied the floating corpse, mildly surprised. It wasn't the first time she'd seen a dead body, but she was surprised that a murder happened in such a public place, during such a popular party. Whoever the murderer was, he - assuming it was a man - was either extremely confident that he wouldn't get caught, or just stupid. Ari brought a manicured fingernail to her lips, lightly chewing on the tip. "Probably the same guy who killed that man at the party," she said to herself, completely her thought out loud. Looking around, she noticed that most of the partygoers were wearing masks. "Well," she mused, "it is Mardi Gras." With a sigh, Ari started to let out a trill, when she suddenly feels a burst of magic somewhere near her. Brows furrowing, she rose onto her toes - the best she could having already been wearing high heels - in an attempt to have a clearer view of her surroundings.

    Her eyes scanned the crowd, resting for a moment on a head of wild, green hair. "Hair like that cannot be natural..." she murmured, narrowing her eyes. Hurriedly trilling, Ari began to follow her target as an elegant, feathered green mask formed itself on her face.
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  20. [​IMG]

    As he ponders over all the places that are near by Nikolai casually walks down the busy street. Every now and then he would be stopped and thanked for the wonderful party, or he would be on the receiving end of a friendly wave. He made sure to return each with a pleasant thank you and a prince-like smile that rivaled even that of pride's; Greed could always feign such behavior easily being the sly fox that he is. After noticing a elderly couple through the display window of a shop he finally decided on a place to eat. There used to be a lovely Italian restaurant on the other side of the city park that had excellent spaghetti and meatballs. He hadn't visited the small mom and pop shop in years, and as he approached the font gates to the park he wondered if it was still even in business. Slipping past the towering iron gates he leisurely walked down a stone path, the light sounds of his shoes clicking against the stone echoed in his ears. He stopped for a moment to look back at the path he had just traveled along and shook his head a bit in disappointment.

    "The loud bass of the concerts scattered around the city drowns out the natural sounds of the park." A small look of disappointment breached his face as his lips curled into a soft frown. He could feel a small twinge of regret bubble with in his core, but he quickly swallowed it up in the only way he knew how. "Bah, it doesn't matter. I got the publicity I wanted, and some coin in the process. Tonight was a huge success on my part."

    Shrugging it off he returned to gazing at all the greenery and flowers. The garden is surprisingly clean and well kept for being in the middle of trash heap. In a way it was almost like finding a diamond in a bed of mud and rocks. He could feel the desire to claim this space as his own slowly growing with in him as he walked under the pale moonlight. He could see a fountain in the distance, probably the core of the park. How long had he been walking? He looked at his watch for a moment to check the time, and nearly blushed at his own air headedness. He had been walking at such a pace that he's wasted a whole twenty minutes. His stomach growled angrily at him for his own foolishness, as it probably could at least be eating an appetizer right now. Assessing his surroundings he estimated that making it to the other exit would at least be another ten minute walk....he just had to get passed the woman. He paused for a moment. "Woman?"

    A pure essence of beauty to behold before his eyes. Porcelain skin illuminated by the moon's rays, long silken hair that glistened and flowed with the wind, strong yet innocent orbs of red, and a body that could only belong to that of a greek goddess*. Once he laid eyes on this picture of beauty, he knew he would never forget her, he had to have her before she became only a haunting memory. Something that would eat him alive and drive him nearly to insanity at this strong desire of want...of love. Completely bewildered not only by her striking beauty, but by overwhelming feelings he has never experienced before. Love....and then the fear to love. His trance broke at the sound of splashing water, and he realized that the young woman had jumped into the fountain. Thinking that she may have accidentally fallen in he rushed over in a hurry worried of her well-being, but he composed himself at the sight of her standing there perfectly fine. "Miss you really shouldn't do that.... it can be dangerous." He says a bit warmly as he extended a hand to her so she could use it to climb out. "What is your name?" He asked her a bit casually as he looked her over to ensure she truly was with out harm. In doing so he noticed that the woman actually looked pretty child-like and questioned the age he originally imagined her as. Some part of him prayed that he hadn't just fallen in love with a fourteen year old girl.

    (*Greek Goddesses and stories are centered around "youthfulness" as a common theme, hence why Persephone and some other greek women are created to appear young.)

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