Aryte di Mitne vur Whedab (War of Light and Dark)

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  1. War of Light and Dark
    Fantasy Roleplay

    The entire world of Drakur is at war. The Sjach (Shadow) blankets the once beautiful, varied climates, covering the planet in dreary clouds and bringing cold winds and foul weather. The Sjach were once defeated three millenia ago by the first Draconic King: Numinar Sh'jak Eral. But evil has a tendency to be stubborn, and for three thousand years the Sjach has gathered, waiting for the time to strike the peaceful world of Drakur once more. Led by four vile Overlords, the Sjach are merciless and evil fiends, having no ability to feel love, warmth, compassion, or grace. None know of how they came to be, but the fact remains: all of Drakur is at stake, and the powerful, beautiful city-state of Numinor, which lay in the middle of Drakur, is the primary target of the Dark. The only way to banish the Darkness is to slay the four disgusting Overlords which control and keep the generally chaotic and un-disciplined forces of Shadow. A quest must be undertaken. The king of Numinor, Alexhandr Ral Denthanor has called upon his mighty military of Draconis soldiers to defend the City-State. While the forces gather, the elderly king secretly created an assembly. This assembly would contain the bravest of Drakur's denizens. They would be of all races and creeds. The time is nigh for the king of Numinor to do what his ancestor did three thousand years ago, but he cannot do it alone.



    Draconis: Anthromorphic dragon race. Tall, scaled, and come in several colors: charir (fire), mazdak (lightning), ulhar (ice), achuak (acid), and vutha (nether). Each color has different racial characteristics. Draconis are naturally conservative and religious, no matter the color, and all Draconis hold love to be the most important quality in life. Loyal and noble, to anger a single Draconis is to anger the race as a whole. Draconis worship Xurwkar, the "Maker", a single deity, and even the most progressive of the Draconis acknowledge his existence, due to the very nature of their race.
    Red: The Red draconis are the handsomest of all draconis, hailing from the temperate, rolling plains of Tarkil, where the city state of Numinor lies. They are short tempered, passionate, and brash, but are zealously faithful to their King. Adept in pyromancy and the Elder Reds can breathe fire.
    Orange: The sturdiest and strongest of all Draconis, the Orange draconis come from southernmost Drakur, a massive desert called the Lost Sands. Originally nomadic and savage, the orange have become civilized, but maintain their active, roaming nature. They are always on the move and enjoy a good brawl now and again. Adept ceramancers (lightning magicks) and the Elder Orange can shoot lightning from their maws.
    Blue: The blue are the intellectuals of the Draconis, taking an interest in academics and magicks. They originate in the northernmost part of Drakur, the icy continent named the Shattering Fields. They generally have very cold, distant personalities, being devoid of emotion. However, they are also the most charitable and benign of the Draconis colors, though they keep their good deeds to themselves, being humble creatures. Lithe in build and not very good at melee. Adept cryomancers (ice magicks) and the Elder Blues can release bitter ice from their maws.
    Green: The greens are the most agile of the Draconis and take a keen interest in business and trade. Originating in the eastern most jungles of the Deep Green, They are very personable and social creatures, and love long walks in nature and are very good friends with Wood Elves. Decent with the bow and blade, Greens can become friends with the animals in nature and are adept in nature magicks. The Elder Greens can spew acid from their mouths.
    Black: The black dragons are the eldest of all and are a mixture of each other color. Hailing from the the Ashen, volcano covered, western most continent of the Obsidian Skies, the versatility of their personalities is as varied as that of humans. However, the Blacks take an interest in the magicks of Light and Healing, and have a tendency to shy away from dark magicks, despite their color. Elder Blacks have the ability to spew a balled concentration of nether magicks.

    Dwarf: Sturdy, hardy, alcohol loving architechts. Dwarves are trustworthy folk in general, and do well in trade with their Numinorian friends. They sell ores, metals, and jewelry to the Dracoins, and in return recieve military protection, magickal training, and beautiful armors and weapons.

    High Elf: A proud and noble race. Very adept in magicks, usually that of pyromancy, cyromancy, and healing. Not a very sturdy people, they are lithe and beautiful, intelligent and cold. High Elves are ancient allies of the Draconis, and will valiantly stand by King Alexhandr's troops in battle.

    Dark Elf: An awkward race, dark elves have a tendency to meddle in the dark arts and worship shadowy deities. They are also adept in magicks, but tend to dabble in the arts of necromancy and alteration. They have suffered greatly as a whole, and thus are even more cold than their High Elven cousins. Lithe and frail like High Elves, they use their agility and intelligence to their advantage.

    Wood Elf: Wood Elves absolutely adore nature. Adept in bending nature to their will, they are allies with all feral beasts of Drakur, and are the best bowmen in all the world. Sturdier built than their Dark Elf and High Elven cousins, Wood Elves mix archery and magicks, and those who take to melee combat have a strong preference to spears and sleek swords over the broad, long blades of the other races.

    Human: A very versatile race, humans have many different personalities and take an interest in almost all forms of magick. They can be noble and selfish simultaneously, an oddity to the other races around them. Young, brash, and naive compared to the other races, they are by no means weak and useless. Many humans seek to prove themselves to the other races in this Great War.

    Wolvkar: Anthromorphic canine race. Wolvkar are loyal creatures, never breaking promises or deals. They are akin to to humans in many respects, taking interest in all forms of warfare and magicks. They are extremely protective of their families and friends, and will go to extreme lengths to prove their loyalty to other races.

    : Anthromorphic feline race. Agile and cunning, Felminur have earned a reputation of being rogues, thieves, and assassins. They are not an evil race, but have a tendency to enjoy danger and action, enjoying the thrill of it all. Many hire Felminur to steal, jailbreak, and spy. Other races have a tendency to not trust the Felminur, but they are by no means extremely cruel, and once a Felminur takes to another, they are extremely faithful to them.

    Orc: Orcs are not the handsomest of races, but they are extremely study. Greenskinned, brutish, prideful, and loyal, Orcs take to javelines, axes, and crude swords. Those that go into magicks are shamans, bending the four elements to their will to obliterate their foes. They are expert craftsmen like their dwarven and Draconic comrades, and though their creations look crude and ugly, they are dependable, strong, and well made.

    Troll: A generally misunderstood race, Trolls are agile, tall, and wise. Their way of speaking sometimes amuses or confounds the other races, but they are far from being inferior in mind. Using unexplained magicks, trolls are the only "psychic" race, able to use telepathy and telekenesis. They favor throwing axes and light cavalry. Their mounts are the fast, lithe reptilian steeds called "Drakun".

    Gnome: A brilliant race of small folk, Gnomes use their intelligence to create awe-inspiring steam-powered machines. Introducing basic gunpowder weapons and explosives (explosive barrels and blunderbusses) to the other races, they also have mounts that are machines, created in the shape of other steeds and creatures, only made of many bolts, metals, and parts.

    Magicks: Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Necromancy, Ceramancy, Necromancy, Druid, Light, Psychic, Chaos.

    Pyromancy: Fire magicks. Summoning of fire elementals, enchanting of weapons and armor with fiery properties, fire-based attacks (fireballs, firebolts, firewall, fire shield, etc)

    Cyromancy: Ice magicks. Summoning of ice elementals, enchanting of weapons and armor with icy properties, ice-based attacks (ice shard, icebolt, ice wall, ice shield, etc)

    Necromancy: Dark magicks. Summoning of the undead, enchanting weapons with poisonous properties and armor with bone properties, dark and poison based attacks and bone-based defenses (death coil, poison nova, poison touch, bone wall, etc)

    Ceramancy: Lightning magicks. Summoning of ice elementals, enchanting weapons and armor with lightning properties, lightning based attacks (lightning bolt, chain lightning, lightning shield, electric shock, etc)

    Druid: Nature magicks. Summoning of treants and calling upon the animals of Drakur to come to their aid, bending nature to their will (using and controlling the environment around them: having tree roots grab the legs of enemies, call upon strong winds, etc)

    Light: Holy magicks. Enchanting of weapons and armor with Light-based properties (Rejuvination, Crystalization, Light radiance), Healing, blessings, undead and daemon banishing and protection from darkness (holy bolt, holy fire, etc)

    Psychic: telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, illusion, mind-rending

    Chaos: Daemonic magicks. Summoning of daemons, enchanting weapons and armor with random, unknown properties, sending allies and foes into bloodlust, rages, and call upon Hellish fiends to come to their aid

    Now is the time. All races must join together to defeat the Shadow and bring back peace to the wonderful, fantasical world of Drakur.
    No one is limited to a certain personality, class, or race. Choose and be who you desire.

    Welcome to Drakur, friends. Let us fight and purge the evil together!









    Religion (if any):
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  12. Name: Shroud

    Race: Wolvkar

    Age: around 13 cycles ( 20ish in human standards)

    Sex: male

    Shroud (open)

    When standing straight up Shroud's height is almost 10". He has pure black fur and a largely muscled body and at night in the moon his fur gains a silvery glow around the edges and his silver eyes shine bright. He is the largest in his pack so far.

    Personality: Shroud is a fiercely loyal and kind hearted soul. Though his height has regularly frightened normal beings visiting the area he rarely uses it for harmful purposes.
    He takes care of his entire pack as if they were all his family and if it came down to it he'd give his life for any of them. Hearing talk of the evil spreading across the world his heart aches for duty. Though he'd never want to leave his pack behind for foolish travels if he had a chance to help he'd fling himself at the offer. Though he is a calm gentle soul if anyone were to threaten or harm someone close to his heart he'd rip them to pieces.

    Biography: Shroud was raised an orphan in his pack his parents dying in a random raid. Though he was a quiet youth he quickly gained the favor of the pack leader and his wife. After a few years Shroud was trained as a hunter warrior and quickly gained the hearts of the rest of his pack. When his leader, the one who had become like a father to him, died from a strange sickness Shroud was quickly voted chief and has quietly been taking care of his pack family. But Shroud's heart searches for answers as to why his leader died, and hopes that someone will take the role of chief someday. He loves the pack but he feels he doesn't deserve his role. And hopes to find a way to join in fighting the shadow that's slowly covering his world.

    Religion (if any): Chaos, being a pack of dark furred Wolvkar they are usually trained in Chaos arts. One of the reasons Shroud was so easily picked for chief was his amazing ability to call Shadow Fire Wolves. Though they don't last long they can help him to attack like a pack form when he's alone. Depending on his strength he can call 3-4 large sized flaming wolf spirits to his aid. He also has smaller Chaos abilities but has rarely had use for them.

    (Yay first charrie up. Hope everything's alright. And I think I did the religion alright but let me know if i need to change anything XD)
  13. Name: Lishka

    Race: Draconi- Black

    Age: 1,750

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Lishka is a black dragon and from a distance appears so but when you are close to her you can see that Blacks really are a mixture of other colours; her scales shimmer slightly in the sunslight with hues of oranges and reds, greens and blues and are really quite beautiful. Her eyes are also extraordinary, a striking amber against the dark delicate scales surronding her eyes. Lishka is quite large for a she-dragon, probably due to her age, but is sleek in comparison to other females and in particular males. All of her muscular body is covered in an armour of scales with a thin row of spikes down her spine and her long curved talons (also black, being polished ebony) are dangerous weopans being strong and sharp enough to tear through bare flesh (although she is not usually violent enough to demonstrate this)- even her tail is dangerous, ending in a sharp long spike that she can agiley use to defend herself. All in all her appearance is one of beauty - for a dragon- but it is also deadly.

    Personality: She is quite a gentle creature, with a calm nature despite her size and deadliness if provoked which is not often. Usually she is kind and loyal but if one gives her immense reason to she can hold a very long grudge.

    Biography: Liskhka has a strong interest in how the mind works and heals itself and has now spent a few centuries studying different races to see similarities and differences between their minds, if it effects their emotions and the healing of their bodies. She has aquired a vast library of scrolls and other works on healing and other subjects over the last thousand years or so and can beome lost in her work, sometimes so much so she can spend weeks at a time holed up by herself, although she is actually quite social. Because of her work she has met many different races and obtained alliances with them. not being prejudice at all although she does think that Draconis are by far the wisest race, as others are easily manipulated and chaned. She also likes to look at past wars but detests them and will try to avoid them at all costs.
    She also does not usually participate in the ruling of the country but when she does add in a remark it is normally wise and she likes to think that what she says is listened to.

    Religion (if any): Xurwkar, the "Maker",


    Name: Mendax ("Liar")

    Race: Felminur

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Mendaz resembles a black panther, with green eyes flecked with gold. (Might add more later to appearance)

    Personality: Tired of being treated with cool indifference, hostility and suspicion by other races Mendax has formed a sardonic and at times cruel exterior. He himself is not actually like this at all. He is described as gentle and caring by those who really know him but he is also known for his unpreictable temper, sorching people with his mere words of anger. He can also be quite sneaky and maipulative, making him very good at gambling- or in other words, cheating, which he does often. All in all he has quite a hard nature to understand, it contradicting itself but he is actually the nicest of Felminur when he makes the effort.

    Biography: Mendax has no close personal ties. HIs wife and son died due to illness and his son's twin cut off contact with Mendax when she married- she was tired of her father's gambling which lost them much money. He did not want to give gambling up as he loved the thrill of winning and the buitterness of losing made him want to win so he played all the more. Now Mendax does various jobs for people, many of which are secertive and not always legal. hey earn him good money but he does it more for the fun of them, not thinking anyone clever enough to catch him which quite a few aren't. He is not exceptionally high in his class but he is regarded with both respect and suspicion.

    Religion (if any): N/A- he thinks religion to be tedious things that humans and other races only follow because they want purpose in life.
  14. Name: Alexhandr Ral Denthanor

    Race: Draconis

    Age: 1, 300

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Black-scaled. Ruby eyed. Stands at six feet, four inches. Two hundred ten pounds. Lean build in muscle, scars across his arms and chest. Gorgeous by standards of all races. His eyes are soft and tender, warm and inviting.

    Personality: A master at diplomacy and politics, Alexhandr is very social and extremely wise. He plans far ahead. Compassionate, merciful, conservative, and devout. He places his people above himself, and views being king not as divine right, but a divine blessing, believing that it is his duty to protect and serve his people, not the other way around. Calm, cool, and collective, Alexhandr always keeps a level head in even the most dire of situations. Selfless in what appears to be every aspect of life, Alexhandr Ral Denthanor gives the impression of being the perfect king.

    Biography: Alexhandr Ral Denthanor is the fourth king of Numinor and the great grandson of the first king of Numinor, Numinar Sh'jak Eral. Raised in a world full of politicians, wizards, generals, lords, ladies, and other nobles, Alexhandr is well known for his mastery of the silver-tongue. A prince and general at the young age of 800, he showed exceptional promise early on. A veteran in six wars, he has seen his share of death and destruction and seeks to put an end to all misery that he can. A devout creature, Alexhandr makes a strong effort to attend every Temple service and his religious beliefs are reflected in his rule and how he deals with other races. Faithful not only to his deity, but to his beloved wife, Tara Zhak Denthanor, he cares for her above everything else, though he keeps her out of politics and war. She herself is rarely seen, and there are rumors that there is something not quite right with Tara Denthanor.

    Religion (if any): Eluithol, worship of the Maker


    Name: Jakur Aussir-Oth

    Race: Draconis

    Age: 1, 260

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Blue-scaled. Sapphire eyed. Stands at six feet, seven inches. Two hundred and forty four pounds. Covered in battle scars, most prominent across his face and chest. One large, orange scar across his right eye. Extremely alluring to female Draconis due to his veterancy and battle scars, and handsome to other races. His eyes are hard and cold and his figure is thick-muscled. Masculine and broad shouldered.



    Religion (if any): Eluithol, worship of the Maker

    (Shall work more on Jakur later)
  15. ((Excuse the shortness of the profile, I'll edit it later))

    Name: Mira

    Race: Felminur

    Age: about 18-19ish

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: N/A at the moment (will insert later)

    Personality: Slightly childish and stubborn, though she knows when to be serious

    Biography: (will insert later)

    Religion: none

    ((sorry, I just wanted to give some quick basic info on my character, don't worry, I'll fix things later ^^; )
  16. Name: Jinxx

    Race: Dark elf

    Age: Appears around the age of 20, but being an elf is actually around 900 years of age (Don't know if that is fast aging for an elf or not).

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Jinxx stands at least 6'4, not unusual for an dark elf, being they are a tall race. She is thin, and her skin is pale and completely untouched by blemishes. Her hair is ink black, and hangs to her ankles when she does not take the time to actually get it out of the way. Her eyes are a deep violet, and are very wide. She is beautiful to say the least, but her cool expressions make her seem unapproachable to others.

    Personality: Jinxx is kind to those who have won her trust, but to anyone she has just met or never really liked, she can seem harsh and indifferent towards them. She is a unusually quiet, and wont go out of her way to talk with others unless absolutely necessary, but when she does speak it is usually to say something sarcastic, or something she believes they need to know. She prefers to keep to herself, and doesn't like involving others with things that are personally her problem, or that she thinks she can handle on her own. She is fiercely loyal to her kin and friends, and would give up her own life for someone she cares for.

    Biography: Jinxx was once an renowned Dark Elf, with a seat on the council of her people. She dictated the fate of her people and their future, and had more power than she deserved, but Jinxx squandered the power given to her and was removed from her spot on the council, and shunned by her people. Ashamed, Jinxx fled the land of the Dark Elves, and has become a nomad of Drakur. Her family died when she was very young, and she was taken into the home of her tutor, a very old and respectable Dark Elf named Holternd, he passed when Jinxx turned 100, appearing 12 in the length of human years. Jinxx was than forced to fend for herself, and worked hard to win her spot on the council, though when she was removed, Jinxx suffered great embarrassment. Now Jinxx spends her time as a bounty hunter for anyone willing enough to trust a Dark Elf. She practiced in the arts of archery and necromancy at a young age, and is now very skilled at the two talents, as well as knife throwing and hand to hand combat. She has found that she is a very exceptional liar, as well as a manipulator.

    Religion (if any): Wiccan or Wicca -Wicca is a religion that practices Goddess Worship, as well as the Goddess's counterpart or consort the Honred God. Wiccans practice in the art and ceremonies of magic, referred to as Wicca Rede, and hold annual ceremonies throughout the year know as Sabbats, usually in the number of eight ceremonies a year. The Sabbats focus mainly on the change of season, them being seasonally-based festivals.
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    Name: Adelese Ar Kaden

    Race: Draconis (Green)

    Age: 1,245

    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Sleek and nimble, for a dragon at least. Eyes are coal black. Prominent ridges above her eyes resembled eyebrows. Slim arms and ankles sported small horns, two larger lying back across her head. Each scale on her body shone like an emerald, making her a dazzling sight indeed. For those who had never seen a draconian, she would look intimidating. However, for those used to the sight, her small size, only 6'2", made her a less commanding specimen than her brethren.

    Personality: Adelese spent most of her time in the wilds, she enjoyed the company of the plants and creatures more than any other, even her fellow Draconis, though when she met one she was of course polite. She was aware of the state of the world, and knew her kings name, but was not as informed as most, being somewhat of a recluse. She does not speak much, and because of this most don't think much of her intelligence. Adelese wanted nothing more than the simple things, and did not share the love of trade that most of her green kin did. She spent enough time in the wilds to know the behavior of every creature, even building some form of communication with some. She knew the use and potencies of most plants, too. She was kind to those who were kind to her, though of course her reclusive nature made her seem strange to most. She was very dedicated to worshiping the maker, she saw his hand in all things around her.

    Biography: Adelese did not know her father. She had a loving mother though, so she never knew she went without. Her mother traveled from place to place, acquiring and selling things. She took Adelese with her, and Adelese discovered she enjoyed the times they spent traveling through the wilderness more than the time they spent in the cities and villages. She learned many things from her mother though, the greatness of the Maker, how to treat others cordially, and how to shoot from a bow. When Adelese became an adult, she left her mother's side on good terms, even though she chose not to become a traveling merchant.

    Religion (if any): She worships the Maker