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  1. Since apparently @MsGrump is doing an art thing, I'll do one too. heh.

    Um . . .

    I don't have any art examples (crying)

    Just wanting to practice some.

    Yeah, just put all your faith in me (the pressure please don't) and I'll get it done! (i'm lying)

    I'll do my best !! ! ! !!!! !!!


    uhhh -
    reference: (nothing too complicated, either a picture or short SHORT description)
    (( edit: actually, no reference pics please. ))
    personality: (optional)


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  2. scrub

    name: msgrump
    gender: male
    age: 118
    reference: black hair and eyes
    personality: grumpy
  3. Can I get a free commission? ^^;
  4. Yes! No need to ask, just fill out a form.
  5. Sorry, I turned msgrump female and also white hair. oop. //notsorry

  6. name: Marium District Feliece
    gender: Female
    age: 17
    reference: long brown hair and lightblue eyes.
    personality: shy, usually known as a crybaby.
  7. done!


    also here's a link for a smaller picture: click
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  8. Oh my gosh. That looks amazing! You're very talented. ^w^
  9. thank you! u v u <3
  10. name: noelle elliot young
    gender: male but pretty feminine
    age: 15
    reference: golden/hazel eyes, short blond hair (with 'ariel' style bangs), slightly tanned skin + freckles. he smol.
    personality: super sweet and dorky.

    your art is beautiful btw ;o;
  11. name: Grumps
    gender: Female
    age: 15
    reference: brown curly hair, hazel eyes
    personality: sweet but timid. shy expression maybe a lil blush

    let's get wild @Henri ilu daddy
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  12. name: Honey
    gender: female
    age: 16
    reference: chin length marylin monroe curly reddish brown hair, almond shaped brown eyes, light caramel brown skin, full bottom lip, thin upper lip, beauty mark by left eye.
    personality: Silly af
  13. hello. done.

    this one was really fun



    doing urs now.

    thank you!

    I'm just picking and choosing which ones I'm in the mood for. I'll probably get to yours soon enough haha.
  14. also realized she doesnt look 16 and silly. oop. oh well. heh.
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  15. she looks super french

    gg //applause
  16. you said marilyn monroe.

    thanks buddy
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  17. done.

    again, did nothing related to ur commission heh. <3

  18. Name: Jo

    Age: 35


    Looks: afro-asian hippy, nose ring
  19. done!

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  20. Oh my god I love it! Ty so much. owo
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