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  1. So, I've got the Dungeon Fighter: Triple Threat thing going on, right? I've been using random pictures at the start to offset the sound lag thing, but I'm running out of pictures. I'd like it if an artist could draw a sort of intro card/title card.

    All it really needs is the title "DFO: Triple Threat", and some sort of picture to go along with it. Something cutesy would fit well-ish, or something epic. Actually, pretty much anything would fit.

    It'd be preferred if it was in color, of course. If any artist feels up for it, I'd appreciate it, and I can pay depending on the piccy, up to ten dollars. (I'm broke ;_; )

    If you need reference pictures of who/what you'd be drawing, just post here, please. ^^;
  2. I might be able to help you Miru! XD
  3. That'd be nice ' 3 ' The other two have to wake the heck up before I can get a screeny of each character, but here's a screenshot of -my- character. Like I said, anything's fine, but I think a little chibi picture of all three characters doing something stupid could fit fairly well.

    (Not sure how I can make that picture zoom in on the character to make it seem a bit clearer. If you know how, tell me ^^; )

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  4. I could draw you something, Miru.

    You don't need to pay me anything. I think that your character looks awesome and I want to draw them anyway :P
  5. Well, there's two others, as well XD They just need to do a screencap =P
  6. There, made it bigger. And the second character is above mine. ^^
  7. Awesome :3

    Excited to do this pic~ Can't wait to see the third character.
  8. Well here we go then. By Miru's great judgment I shall put up a pic.

  9. Yeah, so Piro's character has a blindfold. That's what that brown thing is, since it's a bit of a pain to see XD

    Also, for a bit of reference:

    I'm a Witch, and I use probability-based spells that can either fail, succeed, or have a great success.
    Piro is an Asura, and they use trippy elemental-wave-based attacks. Also, they have no vision.
    Weavel is an Elementalist, which is basically lolspamallthespellsever.
  10. Alright, got it :3

    So cute chibi is ok? Or would you rather it be epic? I can do either.
  11. Either one is perfectly fine ^^ The only real preference is that it's colored, that's all. ^^
  12. Do you still want help? I could attempt, too!
  13. Sure! If anything, we could alternate art in like that =P
  14. Since you already have artists, I won't barge in and interrupt them. But if you want someone to draw your characters for fun, then I would be glad for the work. : >
  15. Oh, feel perfectly free to draw! We can always switch out art between episodes, and I'll be sure to give credit to all you artists ^^
  16. o wo
    Now kinda wanna... <3