Artisan's Contest (April 2014)

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  1. Artisans, Here is a fun Challenge for you; Personification is a very cool concept in writing but can be just as stimulating as art. This month’s Challenge is to personify the seasons.

    Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn

    No rules, all Skill levels are welcome. All mediums allowed, use whatever you got, digital skills and organic mediums alike. Let’s give the four season’s embodiment.

    You can give your entry captions, explain, and share your thoughts as well, this challenge will end on the last day of April. So spread the news!

    May the Epic Art Battle of Iwaku Begin!!

    Deadline - April 30th

    Here are a few examples




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  2. I didn't really get the coloring right, I should've just did them greyscale. Ah well :P


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