Artisan and Writer of the Month

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  1. Congratulations!!

    Thank you for participating in April's Artisan's contest, @heliacalRebirth and taking the time to share your talent with us, your adorable seasonal personifications deserve to you this Medal.

    Helacial rebirth April 2014.jpeg

    @RiverNotch Wrote clever, deep, Poetic words for a Picture Prompt, Thank you for participating in April's 2014 Writing contest in the Museum, I award you with this medal.

    Writer Rivernotch april 2014.jpeg


    I would also like to thank the other participants that submitted entries to the museum this past April:

    Writer's challenge entries



    Thank you all, who take the time to congratulate our winners and hope to see some of you submitting works of your own in May's upcoming Museum Contest.

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