Artificial Love?

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  1. Earth had lost all life when the Sun had became a red giant, sweeping away all life that existed on Earth. Luckily for the human race, some had survived when they had the technology capable of sending humans to safety. The planet Uztrion was most habitable for humans, sharing daily life with Uzmodians and other species similar to life on earth. They had vass differences, but humans settled well and continued their life as normal as they could.

    OPTIONAL character forum;

    Feel free to make up your own species.


    Name: Eliza Stark
    Title: Doc. Stark
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Self-employed android builder
    Other: Created A.C.E as well as many other androids. {You may use her as the creator of your android(s)}

    Name: Ace
    Title: A.C.E (Artificial Cybernetic Entity)
    Age: 2
    Gender: None (Male pronouns from Eliza)
    Species: Android
    Occupation: Servant
    Other: The first successful android created by Doctor Stark. Has no gender, but tends to be referred to with male pronouns. Has same piercing as their creator.

    Not even a second after the scientist turned on her android, he spoke up."Eliza," Ace started with his even slightly synthesised voice. "will I ever experience love?"
    The dark haired girl sighed as she finished tuning up her creation, putting away her tools and cleaning off her hands. She glanced over at the robot as she did so, unsure of how to respond. He stared at her with a look that appeared hopeful. He was never quite fully capable of feeling true emotions yet, she still had a long way to go before he would be able to feel pain and joy. "I'm not sure," She said finally, biting the corner of her mouth. They remained silent as Eliza went about her business checking up on all her creations. "Ace, would you mind going to the department for me? I need some supplies for Core."
    "Of course," he stood and dusted himself off, just as he'd seen Eliza do. He nodded before striding out of the room and heading down the corridor of the large building where many species lived.
  2. Name: Otto Abbing
    Title: Otto or Sargent Abbing
    Species: Human
    Occupation: helps in anti piracy operations and part time musician
    Appearance: 6'0" 210 pounds, Auburn hair and beard of the same color, green eyes. Wears blue jeans boots and a white t-shirt tucked into his jeans.
    Other: Otto has an android arm replacing his right which he lost it in a boarding action against pirates

    Otto sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time today as his arm was acting up, he had been told that it was the greatest money could buy he called some real BS on that one. He stood from the cafe table he was at and started to walk down the street he had heard their was an android builder somewhere around here her name was Eliza Stark, he had heard good things so far but he always took things with a grain of salt. He looked down as his virtual data pad sprung into existence and looked at the address provided for Dr. Stark which he just so happened to be in front of said residence, he went up to the door and knocked hoping for an answer.
  3. Eliza had been working on her newest android when she heard a knock at the door. "Ace, can you get it?" She called out, busy at trying to encode emotions into Code. She switched her tools and was about to get back to business when she heard a knock once again. "Ace, the door– oh right." She quickly put her tools down on her work table and headed towards the door. She wiped her brow quickly before unlocking and pulling it open, only to find a tall man she didn't recognize. She wasn't expecting any new customers, but smiled nonetheless. "Hello, can I help you?"
  4. "Hello I heard you were a android builder and wondered if you could help me, you see my right arm here *lifts up his right arm to show her* is an android arm and I was wondering if you could re-calibrate this one as it has been acting up and build me a new one this one has been giving me far to much trouble lately and with my lines of work I need both arms very steady." Otto finished speaking and looked at her waiting for a response.
  5. Eliza glanced at the man's arm as he held it out. She smiled and nodded as she examined it. "Of course. Looks simple enough. My android Ace just left to get me some supplies. Would you mind having a seat?" She gestured to the lone chair by her workspace.
  6. Otto sat down and looked around and said. "This is a nice place you have here either you are more than just an android builder or you have some very high profile customers." After he said this he disconnected his arm revealing the port it went into to connect with his nerves she looked at him with a raised brow and he responded. "This think has been acting up every hour on the hour for the past week i'm not gonna risk breaking something of yours also how much should this cost me anyway."
  7. Name: Kiyoshi
    Title: none.
    Age: not sure.
    Gender: Does not have one, being an artificial life form. Looks more masculine, but is technically agender. e/em/eir pronouns, but he/him also work.
    Species: android.
    Occupation: Servant, freelancer/wanderer
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Other: E wasn't built by any of the popular android builders, or those who add parts to humans. E was made by a single builder, who had decided to experiment, illegally near the beginning of the humans' time on Uztrion. Kiyoshi was one of the last andriods eir creator built, and one of the best. Eir creator was taken, probably executed by those in charge at the time. E was lost, then, and took up life wandering, trying to find a home after being trained to be a servant and peacekeeper, and programmed with the ability to destroy, if need be. Kiyoshi has some defects; in programming, in eir outer form. Tends not to like authority, but is very loyal to those e chooses to serve for.

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    Eliza nodded and picked up the arm, examining it as she spoke, "My father was a part of the military, I was thinking of building androids for the Uzmodian government but decided against it. I didn't want to build androids capable of starting a war," she put on her glasses and inspected the socket. "It won't cost much. The problem is the circuits aren't aligning with the port. Easy to fix."
  9. At some point in the previous night, Kiyoshi could actually name the exact time, e had broken into the independent builder Eliza Stark's warehouse. At that moment in time, Kiyoshi was in the department, looking for... Well, nothing in particular. E just enjoyed wandering, looking at new technology, or a master to finally claim eir own: and sometimes e would look for any files e could find on eir own builder. So far, not much had been found. E hummed to eirself, twirling around the room peacefully and inspecting objects. Kiyoshi did not stop eir meaningless searching, even when e heard the door to the room open with the noise silent to most humans, but detectable to androids. E simply did not care. Kiyoshi was carefree and happy as heck.
  10. Ace entered the department, searching around for the required parts Eliza needed. He was a little shocked to see Kiyoshi inside, but it wasn't unusual. "Doctor Stark does not have files of your creator," Ace said for the umpteenth time to the other android. "Sorry Kiyoshi."
  11. Kiyoshi smiled at Ace, putting down a palm sized data disk. It was outdated, extremely so, and Kiyoshi had not seen many like it. It was exciting for em, in a weird way. E danced eir way over to Ace, leaning eir elbows on the other android's shoulder, batting eir eyelashes up at him.
    "Master," e said dreamily, partly for the irony, as Ace was not eir master. Unless Kiyoshi so decided for him to be, which would be unlikely. E did enjoy following Ace around, though. "You do not know that, at least you can not be certain. Besides," e sighed, looking around the department, "I know. I have looked everywhere. She does, however, keep tabs on me!"
    Kiyoshi was excited by that, looping away from Ace, to pick up a file e had found.
    "You are looking different today, master. Did you have some work done?" E asked, holding up the file with a smile, and totally not at all trying to check out Ace's fine rear end.
  12. Ace stared blankly at the white haired android, expression unchanging as he was complimented. "Yes, I did. Eliza made sure I am working properly a moment ago. I am to pick up some tools for her work." He bent over to collect needed tools, varying in size and shape, ignoring the perky robot behind him. He did infact, to whatever extent he was capable of, enjoy being treated as a human rather than a machine and Kiyoshi provided that joy.
  13. Kiyoshi not so discreetly watched Ace as he was bent over, slipping over to lean up against a shelf beside Ace, playing with eir favourite yellow scarf.
    E let out a huffy noise, whining, "Master senpaaiii, pay attention to me,"
  14. After collecting all the tools Eliza needed, Ace stood again, holding them in one arm. He patted the taller android on the head as 'attention' and strode out of the room, not truly caring on if the robot wanted to come along. As soon as he entered Eliza's workroom, he noticed she had a customer. Keeping silent as she did her work, he placed the tools down, trying not to interrupt her.
  15. Kiyoshi trailed behind Ace, skipping in his wake. E hummed to eirself, the song that eir master had taught em.
    "What are we doing today, master?" Kiyoshi whispered, taking some of Ace's load, even though it was unnecessary for androids. It was still kind. Kiyoshi noticed the customer, but, again, e was more a wanderer than a care-r. At the moment, Kiyoshi was working with Ace.
  16. Eliza's head perked up from her work on the arm. "Ah, there you are. Mind bringing me some of the smaller tools, I need to see which one will help me reconnect the nervous system." She glanced at Kiyoshi but remained silent. Ace quickly collected the smallest tools from the bunch, bringing them over to her. She riled through them until she found what she needed and waved Ace off, who turned to stand silently beside her recent work, Code.
  17. Otto looked at the doctor and said. "Doc could you install a blade into the new arm I will pay you triple if needed I work anti piracy and i'm tired of not having a close quarters defense." He then looked at the beings who just entered and spoke to the one that handed the Doc the tools. "Hello I would shake your hand but i'm right dominate but as you can see *pointing to the now empty socket* I can't so a hello will have to do for now i'm also gonna guess one or both of you are androids *Otto gestured to the two who just walked in* hmm this is the first time I have seen an android in person."
  18. Eliza looked over at the androids. "Yes, this is my first successful android, Ace. Otherwise known as A.C.E., Artificial Cybernetic Entity." She gestured to the dark haired android who respectively bowed. She smiled at Kiyoshi but remained silent.
  19. "Interesting..." Otto got up and circled Ace, he appeared like any human no metal endoskeleton exposed. "I have to say I have seen schematics for many android types but this takes the cake and most are "dumb" A.I regulated to single tasks and operations but he is a "smart" A.I completely aware and independent. *Otto faced Ace and asked* how old are you Ace, how long have you been active."
  20. Ace remained still as he was examined. "I have been active for two years. Doctor Stark does regular check ups on me to make sure I run properly." He sounded exactly like one would expect an android, a truly human voice with no emotion.