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  1. I've got an idea for a role-play that's not entirely fleshed out yet, but I thought I would go ahead and see if there's any interest in the subject:

    The story takes place in a futuristic setting, where Androids and Cyborgs are a common part of daily life (Maybe even Aliens!). The development of sentient Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, these few but powerful programs able to inhabit technology of many kinds, be it android or super computer.

    This RP would explore the varying intents and ambitions of some of these AI, as well as the relationships (or lack thereof) that they have with the organic beings around them.
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  2. So, um, this is kind of my plot candy. By which I mean this is life-long number-one most-desired plot for me. :3

    You have my attention. And depending on where this goes, maybe you'll have my bid. :o
  3. Oh, awesome! :D
    So let me see if I can elaborate on this idea a little bit more for you then...

    My idea was to have the main characters of the story be the AI themselves and the engineers/scientists that created them.

    I have two main ideas for how the plot could go at this point:
    1. There are (at least) 2 AIs on opposing sides of an ideal (maybe pro-human vs anti-human? Or maybe something else), who in the larger scheme of the story have to either find a balance of cohabitation or fight each other.

    2. AIs are being developed under the radar, and when their presence becomes known, government agencies start trying to confiscate them for their own use, while other human groups are rallying for their destruction. So in this case, the AI remain semi-neutral while the drama is created mainly by humans.

    The AIs too can really be anything- they can be voices in a computer or fully functioning androids, or both!
    If you have any ideas or suggestions at all, I would love to hear them! I hope this story sounds interesting to you, because its something I've been wanting to do fro a long time as well!
  4. As it turns out, this sounds very, very similar to a plot @Lstorm and I were thinking about writing some months ago.

    We were talking about a chat roleplay I've been trying to get going for some time called Opus Novum; essentially one of the many arcs that would be going on would include two secretly-designed sentient AI; one had run off for the sake of curiosity, the other was kept in a cage so it could destroy its predecessor and then be recycled. The AI are essentially victims in this plot.

    Perhaps you might want to get involved in that particular arc and others that may come up in the roleplay?
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  5. That sounds cool! I took a look at the Opus Novum thread, and that definitely looks like something I'd love to be involved in, and it sounds like that world and the stories are a lot more developed than mine! haha! So: What do I need to do to get involved in Opus Novum? :)
    (Sorry, I'm still not 100% familiar with how the ins and outs of this site work.)
  6. Well, to avoid hijacking your interest check, I think I'll put that content into a PM, so you can still gather some players for this concept if you want to do something else with it. :3
  7. Thanks a bunch! :)
  8. Any time. :3
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