FANFICTION Artificial Dragonborn

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  1. Prologue

    Neloth and his Spriggan servant gathered the eight large heartstones that he was using for the purpose of the procedure, "We only have one chance for this procedure." Neloth said, turning to the Dragonborn, heavily pregnant with her son, "And we don't know for certain the results of it, are you sure this is what you want?" Neloth asked.

    She nodded, "My final act of rebellion against my master, I may serve him, I may have to use the Empire for his advantage, but I'll be damned if my true son is lesser than those pig puppets he intends to have me pump out."

    Neloth nodded at the confirmation that she gave, "Call the dragon." looking over the edge of the white gold tower, "This is the place we need." He placed the heart stones aligned with the eight outer towers, "The Tower within a wheel, go." He said, preparing his spell.

    "Od-Ah-Viing!" She shouted. It wasn't long for him to arrive, and she executed the next part, "Gol Hah Dov!" She shouted, her voice thundering as Odahviing became enslaved to her will, "Jor Zah Frul!" she shouted finally, allowing him to experience mortality once again. As the concept was stuck in his mind and he was enslaved to her will, she took her dragonbone war axe, yanked on his horn, and brought it down on his head in one swift motion, decapitating him, "Now!" She shouted to Neloth.

    The Heart Stone in Neloth's chest glowed as he drew on the power of the eight around him, casting the spell on the Dragonborn's womb moments before the soul left Odahviing's body. Instead of going to the dragonborn, it was drawn to the focal point of power within her womb, the symbols in the dragon language on her belly glowing as the soul entered her unborn son.

    The heart stones around the tower crumbled into ash and Neloth smiled, "It worked!" He said, laughing maniacally, "It truly worked!" He continued excitedly, "There's no telling what the effects will be, as people generally frown on murdering pregnant women to test if their child has a soul, a backwards ideal when we have necromancy, but this will be interesting to see." He said with a smile. He clutched his chest, "Ooh, but I have to get a new heart stone, this took a bit much for me. The little N'wah took some of my power as well as the power of the other stones. I will have to take an extended leave to Solstheim to get a new one. I trust your empire will not collapse without me in that time." He said as a statement more than a question.

    The Dragonborn cradled her stomach, hoping for the best.
  2. Neloth slammed his staff on Paedt's desk, causing the young man to jolt awake, "Pay attention, Peytodkaal." He glared at neloth, he hated when people used his full name, though wasn't sure whether he was more upset if the offender could use the thuum or not. Paedt stared at the books on his desk, magical tomes that wizards several times his age spent lifetimes studying, copies of the dark knowledge within the black books, books that made men go mad. Several copies of the elder scrolls, transcribed using dwemer technology, and every book written about Tiber Septim, Talos, including a few that his mother wrote. Finally, there was the book they were studying, open on his desk.

    The book was written in dragon speech. It was a tome paarthurnax had written. It spoke of his meeting with talos and their talks. It spoke of the teachings he imparted, of the thuum.

    "Your mother wants you to learn this." The Telvanni mage said in a tone that forbade protest.

    "Why does she want me to be like Talos?" He asked, "Talos was a man who became a god, a feat rumored to be matched by mannimarco, and arkay. Why not strive for something more than that?" Paedt questioned.

    The Telvanni mage raised his eyebrow at this, "your disinterest in talos is not due to finding the subject matter hard to understand, but due to feeling he was not ambitious enough?" Neloth asked.

    "He took the Empire and ascended to join the aedra. Ordinary men have taken the Empire, my mother took back the Empire, nedic men have taken the empire. Aedra are demonstrably killable, and there are aedra out there who are even more powerful than the aedra Talos is among. The magna ge left, the aedra here could not." Paedt said, standing up, one hand on his desk, the other pointing to the side, "they're out there, somewhere in power between the daedra and the 9. More power than talos could have, and undebatably as worthy of our worship. Teach me how to become one of them." He said stubbornly.

    Neloth looked at him and began to chuckle, a smile spreading his face, "So, you seek the power of the magna ge in aetherius? What makes you think such power is attainable?" He asked.

    "A magna ge was able to become a daedra. One of those stars was able to gain power at least as great as that of magnus. Surely I can rise as far as one of the stars." He said definitively.

    Neloth nodded and pointed to the portal, "Go back and ask your mother about her experience at winterhold." Neloth said softly, "you may find her information to be enlightening."
  3. Paedt went through the portal back home and found his mother. He was taller than her by a few inches, her silver and moonstone crown on her head, she sat on the Ruby Throne, her husband, Pelagius Mede sat on a simple wooden chair next to him before the court. Paedt strode past the commoners in the court, next to his mother, pushing her husband's chair aside so that he could sit at her right side, on the floor. Pelagius Mede looked much like his father, Titus, though he always had a sour look on his face, probably due to his reduced status.

    He waited as his mother heard the cases of the people, songs of the Thu'um and Kyne running through his mind as they always were. Eventually they took a recess and he stood, "Aren't you supposed to be with Neloth today?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. He stared into her ageless face, she often was mistaken for his oldest half sister. He knew the truth, Neloth had unintentionally informed him as such, or intentionally, he could never find the man's intention.

    "He sent me to you. I was asking him about the Magna-Ge and he said to speak to you about something that happened at Winterhold?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in response.

    She sighed and rolled her eyes, "The eye of Magnus, but I don't see why he told you to come to me, we have records in the Imperial Library, just peruse those, I still have the staff in my collection if he wants you to look at that." She said, tossing her hair behind her shoulder.

    He stared, her act was convincing, he knew all of them, the carefree royalty was the part she was playing right now. It suited her the least. He nodded, "I definitely want to see the staff." He said, motioning for her to lead on. She shook her head and waved a hand, the staff appearing in it with a ripple in the fabric of reality. She handed it over and waved him off so she could spend the rest of the recess doing other, more important things. Serving her master. Paedt thought.

    He went into the imperial library and looked for the books she mentioned.