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  1. Regalia.jpg
    A city, vast and sprawling, known throughout the world as the most technologically advanced, home of the Noblemen, and also to one of the most expansive undergrounds, and the most notorious criminals.

    The city is comprised of five layers, literally stacked on one another:

    Forma Regalia, the top layer, is actually floating several hundred feet above the surface of the planet. This place, shimmering with the gold and silvers of displayed riches, is the home of many Noblemen, the current ruling class. They remain in their homes in the clouds, above all others. Residents of Forma Regalia are the elite, and almost never associate with lower classes, even indirectly.

    Upper Regalia, the second layer, is where average people live. Daily men and women who operate the machines that run everyone's lives and dominate the culture. To get a good feel of the sheer pace of this part of the city, imagine if everyone in modern Tokyo took cocaine and drank and extra seven cups of espresso coffee that morning. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but go to the heart of the district, you'll feel the rhythm and understand.

    Neutra Regalia, the mid layer, is the underground. Welcome to the infamous sector of hackers, crime lords, drugs, raves, music, and dark desire. Here you can find everything except anything legal. The sector is mostly lit by neon light strips. But what makes the place really famous is it's world class Artificers, doctor/engineers who, for a price, will mechanically enhance your body to make you one with machines. Whether it's hacking into a mainframe via thought or cybernetic limbs, chances are you can find an Artificer to make it happen.

    Lower Regalia, the second-to-last layer, is literally a junkyard, the place where street cleaners, criminals, law enforcement, commoners and Noblemen alike dump their refuse. The place is infested with mutated rats and the lowest of the low, who would kill you just so they could take your stuff. Staying here longer than fifteen seconds is ill advised, and at all without a gas mask is just plain stupid, as the whole area is toxic, poisoning the city.

    Dark Regalia, the last layer, is completely insane. Filled with toxic gasses and liquids from the above Lower Regalia, it is filled with savage, mutant beasts and warring clans of disfigured bandits who would gladly kill you for a laugh. Anyone can enter, but it is rare that anyone leaves and lives long.

    We are starting off in Neutra Regalia.

    Basic rules. Correct grammar and spelling is appreciated. Don't be a dick to other players.


    Home Sector: (Neutra or above)
    Hobbies: (optional)
    Special skills:
    Downfalls: (weaknesses)
    Gear: (weapons, tools, etc.)
    Appearance: (pic or descript)

    Name: Caesar Ultera
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Home Sector: Neutra Regalia
    Modifications: biomechanical prosthetic arms
    Job: Odd jobs where ever he can find them, usually for criminal organizations
    Hobbies: genetically engineering pet animals to make them cuter and explode when startled, DJ, shooting rats, killcounting
    Special skills: marksman with rifle, experienced criminal
    Downfalls: cannot pilot ships, fear of falling, has difficulty knowing when to back down
    Gear: Semi-automatic/Automatic pistols, an assault rifle, biomechanical arms with augmented hydraulic strength, reality enhancing helm, bullet resistant nanofiber clothes.
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  2. This is actually quite interesting. May i join please? :3
  3. I like this, I'd like to bring in a product of eugenics into this
  4. Name: Subject #6 "Six" (Will choose the name Renna later on)

    Gender: Female

    Age: Looks 20; Aggregate Age due to being locked in an old Military Freezer: 122

    Home Sector: Originally from Old America, Stored in a Storage facility in Neutra Regalia

    Modifications: Genetic Engineering produced Human with heightened muscular strength, speed, senses, intelligence, reflexes and agility her body's cells reproduce/regenerate 20% faster than a Standard Human. Biologically acceptable for cybernetic and nanotech modification.


    Muscular Strength:
    She has the inherent ability to lift and throw about 2 tons

    Senses: Sight, Smell and Hearing ranges increase from standard Human 3 kilometers to 4.5 kilometers. Touch is increased to sense impending events by the subtlest vibrations in her surroundings. Taste remains largely the same as Human capabilities.

    Speed: Her running speed tops at 50 miles per hour.

    Intelligence: She is gifted with certifiable genius intelligence, though her field of studies are not focused on one branch of the tree of knowledge. She knows what she needs to know.

    Reflexes: Her reflexes are heightened to be able to have her body react to danger quicker. Example: A bullet is fired at her, she can dodge it and others should they not be fired in automatic succession. Her mind however sometimes doesn't React to certain reflexive triggers.

    Agility: She has the natural ability to do what free runners train their whole lives for.

    Job: She doesn't work, She is currently on ice and the storage facility is preparing to auction the unit that houses her and her siblings' Cryo Tubes.

    Hobbies: As a product of Eugenics, her upbringing was unconventional consisting of mainly Military Exercises, Medical Examinations, Scientific Research performed on her. She was given no personal time nor the emotional responses to be attracted to "extracurricular" activities.

    Special skills: She was created by old Military Deep Science. Her body was created to be the perfect weapon when combined with a group. She was Stealth and Infiltration focused with a secondary training in Cyber Intrusion and Data Theft.

    Downfalls: She is Socially Inept, has no true moral compass and no remorse felt for those who pose themselves as Threats to her. She is curious, overly curious having been out of the loop for 102 years. She is prone to violence, and she shows no emotion towards anything (Even though she wants to) She is easily mislead, gullible given her military brainwashing, abusable by making oneself appear to have take over her command and give her orders. Her biological structure has heightened her resistance to viral infection, disease, poison and radiation, the downside is her body is extraordinarily susceptible to Tranquilizers and Drugs.

    Gear: None, She has been on Ice for the last 102 Years.

    Gear She is able to Use:

    Weapons: Sawed off Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Semi-Automatic Pistols, Stabbing and Cutting tools/weapons.

    Gadgets: All forms of Computers, smart picks, Disposable Multitools.


  5. Name: Nayrel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Home Sector: Upper (formerly Forma)
    Modifications: Cybernetic Wings, capable of providing a "hover" mode, but actual flight is quite limited. They can be folded in to look like a rather metallic rucksack. Also has some sort of anti-growth chemical which slows the aging process. She looks about 15.
    Job: Usually hired work, and never in one job very long.
    Hobbies: (optional) currently undergoing a project to try and work out a way of upgrading her wings.
    Special skills: Was trained in the wielding of longswords, and has a relatively good aim when using lighter guns. She would also look incredibly intimidating floating in a dark room with a spotlight behind her.
    Downfalls: due to carrying around rather large structures, her balance is quite bad unless she is holding an equally heavy weight in front of her, and she can only run with the wings folded in.
    Gear: (weapons, tools, etc.) a longsword and a pair of uzis
  6. Name: Tok-Tok
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5"1
    Tok-Tok (open)
    Tok's hair is white and her skin is quite pale, though the skin around her eyes are red, caused by her biomechanical eyes.


    Home Sector: Neutra Regalia
    Modifications: Her eyes have been replaced with biomechanical eyes, connected to her brain. This causes her to be very prone to headaches. They were designed with bluetooth and WIFI, able to connect or hack into other technology.
    Job: Hacker
    Special skills: She understands technology and is able to connect or hack into most technology.
    Downfalls: She has a wide range of fears along with her hatred for water and the previously mentioned headaches.
    Gear: Dual pistols which she is quite skilled at wielding.
  7. All are Accepted!
  8. Wooh!
  10. Name: The Observer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34
    Home Sector: Neutra
    Modifications: (Explained in picture)
    Job: Information Broker
    Hobbies: (optional)
    Special skills: Hacking, surveillance, stealth and agility
    Downfalls: (weaknesses) She cannot be submerged in water for too long, and is unsure of whether she can submerge her eyes(aka box) in water.
    Gear: A small dagger, a small pistol, more will be included IC.
    Bio: 'The Observer. This name is often whispered in hushed tones in the Neutra Sector. Rumor has it that he has cameras everywhere, and see's everything despite the fact he's rumored to be eyeless. Apparently he charges major amounts of money to those who seek information. And despite the authorities attempts to track him down, wherever he is, he's never left a trace. Those who have met him before say that he moves from his two bases on a bi-monthly basis. But is this fact, or a widely believed superstition?' - News reporter I'll end up telling the rest of the bio in character, most likely via dreams or flashbacks.
    Roslyn is commonly known as a superstition, The Observer, one who is said to have eyes all over the city, she deals in secrets, making those who need information pay large sums of money to get it. Many presume The Observer a cloaked male.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She has a biomechanical forearm and shin, along with her eyes; more of a box-like component which will be explained later IC.
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  11. I hope it's not a problem that someone will have to reactivate "Six" in story
  12. @Raimei good so far

    @MegaMonkey not at all. If one of the others doesn't activate her, I'll have Caesar do it as a job or something.
  13. That's what I was thinking, some rich crime boss contacting one of the others or yourself saying they need a storage facility broken into. Old World Advanced tech worth big money but they were misinformed and instead of tech, it's full of freezer tubes, with all but one either destroyed their contents dead or opened already, the one that's still active containing Six.
  14. I think my Ap is done.
  15. @Raimei you need to add the downfalls, gear, and modifications.
  16. May I join in? And does it have to be human?
  17. Please notify me if anything needs to be altered; thank you.
    Name : Resic Prolaz [given by Artificer]
    Gender : Female
    Age : 27yrs
    Home Sector : Neutra Regalia; formerly Upper Regalia
    Job : Prostitute

    Modifications : Entire body is a cybernetic shell encasing her brain, heart, and other organs [though these organs have been 'upgraded/modified' as well to function with her cybernetic body]; has three holes on the upper-back part of her neck where she is able to connect wires into, generally uses them to charge her body and/or connect to the internet.
    Hobbies : World observing/people watching, reading any book she can get her hands on, collector [books/things that interest her]
    Special skills : Is able to change her hair, eye, and skin color at will, even changing the pitch of her voice; can feel as a normal human, but is capable of shutting off her receptors [will do this when dealing with customers].
    Downfalls : Though her body is controlled by her actual brain [as though it were a real body] she must still give it a charge every 8-10 days; does not remember anything before the Artificer found her; her body is kept moving by her heart and brain, if one were to destroy them both, she would die; if her heart is stopped, she goes into a sort of stand-by mode and can only be awoken if her heart is started again
    Gear : Carries around a set of wires that allows her plug in anywhere so she can charge or access the net; does not carry any weapons

    Appearance : - Hair: White, above shoulders
    - Eyes: Generally kept black or dark brown
    - Skin: Cream colored
    - Height: 5'6" [168cm]
    - No tattoos, scars, piercings
    - Freckles across her cheeks/nose
    - Single red streak down the center of bottom lip; Artificer's signature [?]
    - Cybernetic body is a cross of Major Kusanagi's body in Ghost in the Shell [outer] and Marcus Wright's body in Terminator: Salvation [inner]

    Resic's Appearance (open)

    Edit : If you wish for another male character, I can easily swap this one out for one or even create another character and make that one a male. Just let me know. Thank you.
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