Artifacts of Olympus

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  1. Yes, I know... another Demi god rp. But I promise you this one is different from the others XD Also the lame title is only a working title since I have no idea what else to put there. I am very much open for suggestions

    Olympus has been robbed, no one knows by whom, but the Gods are enraged. Their most precious possesions have been stolen and scattered as artifacts over the world. Thus they have lost their power to travel from Olympus to Earth and search for them themselves.

    It is the Oracle of Delphi that finally comes with the solution. The Gods might be unable to travel over Earth, but their Childern can. She sends out a dream to the one that have the blood of the Greek Gods and Deities flowing through their veins. Each God and Deity sending out a familiar to help and guide their son or daughter....

    And that is how our story starts...

    So that was the little plot idea from me and @Scorpio Queen I hope any one is interested :P

    List of taken positions
    Hades ~ @Scorpio Queen
    Thanatos ~ @DarkiusHeavenstein
    Typhon ~ @Crow
    Hermes ~ @DoomyCakez
    Apollo ~ @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming
    Dionysus ~ @Luxii
    Poseidon ~ @Stargazer
    Zeus ~ @Gorgeous♠Chaos
    Khione ~ @CrystalTears
    Aries ~ @Noctis the Devious

    Little things to take in consideration
    ~ There can only be one (1) child of a god
    ~ The relationships of the Gods will portray in their childern. Thus if anyone plays Hypnos. My character and that character are gonna be close, since Hypnos and Thanatos are twins... So keep things like that in consideration.
    ~ The artifacts they will have to search for depends on what Gods are choses as parents
    ~ The familiars are animals that can only be seen by the demigods. They hold no powers, they can only guide them through a mental connection.
    ~ Reservations can be made, but that means you have to be sure you want to join! Otherwise it will be first come, first serve
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  2. Hmmm... how does the child of Typhon sound?
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  3. I would be fine with it ^^
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  4. O v O. I'll join with good old Hermes!~
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  5. Can I snag APOLLO (Favorite God) xD
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  6. Hihi Of course Shattered ^^ Also did you know that (according to Mythology) I am involved with Apollo XD
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  7. Rofl... didn't know that, but going to be fun to play out xD
  8. Just imagine my kid and your kid lol... like, umm yeah are parents... yeah! xD
  9. YEAH as in Daphne (my real name) was some waternymph that Apollo took an interest in and she rejected him so he went all stalkerish so she prayed to mother Earth and was turned into a laurel tree XD
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  10. OH... *Feels Dumb* thought you were talking about... Nvermind lol, that's still funny xD
  11. As for Thanny and Apollo, they hated each other as much as they loved eachother. Thanny hated the gods anyway for their eternal life, and with apollo he had quite a few... fights over people he wanted to take to the Underworld and Apollo was not willing to let go...

    however I did somehwere once read (yet i can't find it back) that Apo once tried to decieve Thanny with sex...
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  12. I know about that one lol
    Lol, I was just reading up on their relationship, haven't found that last one though xD
  13. I'm just going to have herme's kid o v o. And he or she will be adorably awesome...
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  14. sweet
  15. -squirms around in excitement- x. x
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  16. Same lol

    My Apollo guy is going to be a Conceited MOFO lol
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  17. nice hey shattered
  18. My kid is going to be the playful, slacker coward. He's hermes' kid do it only seems fitting lol...
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  19. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As you can see I am having a great day. I think we haven't ever actually rped in IC before so far in rps we've been in... I don't think so.

    and sorry about the ones that I never replyed back in, back than I was just busy and not fully into rping like I am now. Just letting you knwo^^
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  20. my girl is going to be very dark
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