Artifact of Wishes (Lunita and Meely)

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  1. Twilled Forest-Elven Homestead
    200 years ago...

    Lunita ran through the forest, she had to escape. She had to find a way out of her homeland. Tears streamed down her face while she heard her people telling her to stop running. She would not stop, she would leave her homeland forever! How could her father expect her to be married when she was not ready? She would never be ready now. She kept her pace, slamming through the branches as leaves fell. Her eyes became a bright emerald green, glowing bright as she summoned a portal. She had no idea where it led to but it would sure be better than under the iron fist rule of her father.

    New York City
    Present day..

    Lunita was wiping off the bar in the local grill she worked at. She wiped off the glasses, waiting for the doors to open. She was getting quite skilled at mixing drinks, an accomplishment that she felt quite proud of, especially since she did not use any of her magic skills to become so good at it. In fact, she had not used magic for close to seventy five years. The longer she went without using her magic, the more she believed that her family would not be able to find her. That is, until one of her family members entered. Lunita kept her head down. She checked to make double sure that her ears were hiding behind her hair. She knelt to the floor, pretending to be picking up something. When she knew the member of her former household was not looking, she ran through the rear entrance. She tossed her apron and ran toward her apartment complex. When she arrived, two more of her relatives were entering. They had found her. How? It has been two hundred years! She ran her hands through her hair in frustration before hailing a cab. She asked to be brought to a doughnut shop several blocks over. After paying the cabbie, she ran a couple of more blocks until she came to a bar she never saw before. She went inside, ordered a drink then sat at a booth. She sipped on her beer as she began to draw the artifact that she would need to be rid of her family forever. Now, all she needed was for someone to help her to retrieve this pendant. It was spoken of at a reception party in her homeland. It was said that this artifact would grant a person one wish after that person touched it.

    Lunita knew that it was not safe to leave the bar, not yet. Who could she call on? No one she would trust came to mind. She glanced around the bar looking for any sign of someone she could get to bring her to safety. As well as she got to know the Humans, males would most likely try to take advantage of the situation. Instead, she took the amulet drawing and pinned it to the wall with the small dagger she kept on her.
  2. 26 years ago...
    "Son, you can't stay here forever. You're 450 years old."
    "I know," Marcos replied, "But I'm just not ready. I don't think I'll ever be ready."

    His mother came downstairs carrying a large suitcase, "Leave, now." He was kicked out of his home.

    After venturing for many days, he arrived at New York City. There was so many restaurants and bars it seemed only fitting that's where he'd spend his time rather than the bright lights of Broadway

    But Marcos had one wish: he wished that he could make a friend, a human or not. He had many 'friends' though none were true friends. The rejection he received from his family had changed him. He wanted to change that.

    Present Day
    Marcos was sat drinking in the bar like he often did, getting drunk for no reason and normally sleeping rough since he wasted his income. He was not quite yet drunk. He liked the fact everyday he came in as somebody else.

    The sound of a knife piercing through something turned his head, and he gasped to see the amulet drawing. "The artefact of wishes," he whispered to himself, trying to make it sound like a fandom since he knew humans had them and he didn't want to get anybody else involved.
  3. Lunita's ears caught the whisper. Her bright green eyes met those of the man the whisper came from. She simply nodded at him before returning to her drink. She finished it, then ordered a couple of beers then motioned for the man to join her. She placed her hands over the new glass, letting the condensation cool her fingers. After a few sips, she reached for the dagger and pulled it out of the wall. She set the drawing in the middle of the table. Then, she just sat there, waiting to see if this man would come over.
  4. Was she asking him to join her? He didn't care, he wanted to know what she was doing with a picture of the artefact of wishes. "Can I join you? My name is Marcos," he whispered, sitting down next to her, "Why've you got that?"
  5. Lunita's eyes shone bright, lighting up as she tried to figure out what sort of being Marcos was. She moved over in her seat, allowing him to join her but felt a bit uncomfortable with the closeness they had. "My name is Lunita, this artifact is my salvation." She spoke quietly while taking a few more sips of her drink. She could tell this man was not human but what was he? "I need a safe place to hide, and we need a quiet place to speak freely."
  6. "I have a place. As long as you're alright with getting muddy. It's a two minute walk to the west, though if this is your salvation, we will have to hurry," he whispered and when he saw her edge away, he moved his chair. The lighting of her eyes almost scared him off. It was like she was scanning him, "Shapeshifter," he said.
  7. Lunita's eyes went bask to their pale green color as she grabbed her sunglasses, putting them on. She suddenly felt self conscious. "As long as you are not Elf kind." She muttered under her breath. She stood up, placing some money on the table while grabbing the drawing of the amulet. "I'll follow you but be careful, I am afraid of being followed so the quicker we leave, the better." She walked to the door, looking everywhere for any signs of her relatives. When she was sure no one was around, she slipped through the door.
  8. "That can be arranged," Marcos said, exiting the door and beginning to stealthy tiptoe outside, "Goodbye, New York City," he whispered, running towards the outskirts they were so near to.
  9. Lunita ran after Marcos, keeping up with him but barely. She did not complain, however since they were in a hurry. She didn't look back, she would miss the city but she wanted her freedom more.
  10. He stopped but skidded as he was going too fast. He pointed to a forest and smiled, "There'll be nobody there." He added in his mind, 'That is also the first in our journey.'
  11. She looked to where he pointed, nodded at him and continued to run. Trees, she had not taken refuge in a forest in a long time. She could not remember when the last time she was amongst nature. She glanced around, still no sign of her family. She would enjoy the small victory while she had it. The quiet surroundings of nature would help her think clearly. She could smell the sweet aroma of nature as they approached. She heard the Earth calling for her. A small breeze went across her face and she smiled for the first time in a long time. She ran her fingertips over the tree's bark as she passed them. She kept going until all you could see were trees in every direction. She spotted a large hollowed out log. Her eyes flashed behind her glasses as she took a look inside. Nothing. "We will sit in there for now." Lunita knelt down, crawling inside. When Marcos told her she would get muddy, he was right. However, she loved it. She waited for Marcos to join her as she spoke, "How do you know of the Artifact of Wishes?"
  12. "I don't know much of it. I know that it was once used a long time ago by a human to make my kind. He'd wished to be able to confuse for eternity, but the amulet reduced his offer and he wasted his life, only able to confuse. I tend to use my power for different purposes. Like getting free drinks in bars for first timers," Marcos spoke with a happy-go-lucky attitude and grinned at the ending. "I know roughly how to get there. Forests, mountains, quite adventurous, dangerous, ect ect. You?"
  13. Lunita spoke softly, "That amulet was created by the Elves. My kind. It will grant any person that touches it one wish. Unfortunately, there is a price to using such a powerful force. Like that human you mentioned. If you become too full of greed, you will have your wish granted but you pay with your life. The original purpose of creating the amulet was to end a war between the human world and the Elves. The Humans became hateful of the Elves because of the use of magic. The economy for the Elves were increasing as the Humans started having a hard time surviving. My kind holds no malice towards the humans, which is why they created this amulet. They wanted to keep the bond strong with the human world. The price that was paid for ending the war was very great. The Elven King died, along with some of the human world leaders. Many of my kind and the humans died. It was then decreed that the amulet would be placed inside a great chasm in the Earth. To even get to the amulet, there are a few items to collect. Those items will be used as keys. The first, a pure golden feather from a young griffin. The second, an ivory scale from a northern dragon. The third is the branch off of a stagger berry plant. The other problem is of course getting to that chasm. It is quite dangerous, and I can not make this journey alone." She leaned back against the wood. "I do know how to get there."
  14. "Well, I will come, and I'm sure we will meet others takings such an exhibition. I will help and won't be too much trouble. Please take me!" Marcos said, putting his hand up like a student begging the teacher to pick him. He was looking at her silently afterwards, "I know how to get there, and I'm sure we will meet a person who will help us with anything else."
  15. Lunita thought about it for a while. He was a shape shifter, he was fast on his feet. He was so young, though. Or, at least he acted young. Maybe that sort of company would keep her from losing her mind. Would she be able to trust him if they were attacked? All sorts of worries came to her mind. She saw how eager he was to join but did not want the responsibility of keeping them both alive. This was a very dangerous journey. However, she could not do this alone. She sighed heavily, "Alright, we stay here for the night. I need to make myself a bow and some arrows. It is quite a tedious process. Can you keep watch?"
  16. He nodded, smiling as if he was pleased with himself. He was nearly 600 years old but felt like a young child at times. He crawled out of the log and looked around. There was nothing there. He desperately wanted to blend in and be a tree, use surprise on any passerbys, but he knew it wasn't possible to be such a duplicated object. He looked around, his eyes were sharp enough to see enough around him. His ears were good depending on size, though looking human they were no different to the species. He began climbing a tree to get a better view. He was told to keep watch, not to fight anyone off.
  17. Lunita crawled out of the log and began searching for good wood to make a decent bow. The one problem that she would face is string but a bit of magic could help with that. She hated the thought of using her magic but at this point, she had no choice. She thought of how much magic she would have to use from this point forward. She kept thinking about that as she continued her search. She found a few good limbs to make some arrows with. She grabbed a few stones to scrape into arrow heads. There were even a few feathers laying about but she would not be able to use them unless she used magic. She sighed heavily as she brought the items back to the log. She had no idea where Marcos was hiding but felt a bit safer than being alone. She sat herself in a cross legged position. She placed her hands flat on the surface of the wood. Her eyes began to glow quite bright as she called upon nature for strength, and energy. She was going to need every bit she could gather. In the ancient tongue of her people, she began using spells to help create her bow and arrows. It was going to be a very long night.
  18. The sudden muttering of Lunita made Marcos jump. He'd made himself camoflague to the tree as much as possible, which wasn't very much, though he'd made himself all green apart from a brown arm for a branch. He chose not to disturb her as he didn't want to make her think there was somebody there. He sat on a large enough branch and began tapping a tune on his knee quietly to exclude the silence of the forest. Even the leaves did not share the secrets of the wind.
  19. A slight breeze began again as Lunita finished her magic. The bow and arrows were finished after several hours. It would have usually only taken her an hour to do this whole project. Yet, without the use of her powers, she was much weaker. She felt completely drained now. She crawled wearily out from the log with her new weapon in her hands. She looked around for Marcos but could not see him. She kept looking around until she fell to her knees. She began panting for air, pulling herself back to the log. She curled herself into a fetal position, and fell asleep.
  20. Marcos hadn't heard her, and stayed on the tree branches although his eyes began to close. He hoped she wouldn't be worried about him.

    It was the sound of a snapping twig that awoke him. His eyes widened and he looked around. There was a human wandering around. He didn't care how tired she was, "There's a human. Human."
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