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  1. It was the first day of school for the young freshman. Dani wandered the castle-sized school, frantically searching for her class even though the bell had rung five minutes ago.

    Young Dani was a demon, who not only looked like a little kid, but she looked like a BOY! Complete with short red hair and black eyes, small horns, pointy tail, a set wings, and not to mention her flat chest, the tomboy hated whenever people mistook her for a boy and it was one of the many things that made her mad enough to bring out her demon qualities, that and whenever people treated her like a little kid.

    "Satan damn it..!" She cursed, growing frustrated as she wandered the empty halls, scratching her red-haired head near her little horns. "Where in Satans-name is this freaking class?" She mutters to herself, staring down at her map of the school.

    As she mumbles to herself, she stares at the map not watching as she walked right into a male student, falling on her butt and dropping all her things. "Shit!"
  2. As usual, Ash had arrived late to school, the empty halls making it clear that the first classes of the day had already started. This didn't particularly worry him, and he strolled leisurely through the building, stopping at his locker on the way to his class and making sure to take his time. He was already late; it wouldn't hurt if he showed up twenty minutes late as opposed to just ten at this point.

    It was Ash's second year at the school, and the tall, dark eyed vampire had already developed a reputation among the teachers for being a truant who didn't show up to most of his classes and didn't pay attention even when he did attend class. He wasn't concerned with what they thought about him- in fact, he'd been rather proud when, on the first day of the school year, one of his new teachers already knew who he was and warned him that he'd better behave in their class if he wanted to pass his sophomore year.

    Whistling jauntily, he raked a hand through his tousled blonde hair after retrieving a few books from his locker and spun around, his locker door slamming shut behind him as he collided with another student who'd been moving in the opposite direction. Ash stumbled backwards but was quick to regain his footing, and he looked down at the person he'd crashed into, looking somewhat concerned but amused for the most part as the other student dropped their books and papers all over the floor. "You might want to watch where you're going." He pointed out, a faint grin on his lips revealing his pointed canine teeth as he raised his eyebrows and stared pointedly down at the fallen student. "A lot of people around here wouldn't take kindly to you walking right into them."

    Falling into a crouch in front of them, Ash swiftly began gathering the things they'd dropped, looking with unabashed nosiness through some of the papers they'd been carrying.
  3. Dani scowled at the older student. In her mind, she pictured herself kicking the annoyingly tall student in the shin. Though, after thinking through the consiquences that may come of such an action, she settled with just giving a low grunt of annoyance to the older boy. "As if I care about the other people in this shit hole.." She mumbles, her voice instinctively making herself sound like a boy as it usually does when she's annoyed, mad or other things like that.

    She quickly moved onto her hands and knees and messily shoves the lose paper she dropped into an unorganized pile, even rudely snatching a few of hers out of the others hands. "Keep your eyes on your own papers, creep." She mutters bitterly.

    After pushing the papers into a pile, she began making it even more sloppy as she searched and shuffled through them for the map. After finding it, she simply shoves the others into crumpled pile into her bag and stood up, dusting herself off. She would be rather tiny for her age and hardly even reached the vampires chest when she stood up. "Maybe you should watch where your going, Toothy." She used the nickname referring to his vampire teeth just to be rude, glaring at him.
  4. After picking up one or two of the dropped papers, Ash gave up on helping and just observed the other student's annoyance as they rushed to shove everything back in their bag, his lips quirking up in a smirk that only widened when the papers he'd picked up were grabbed from his hands. "I try to give you helpful advice on not walking into people and even pick up some of your things for you...and this is how you thank me? By calling me a creep?" He asked in a mock-hurt tone.

    As he got to his feet, the vampire looked down at the considerably shorter student, further amused by the way they so carelessly threw everything into their bag at once upon standing up, the only paper they kept out being a map of the school. "I'm not the one that was rushing down the hall and crashed into an innocent bystander, Kid." He countered, unbothered by the reference to his fangs but figuring he could counter the annoying nickname with one of his own. This kid was obviously a new student who was struggling to find their way around the school, but Ash wasn't going to let that be an excuse for their lack of manners- he could be just as rude in return, and it would even keep him out of class for awhile longer. The hallways were now completely silent and deserted except for them, even the students who had rushed into school a bit late already in class by this point.
  5. He'd been told he had skin like innocence; fair, light, and unblemished, but after all these years he still couldn't see it. Laughing brown freckles smattered the bridge of his nose, which was wrinkled a little as he now made faces in the mirror, and even though he kept the lower half of his face wrapped in his scarf, anybody who saw him would see more rising against his cheekbones. They probably covered his cheeks too, just like they covered his upper arms, by his shoulders. He had freckles on his curves too. Loathed to think about his curves at all. They were like a girl's, even though he was built lean - sloping, feminine, a gentle lilting contour running from his waist to his legs. The long and wavy black hair didn't help, but he personally liked the fact that he could veil his neck and ears with it. Touch with em made him dreadfully nervous.

    Dreadfully nervous he seemed now in fact, fingers clutching hard the sink in front of him in the hallway bathroom, his tall and slender body doubled over, fists white and face pale - er, paler than usual. The wave of vertigo seemed to linger for longer each day...his teacher would be worried...he clenched his teeth, swearing lightly and praying to god that he wouldn't faint again...he was good at a few things and, unfortunately, laughing stock was already one of them.
  6. Raven walks around, her long nails scrapping against the wall of the corridor that she began to wander down. Her free hand combs her dark black hair out of her face as she looks for the class room she was supposed to be at a while ago now.

    She didn't even understand why she was here. She didn't like her gift, to her it was a curse. One that was likely to scar her more than a lifetimes worth of pain. You see she could see things, hear things, feel things. Things that go beyond the physical world itself.

    She clenches her teeth at the horrid screeching that came from her names, the sound like nails being scraped against a blackboard.
  7. The small girl had to tilt her head far back just to look at Ash, rising onto her tip toes, though it hardly helped since that just barely made her head reach his shoulders a she narrows her black eyes at him. "Don't you EVER call me kid!! I'm not a kid!" She began shouting, not caring if her voice was heard down the halls or in class.

    Her hands clench into tight fists, the paper in her hand even ripping, and her jaw clenches. "I don't need crappy advice from some stupid baby toothed wanna-be-Dracula!" She began growing slightly red in the face as her anger showed. Dani sneered at the student, her pointed tail flicking with frustration as she roughly hand her finger at his chest her pointed sharp nail pressing against his flesh. "And you are a creep! The creepiest of all creeps!! And your rude. And annoying! And," she paused to sniff the air, then wrinkle her nose at an unpleasant stench, which happened to come from a nearby potions lab classroom. "Yuck..! What is that?!" Dani pinched her nose to prevent her from smelling.
  8. When the vertigo had finally left his body, the tall boy with the blue eyes and the curves was aware of his surroundings again. There was angry shouting down the hallway, and an acrid smell in the air. He wrinkled his nose a little at both of them - was there never any peace in a school? The screaming didn't stop for a moment. Something about dracula, and kids. Even though his scarf covered the lower part of his face his cheeks could still be seen lifting in what might have been a smirk, and his chest fluttered a little in amusement.

    His peers always seemed to be roudy - arrogant men and angry girls, one after the other, each with something to prove. Fighting made him nervous, but it also made him laugh - people were silly to fight. Violence was useless, and this he knew first hand.
    In a few dizzy steps the boy would round the corner, eyeing the argument without drawing attention to himself...or at least, as little attention to himself as possible. As a lanky guy at 6' 4'' with long hair and half a face hidden, it was generally hard to actually stay in the shadows.

    The disagreement seemed to be taking place between only two - funny, 'cause the boyish girl with the wings - he knew certainly she was a girl - was making enough noise to be two or three people. A tall, dark-eyed and rather handsome boy stood nearby and the peeping onlooker with the blue scarf did his best not to stare.

    He might be curious, but he was not, by any means, looking to intrude upon their privacy.
  9. The red haired male wandered down the corridor, the shoelace fabric of the bathroom pass he held dangling low, his long slender fingers barely holding on. His gaze swept across the hall, annoying sounds filling his ears as usual. He sighed, turning the corner and spotting a couple not too far down. he could see the expression on the tiny ones face. Slight annoyance brewing in his chest as her voice broke his spell.

    He would continue walking, his boot covered feet no making much noise beside a gentle whisper. Aiden was definitely not going to like this girl, and he already recognized the figure of Ash, the boy in his grade who was now half an hour late. Mrs. Norman wouldn't be happy. that meant a pop quiz tomorrow.

    A scowl slowly crept along the demons lips, now truly pissed off. It didn't help that the only reason he had asked to use the restroom was because he needed to get his homework from his locker, which the boyish looking female was standing in front of.

    Aiden's footsteps stopped behind the vampire, his body turning and moving around him and in between the two without a single word. He nudged the girl back some and started innocently turning the combination.
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  10. The girl took a step back as she was nudged, her red widening as her anger grew more as more. "You're all so rude!" She shouted, her jaw clenching as she glares at the older demon. She frowns, her gaze moving down at her map of the school, realizing that she ripped the only thing that held hope for her getting to class on time.

    She turns her head away. "Tch... No point in getting to class now.." She ripped up the remains of the useless piece of paper fiercely, the simple act seeming to calm her down slight, then tosses the shredded paper onto the floor.

    Setting her hands on her hips, she sighs and glances to a nearby clock in the hall. Her hand reaches in her bag, digging around until she pulled out a fairly large bag of various candies and sweets that appeared to take up most of the room in her bag. Licking her lips, she walked to a wall and sat down, her hand digging around in the bag of sugary sweets still she pulls out a handful of candy and started eating it carelessly.
  11. Raven approaches the girl and sits on the wall beside her. She stares at her and then at the sweet, her nose scrunching up at the sweet smell, "Are you okay?" She asks politely, not even knowing why she had approached the girl.
  12. "Ink, I was looking for you-"

    Inkie leapt a a clear five feet in the air, pivoting on his heel and prepared at once to fight. So much for violence being useless. He swore, he'd crush the little sneak.
    But the two green eyes laughing back at him were all too familiar, and so he lowered his fists. The tall and slightly awkward boy inwardly cursed, hoping to god nobody had seen him jump like that. He pointed a slender finger accusingly towards his friend and clutched at his heart with the other.
    Holy geez...the pounding inside of his chest sounded loud enough to wake a giant....

    The source of the unexpected whisper just giggled, her salt-and-pepper hair wooshing around her face in wild curls as her chest heaved. She met the taller guy's glare with a small smirk.
    "I know, I know - almost gave you a heart attack".
    She laughed again.
    "They don't call me "The Trick" for nuthin, silly guy".

    Inkie rolled his shoulders and tried to play it cool, tried to act like nothing had happened. But no matter how hard he tried, Trick could always manage to scare the shit out of him. Once she had even popped from under his bed - only god knows how she'd gotten there - and he'd practically jumped out of the window. Sprained his wrist. She'd gotten a kick out of that.
    The quivering boy lifted his scarf farther up his face and raised an eyebrow, eyes searching her small round face. She tugged him down to her eye level by the coat collar, blue lips slipping him the answer he'd been looking for.

    "Meet me at luunch...there's something wicked I wanna show you in th' potion lab".

    Inkie shuddered, but nodded nonetheless. He wasn't sure he'd go out of curiosity...more just to make sure Trick was safe. "Wicked" coming out of her mouth nearly always meant trouble.
  13. Dani blinked, obviously quite confused about why the girl had approached her. She peals a candy wrapper, popping the piece in her mouth and chewed a bit before she responded. "Peachy. More or less." She spoke in her tomboyish voice, giving a dirty glance to the two older boys.

    She grabs another piece, then another and another placing each of them in her mouth. "Um.. Are you..?" The young demon asked, never being quite a social person so she was obviously quite awkward.

    She always thought friends were strange. I mean, if you were always taught no not talk to strangers, what in your right mind would motivate you to attempt to keep some sort of mutual friendly relationship with someone you don't even you? Though, she was never told not to talk to strangers. She just naturally had no interest in Them. And the thought of having someone you could tell everything to frankly frightened her. But, since the girl approached her first, she figured she might as well try to be a little social. If things didn't go well, she could just avoid the girl or cause her a little misfortune.
  14. His eyes filled with humor at the girls reaction, opening the door and pulling the packet out. He shut the locker once more, his gaze slowly moving up to the rebellious boy his age. "Hmph...thanks for the quiz Ash." Even though he had spoken with a calm tone, it was clear that he was seriously irked by the boys actions. He shoved roughly past him, boots scuffing against the tiled flooring. Aiden sighed and pulled up the annoying black sleeves of his jacket, his clothing always black. He had many piercings, a nose, eyebrow, and two angel bites decorating his face with small black studs. His hair was on the longer side, a beanie hiding the thorns he oh so hated on his head.

    He stopped at the fountain, bending over to lightly sip some icy water, the liquid burning some as it slid down his throat and past his four sharp fangs. People used to tease him about his strange teeth. Calling him a demonic mutt and whatnot. That had stopped the moment he suspended Ricky Hollands off the schools Herbology Buildings roof. A chuckle left his lips as he straightened up. Walking down the hallway as if nothing had happened.
  15. The vampire's gaze flicked back and forth between the angry stranger and his classmate Aiden- who was cross with him too, apparently. That made two people he'd angered so far today, and he hadn't even done anything yet. He was quite fond of pissing people off with his carelessness and arrogance, but this wasn't even any fun. As the loud, tiny person in front of him stormed away, Ash turned his attention to his classmate, uttering a sarcastic response as they too walked off. "You're welcome! Make sure you study- Mrs. Norman's pop quizzes are always tougher when she's irritated with me."

    He turned and ambled off in the direction of the science lab, beginning to whistle a tune again as he passed the bathrooms. He certainly wasn't bothering to attend his first class now that it was almost over, and the hallways were surprisingly crowded considering everyone was supposed to be in their respective classes still. Hopefully the lab would be unoccupied and would provide him with a quiet, more secluded place to relax until second period began.
  16. Dani stood up, shoving her sweets back in her bag. Her tail flicked as she apparently seemed fine as if nothing had happened to anger her. Instead, she simply wandered down the hall till she found a large set if lockers. Flying up, she sat on top of then and stretches out her arms. "Ngh~! If the rest if the day will be like this, why not just sleep?" She said to herself, laying back on the lockers.

    As she gazed at the ceiling, she rests one foot on her knee and her hands behind her head. In her mind, she did was she usually did to pass the time which happened to be have unrealistic fantasies of what she should look like. She always imagined herself taller with longer red curly hair compared to her short boyish hair, more curves as opposed to her straight-as-a-twig body, and obviously more going on in the chest region. "Jeez.." She signed. "How can my mom be some succubus and I come out lookin' like a fricken boy?" She sneered. "Tch.. Useless old lady." She mumbles, obviously blaming her mother for something she couldn't have prevented.

    But, Dani figured all that complaining could be saved for another day. Say was deadtired even though the the day has barely begun. Closing her eyes, the young demon took a nap on top of the lockers.
  17. When the demon arrived to class once more, he was not in a good mood. He grumpily went over to his seat, plopping down next to James; a very attractive vampire. He had shaggy but well kept black hair, perfect looking lips and emerald green eyes. Of course he absolutely hated the red haired demon. He rolled his eyes as he sat next to the vampire, who was currently winking towards another of his race in the front of the class.

    The sound of course made him look over to the other, a grimace appearing on his handsome face. "Whats up faggot?" The vamp snarled, baring his canines at Aiden. Aiden looked over at him, clenching his fists. "Shut the fuck up." He spat out, his own four teeth baring as well, a warning growl sounding from his lips. "Not today asshat." Aiden finished, the bell ringing loudly afterwards. James proceeded to laugh, standing up and leaving with his things.

    As the two left the room, Aiden felt a foot catch with his own, his body already flailing. He hit the ground quite hard, his books, binders and paper sprawling out eaverywhere. He heard the following crunch and miniature crinkling sound of the glasses he had to wear. James' laugh filled the air along with many others. The red haired boy trying to stay calm as he sat up.
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  18. The bell had woken up Dani. Sitting up, she rubs her eyes and glances over, watching just in time as a student was tripped and his glasses breaking. She quietly watched with a slightly bored expression on her face, thinking she will find some sort of entertainment in the scene placed before her.

    Inside, she was already betting on which of the two student would win in a fight and how many punches each would get. She thought maybe the guy who tripped could win, since it appears as if he was constantly picked on. People can only take so much until they snapped, and boy did they snap. She smirks and snickered to herself.

    She leans back, reaching in her bag and pulling out a small wrapped brownie and began eating it as she waited to see what would come of the two students.
  19. His gaze narrowed, eyes raising to meet the figure of the popular boy. He pulled himself up, his eyes beginning to burn as they changed colour. He could feel himself losing his cool, which was never good. Aidens hand flexed as claws pushed through, people stopping as they noticed him. His long black tail snapped about, teeth now bared as he launched at the bully. James would lurch forward, shocked that he had decided to attack.

    Their snarls quickly filled the air as the demons poison tipped tail lashed forward towards him. The vampire moved quickly, bending forward and tossing him off. "You really wanna play? Then let's play." The vampire blurred, grabbing onto the demons shirt.
  20. She blinks and watches curious, resting her head lightly in the palm of her hand. She continued betting on the demon, though she was curious about the vampire. Vampires usually went into fights with overconfidence and, even more annoying, usually won due to there cocky overconfidence. And to her, this vampire with dripping with the conficendce to put the demon in his place and impress his fellow peers.

    Her tongue running across the top row of fangs, her gaze moves to a discarded school bag near the fight. Tilting her head to the side, she raised her other arm and points to it, then beckons the bag to come forward by bending her fonger. The bag began inching foreword till it rested in the middle of the fight without being noticed by the two boys. There, the bag sat until one of the fighting boys would trip over it.
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