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So, King Arthur has had countless make overs over the years as far as his story goes-- and I think it's high time I had a crack at it too. ^_^

I have TONS of ideas for this.... So. Below, in spoiler tags, I will give a brief summary of the hook. Check them out, see if you like one, then drop me a line! :)

In these ideas I envision Merlin and Arthur being good friends-- in some they might have a father/son or brother/brother relationship. If you had something else in mind, let me know!

Young Arthur Pendragon is a squire. Though, his knight is less than chivalrous. Small, hard working, and wickedly intelligent, the small blond has caught the eye of none other than the King's Visor; Merlin. At first, the man sees a pathetic straggly boy who will never be a knight-- but then he witnesses a stunning act of kindness and cunning. The Wizard Merlin has been around for centuries, some times wandering with gypsies, other times serving as advisers to Kings-- and never before has he ever met a mere child that was so intriguing!
When Merlin has a vision of this young boy being a king to bring peace to the kingdom the plot thickens. What is a wizard to do? Challenge the knave and take Arthur on as his own student-- or watch from a safe distance to see how things play out?

Somewhat inverse of plot A. Merlin is a young street urchin. After his town was ransacked by bandits, he and a few others were taken to be sold off. Merlin, being the cunning and quick boy he is, escaped and found himself alone in a large city-- Camelot.
A boy has to do what he has to do to survive. In a land where magic is frowned upon-- but not outlawed-- how will he survive? Things get even more complicated when a blond knight show's him some unexpected kindness as winter draws nearer.

Idea C
Prince Arthur has lived a life of luxury and knows not what it is to want for anything. He's young, arrogant, and still learning what it is to be a future King and put others before himself. When his betrothed, the lovely Lady Morgana, is kidnapped he orders his men to look for her and joins the hunt himself. When nothing turns up, he sends out a summons, calling on all seers and mystics in the Kingdom to come to Camelot in order to help locate her.
One man claims he is able to help, but warns the Prince that the woman he seeks isn't what she seems. Naturally, the Prince's knee jerk reaction is to throw the crazy mystic in the stocks! But something one of the other Ladies of the court-- Gwenivere-- said keeps nagging at him, leading to a midnight meeting in the courtyard. On the grounds that the man help him get to the bottom of it all, Merlin and Arthur begin their adventure and friendship.

Idea D
A Saxon invasion isn't a good way for any King to start his reign. Or end one.
King Uther is old and sick as an army approaches. Prince Arthur, against his father's wishes, seeks out the help of an infamous Druid man named Merlin-- though noone know's if the man is real or ledgend! Leaving Camelot at such a time might not be the best idea, but try telling that to a 12 year old boy who's mind is already made up. That's when Arthur meets a stranger on the road who offers to help. (Stranger can be; Merlin, Gawain, Leon, Lancelot, Percival, or Kane)

I have others, but let's see if anyone is interested at all before I type them all up, yeah?

I write in third person past tense and am on most nights. (I live in South Korea).
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