Art + Writing dump

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Those are super pretty art pieces. I especially love the hair colours of the girls. :3
Mmm pretty good better then what I can draw, only side views of wolves I just can't draw the muzzle right in an angled view. *not sure if I explained that well enough ^^; just really tired and can't think well*
Hi, I'm new. The best way to shake of newness, in my opinion, is pretending to be vain.

Spamming the Bored Games and Asylum also works.

Your art is really pretty! There's a wispyness... hmm not quite the right word. But whatever. There's a wispyness and flow to the colors that reminds me of Amano. Not that your stuff looks like Amano, you have a nice, distinct style, but it kinda reminds of it. And that Mary (Wolfe?) Painter, except your stuff is brighter and better defined.
HNNNNNNNG I love that second one. I also love your use of color >_< SO JEALOUS OF PEOPLE WHO CAN USE COLOR WELL!
Cool stuff!

I like the last one a lot.