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  1. It's recently come to my attention that a website has stolen a fair deal of my art, along with the art of many others and selling them for profit.

    The site is called

    Edit: Apparently the site may contain malware, so I've removed the hyperlink
    (I recommend people to NOT try and contact them or give them any of your personal information)

    Obviously, art theft isn't a new issue, and it's been around as long as we've been able to share images online. Stealing art is as easy as a click, save and upload away.

    For any other artists on Iwaku, hopefully none of your art is on this godforsaken site.
    I have no idea how to get the site taken down, but thankfully many other artists are trying to file a DMCA complaint against it. This isn't the first time this has happened to me, and like I said, it's a pretty common occurrence online. I think I reserve the right to be angry, as should any of you that might be in the same position.

    If anyone knows any way to get this site shut down, please be my guest. Until then, god I hate art thieves...
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  2. @Diana

    She's had dealings with people stealing content, I know that for sure!

    Any others, none come to mind. Perhaps @Kooriryu since I know she's an artist herself? Or has heard from word of mouth about these things?
  3. Massive Screenshot (open)


    Welp, to begin with, it's a scam site (according to the Web of Trust Addon)... Soo, well, the people making the website weren't even intending to do anything legal in the long run xS since curiousity is driving me... I'll delve further into the rabbit hole and see just how "sophisticated" the site is >.< usually, these shady sites have, to put it simply; "half-arsed" privacy policies, copyrights, and heck, even Q/A pages... And half the time, they're plagiarized :S in either case, let's hope they get dealt with as swift as possible.

    UPDATE: I... Don't even know if that site has proper context for the images they're using... I mean... They've got some sorta weird screencap or something of a certain shock-video Let's just leave it at that for the sake of our sanities
  4. Yeep, it's straight up a scam site. The copyright page seems half-assed and fake as hell.
    I mostly wanted to raise awareness in case anyone else around here has had their stuff re-uploaded.

    *bangs fist on table* SHUT IT DOWN. SHUT IT DOWN.
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  5. *Looks up Iwaku*

    *Finds an Image literally called "Iwaku World CHARACTER SHEETS"*


    They're not trying at all...
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  6. I advise not to search for anything... Broad in the right categories, because apparantly they have erm... Some notorious images on there.
  7. We talkin' goatse levels of infamous here?
  8. It uh... Might as well be xD
  9. *Instantly regrets googling that*
  10. That's why I didn't wanna specify >.< buuut, yeah, I highly suspect that site literally just made a discount google-images site... And then put a paywall on the images and stuff
  11. That would explain the names with Iwaku in it.
  12. If you hover over the logo, this comes up:
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  13. Must be their "disclaimer"
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  14. I'd be horrified, if I wasn't so amused by how little they try to hide their intentions. XD
  15. yuh? o ok but first lemme preface some shit with


    Okay, so, like, with that out of the way. Seiji, bruh, I dunno what y'all wanted me to do in here, Valk's pretty much done as much as humanly possible for the shenanigans Wallpart pulled. It's hard enough getting any sort of justice when actual companies steal your shit. It's not so much as futile to seek proper compensation as Really Fucking Difficultâ„¢, and depending on how far it goes it'll drain you of more money than you'd've gotten if you'd won.

    So instead, for the rest of the artkids of Iwaku, a compilation of some quick tips on how to make sure your shit stays your shit.

    Copyright Information Art for Artists - Registering & Copyrighting Your Art
    This one's words, words, words, words but words is what the law's made up of so you're gonna have to slog through this shit eventually.

    How Do Artists Protect Their Work Online?
    This one's a nice list of little blurbs from various artists on how they protect their shit.

    How to protect yourself against design plagiarism - Features
    This shit's nice, touches on all the nittier, grittier aspects of art thievery like a bit about pursuing lawsuits to a bit about differentiating between "influence" and "plagiarism" because who hasn't seen some fuckass comment about, "I changed the colors so it's mine now!"

    Plenty of shit to look around in how to protect yourself but one of the key things is to make sure what laws your state or country has, what can be done, how, when, where etc. And just 'cuz protecting your shit is just another way of protecting your cashflow, have a bonus tip on how to properly manage your monies if you decide to go freelance:

    Kali Ciesemier's Freelancers: Retirement Savings 101

    EDIT: Oh, fuck, almost forgot. There is a petition to have Wallpart stop fucking up and it is right here:

    Wallpart Shop: Take down the artwork you stole from the artist of deviantArt.

    And here:

    Remove Stealing People's Work without Persmission

    Shit, you know you fucked up-- got two whole, entire petitions against your ass. But either way. Show support, show love, put value into the work you do because as displayed above, motherfuckers will steal your shoes right out from under you if you let them.

    EDIT2: And oh shit, since the universe loves me it had this post in particular come up on my dash:

    How Reposters Get Theirs a.k.a. You Better Source Your Fucking Images
    The website it comes from is also a resource to help artists deal with people reposting art without actual crediting which fucks with artists in a different way, trying to keep their shit attached to their name because captioning "Credit to the artist" doesn't do shit, is lazy as balls so fuckin' don't do it. Downside to this website: They still think microfont is cool. Enlarge as you need.​
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  16. Huh... Looks like they're selling some of my art as well. :/
  17. According to a bunch of sources, Wallpart also has a Twitter feed where it posts random pictures from the website.

    It's apparently NSFW due to a bunch of images being porn.

    They literally just take pictures from websites and Google Images. I'm not surprised.
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