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  2. Eh, I doodle anime. I was never great at it, and I'm a bit out of practice... HUZZAH for clean anthro pics though. I hate having my childhood imaginary friends turned into someone else's fetish playground.

    HONESTLY! Naga's are REPTILIAN-females WILL NOT have boobs what's WRONG with you people?
  3. I go for most art really...mostly however I've taken a shine to anime style...*searches rabidly for free commissions.*
  4. i call it "Mass approproation";

    grab mutiple sources and appropriate a bit of everything.

    usually i get a sort of cartoonish, non detailed style of dude.

    mostly because i cant seem to get faces adn noses and hands and shading and stuff done right enough to make anything realistic.
  5. Day 1:

    Day One
    Major Goal: Get to safety
    Minor Goal: Learn about your manipulation
    Manipulation Restrictions: Extremely weak; Uses a lot of energy
    : All of the Prepared have some kind of mark somewhere
    on their body hinting to their manipulation

    Date: Tuesday; November 17, 2020
    Time: 6:56pm
    Location: Tullytown
    Weather: Cloudy; light snow
    Corrupted: Red; 691,967/933,832
    Survivors: 241,865/933,832

    “Breaking news!”
    All across Tullytown every tv and radio blared out the new broadcast. In the distance weird lights could be seen, but it was so far that no one paid it any mind.
    “Mysterious orb sightings are being reported all around the world. People say that those who are touched by the spheres are leaking what seems like blood from every orifice on their face. Stay inside. I repeat, do not leave shelter. This is a world-wide crisis, emergency precautions are to be taken, this is not a drill. This could be the end of the world as we know it…”
    The distant lights got closer and soon armies of orbs the color of blood rose from the edge of the city and began plowing through the streets. Those unlucky enough to be touched by them dropped to the ground in pain, spewing red liquid as the broadcaster reported; a gruesome sight for those fortunate enough to witness.

    “…What’s that? How did it get in! The doors were locked!!! No! JAMES!!! OH MY GOD!!! RUUUUUN!!!”
    Screams filled the air as the camera dropped to the ground. Everyone in the news room ran for their lives as a swarm of crimson orbs chased them down. Then it was silent… Even in the streets where pained cries and terrified shrieks used to echo, the only noise was static on screens and radios.

    That was until the sound of a female clearing her voice chimed out on every electronic with a screen and/or speakers, including cell phones, tablets, computers etc.
    On screens a silhouette of a woman appeared. The only feature seen was a distinctive hair color of pink illuminated only by the screens of the many computers in the dark room.

    “Hey all.”
    She smiled as a small hand gave a single wave.
    “You may have seen red orbs flying around in your area as the news caster previously mentioned. I expect you’ve already seen what they can do. It’s a scary sight. Those who have already been touched are gone. Corrupted. Do not try to save them. Stay as far away from them as possible. They are much like zombies, don’t let them scratch or bite you or else you will turn. Your best bet is to abandon them. I cannot stress this enough, no matter who they were to you before, no matter how much you loved them you cannot save them.”
    A hand reached out and slapped her shoulder and her gaze slammed towards the owner. After a moment of silence and a roll of the woman’s eyes she turned back to the camera.

    “You may think that all hope is lost, but you’re wrong. This is not the end of the world. It may seem like you’re being punished, that life is spitting in your face, but do not let that get you down.”
    Her words were strong and inspirational. There was a fire in her eyes that made people believe every word she spoke.
    “Fight back! Survive! You may not know who you are now, but when you do, know that you are capable! You can defeat this blight and come out on the other side! Don’t stop fighting! Nothing can tear you down even when you feel you can’t take it anymore! You can do this!”
    She then slumped back in her seat with a proud smirk on her face as the last words she said before the screen went black left her lips.

    “You are Prepared.”

  6. I like all kinds of art styles. >:D

    But of course when I draw it's usually anime style. >>;
  7. Have you ever had an idea for a giant monster to call your very own?
    Are they bulky, sleek, slow, fast, intelligent, unpredictable, etc.?
    Are they from a distant planet, the result of a freak experiment, or some ancient behemoth?

    Never be afraid to share your ideas!
  8. The time hadn't brought with it comfort or clarity, and for all the practice she had supposedly gotten, her cooking had somehow found ways to get worse. That was, the effort was gone. Or maybe just the love, and the point in trying. When returned from the girl's room, Seph would find the mother frozen at the kitchen counter, eyes blank, egg cupped unbroken in one hand. There was no bowl in front of her, nor pan, nor pot. Whatever she had been intending to do she had long forgotten, and no recipe book lay open to remind her of just what her plan had been. Was there ever one? All the she knew was the egg, if she was aware of even that.

    She wouldn't hear him come in, wouldn't move, wouldn't blink. Just stare at the counter and let her eyes sting their way to dryness. Her breathing was shallow, but steady. Slow, as if even it had found a way to give up. The sky outside grew ever darker, and without lights turned on to brighten the manor inside, even she seemed to fade to shadow. Meanwhile the kettle went cold. The water was boiled, but she had forgotten to pour it. The mugs lay waiting to be filled, teabags stranded and dry inside, drinks incomplete.
  9. As viewing art:
    I really don't have a preference.
    Anything that looks good to me is perfectly fine.

    Drawing Art:
    I can't draw at all. My stick figures are a poor excuse for a drawing.
  10. well you just need to practice that's all I can really say
  11. I tried taking an art class once
    And almost failed it.
  12. I am but a novice in regards to anime-style art, though I've been known to make crappy chibi pictures sometimes. Is it bad if I imagine you guys as chibi people sometimes?
  13. *Levels a Desert Eagle at Miru*

    Allow this threat of imminent violence to answer your question, Miru.
  14. Now, now miru didn't do anything wrong...
    *Necromanic Grumpy aims Desert Eagle at Ike*

    Wait what, don't you pull that trigger beside you must post something related to this thread first.
  15. *Grins stupidly and pulls the trigger anyway*

    And as for something related, I don't draw; I'm a photographer, and a graphic designer.


    *Falls into a plot-hole*
  16. *huf, huf, huf* Well now... that is cool... ...

    *Two hours later*

    uhnn my hole body hurts... Now were in the... were am I
  17. I'm breeding Eevees for a shiny and I'm gathering a large amount already. So, if you want an Eevee from Pokemon Moon, just message me. I will trade male Eevees for just about anything, and for females we can come up with an agreement.


    Which do you want: Male or Female
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    I hope to give these little guys happy homes ^u^
  18. I prefer the term 'Mechanical'.
  19. Sodika:*gets out MagiSaki*thinks-I work better by myself.I have good grade.I might just do all the work.I don't mind.