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Ike Sapphire

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So I was wondering why type of art everyone here is interested in like anime, 3 dimensional, shading, furry or what?

Well as I hav esaid before just look at my avatar and it should explain everything. Don't worry about it though I don't draw dirty kinds just clean kind. If you could help me out and find somemore images it would help out also feel free to post the Hyper link in your post.
Eh, I doodle anime. I was never great at it, and I'm a bit out of practice... HUZZAH for clean anthro pics though. I hate having my childhood imaginary friends turned into someone else's fetish playground.

HONESTLY! Naga's are REPTILIAN-females WILL NOT have boobs what's WRONG with you people?
I go for most art really...mostly however I've taken a shine to anime style...*searches rabidly for free commissions.*
i call it "Mass approproation";

grab mutiple sources and appropriate a bit of everything.

usually i get a sort of cartoonish, non detailed style of dude.

mostly because i cant seem to get faces adn noses and hands and shading and stuff done right enough to make anything realistic.
I like all kinds of art styles. >:D

But of course when I draw it's usually anime style. >>;
I should probably admit the only thing i like about anime is the excessive violence that it tends to provide me with.

stylisticly i much prefer the Tin-Tin comics when it comes to style.
I tried to do almost everything.

But what I love to do is anime with realistic proportions for the body if possible.

I like crosshatching for shading as well, but I haven't done that in a long time.
As viewing art:
I really don't have a preference.
Anything that looks good to me is perfectly fine.

Drawing Art:
I can't draw at all. My stick figures are a poor excuse for a drawing.
well you just need to practice that's all I can really say
I am but a novice in regards to anime-style art, though I've been known to make crappy chibi pictures sometimes. Is it bad if I imagine you guys as chibi people sometimes?
*Levels a Desert Eagle at Miru*

Allow this threat of imminent violence to answer your question, Miru.
Now, now miru didn't do anything wrong...
*Necromanic Grumpy aims Desert Eagle at Ike*

Wait what, don't you pull that trigger beside you must post something related to this thread first.
*Grins stupidly and pulls the trigger anyway*

And as for something related, I don't draw; I'm a photographer, and a graphic designer.


*Falls into a plot-hole*
*huf, huf, huf* Well now... that is cool... ...

*Two hours later*

uhnn my hole body hurts... Now were in the... were am I
I kind of concider this to be like a robo tech. or something. Not sure what I would call it but I was thinking of Robo tech. at the time.
Well I take back the fact I can't draw
As it turns out I can at least draw anime eyes 8D

Which is an improvement, considering I couldn't draw ANYTHING before.