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  1. art practice time! give me an easy character to draw, I draw some crap 4 u !!

    2 lazy to put up art samples.

    just put your faith in me.

    pls fill out this form thanks <3 :




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  2. sample


    most of my crap will probs be black and white and headshot only. im no good at coloring.
  3. another sample! Woo! I am on a roll today!

  4. yet another sample!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    i might draw full body. but only if i feel like it. i only like drawing abs.abbbbsssbsabbbasb
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  5. really, I am open. Come request for character stuffies !
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  6. tried my hand at skin!

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  7. something i did yesterday. figured out sai. working on the hair now.

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  9. I'm not scary :c

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  10. name: Ky'nin

    age: Early 20's (he's actually a long lived elf, but lets go with early 20's)

    personality: "Most do their best to give Ky'nin a wide berth whenever the elf deigns to visit the human city, as he's less than personable towards them. Not openly malicious or disdainful towards them, but just the same, very aloof and seemingly disinterested. This attitude doesn't cease when faced with his own, or other long lived races, Ky'nin choosing to keep others at a distance. It surprised no one when he chose to become a protector of the elven kingdom, or rather, specifically the forests surrounding them. Civilization in any form seems to disinterest him, but nature and the wild draws him in. The closest he could call to a friend is his great elk, Velenah."

    description: Slender frame with a heart shaped face. Short red hair cut to frame the face and violet eyes, upturned almond shape. Oval lip shape with pronounced upper lip.
  11. will try and see what I can do!
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  12. Whatever you make will be awesome~
  13. c:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, you need practice huh? Maybe Draw Ru and Zi together? Hehe.
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  14. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.
  15. name: Hoizu

    age: 19

    personality: Fiery, bold, honest, loud, insensitive, rude, aggressive

    description: tan skin, golden eyes, scar on left eyebrow from a fire, slightly muscular, black hair cut short in back, long in front, with bangs cut right across forehead.

    art of hoizu/art that inspired her (open)

  16. Your art style is really amazing!
    name: Jonah Bezarius

    age: 17

    personality: Jonah is a fun, loving boy. He has an outgoing and friendly attitude that his family and friends love. He can be awkward and shy with strangers, sometimes he will be very cautious around his surrounding. The young boy has anxiety when he can't deal being friendly and outgoing. Despite that, Jonah is respectful but doesn't like messing with. He is very, very loyal and will hurt anyone who hurts his family and friends. Aside from that, he is always seems wearing a smile, that smile couldn't mean anythings.

    description: Jonah is 5'4, his body type is average (as seen in the pic). He has black hair and blue eyes. (For clothes, he can wear what's in the pic.) His hair style is like the pic as well; medium-short, bangs are swayed back and placed into the side.

    (If there's anything missing in the description, please let me know, so I can edit/add more.)

  17. Hi. I love your artwork. I think it's amazing. ^w^ Is it too late to make a request?

  18. Requests? Yay or nay?
  19. Are you still open? I would love to request something! :D
    Your art is stunning btw.
  20. If you're still open-

    Full Name: Charlotte Eadan Gravel
    Nickname(s): Now- Charlie,

    Age (16-18): 16

    Looks: Charlie's father is from Louisiana and is Creole and her mother is a Scottish-Irish lady from the Appalachia(Nobody knows how they both ended up in a farm far from either place, but that's beside the point.)
    Charlie's skin is a light milk chocolate. She has scars on her legs, arms, and hands from working on her farm and various adventures and misadventures in her childhood. The most noticeable scar is a thick scar running from her ankle to her knee on the outside of her left leg. She got this from falling off her bike and sliding down a hill while racing Kyle in second grade.
    Her hair is super curly and pitch black. She keeps it short because the longer it gets the less manageable it is for her. It is currently in a slightly long pixie cut with it brushing the tops of her ears and bouncing around her forehead just above her eyebrows.
    Her eyebrows are normal if not a bit thin, but she makes up for with having thick slightly long eyelashes.
    Charlie's eyes are a startling deep blue. They have starbursts of alternating lighter and darker blue the closer it gets to her pupil. There are also flecks of silver in them making them sparkle.
    Her facial features are mixed with a slightly wide button shaped nose and medium lips normally pressed together in a thin smile or no smile. Her teeth are a bit crammed and crooked because she has a small mouth, but she refuses to let her parents spend money on getting her braces. Her cheeks are slightly rounded and have a chunky baby-like look to them. She normally has a rosey glow on her face.
    She has small yet oddly calloused hands from farm work and her nails are normally chipped and busted because she works a lot.

    Height: 4'11"

    Weight: 105-110 lbs (She's a touch on the chunky side because she has a hard time controlling her weight)

    Style: Very practical. She wears jeans, cargo pants, old t-shirts, flannels, and a hoodie. Her shoes are old tennis shoes except when she's actually on the farm then she has a set of leather hand-me-down(She calls them hand-me-up) work boots she got when she was 11 from her younger brother(Who grew out of things fast) and hasn't yet grown out of.

    Personality: She's a quiet girl especially at school. You would never think she was the energy-bunny she is because doesn't talk much. She always seems to be moving whether her leg is bouncing, her pen is clicking, or she's actually doing something, Charlie moves a lot.
    Charlie hates school with a passion. She struggles due to her dyslexia/dysgraphia and possible ADHD and get frustrated easily when she sees other children getting things easily that she struggles to even start at. While she is very good with her hands and has talents she tends to be negative about herself because she sees herself as dumber than the other kids.
    Due to being on the chunky side and her past Charlie has some anxiety she hides with a tough exterior. She doesn't really likes how she looks and believes what her abuser told her years ago that 'she wasn't pretty enough for others so she should be happy with him'. She feels guilty about keeping secrets from her parents and just ditching Kyle which only adds to her less then happy attitude.
    Despite her bad qualities Charlie is a very hard worker and when it comes to non-school things will put her all into whatever task she is given.
    Charlie is also very loyal to her family and friends and will do almost anything for them which only adds to guilt about ditching Kyle without a word.
    Charlie worries about her family a lot and doesn't feel it's fair to talk about her problems because their family has been struggling a lot especially in the past 2 years.

    EXTRA (open)
    Health Ailments: She has Diabetes Type 1, dyslexia/dysgraphia, and ADHD(undiagnosed)

    Hobbies: She works on her family's small farm and enjoys fixing up cars and such(She'll help neighbors with their tractors and cars and works in the mechanic shop at school). Charlie is trying her hand at woodworking so far she's not very good.

    Talents: She's a hard worker and cook pretty well. She's a good mechanic