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  1. I love to draw, especially comics and am currently working on my own original manga. I don't have my site up yet, otherwise I'd put a link up. For now here's some of my works (including some photography).

    lina-gourry1.jpg ikillbanditz.jpg these two are older (especially the I kill bandits one) but turned out really nice considering the first I was moody and pregnant and the second I did YEARS ago.

    gourrysketch.jpg Random man body sketch!

    The next one is a little iffy because it's a little.. erm *cough*... mature. NOTHING IS SHOWN. not even cleavage. So i figured it was safe enough to post.

    Linasexy.jpg One of my most recent colored works (I finally got a computer again so hopefully more to come soon)

    IMG_0258_edited-2-1.jpg My daughter.

    PhotoEffects-3.jpg 2011-11-27205140.jpg 2011-11-12170143_edit0.jpg 2011-12-21182149_edit0.jpg all of these I did while I had no computer. I like the third one the best and the last is a daily trope sketch for the "Stalker" Trope. The characters are Maeve and Sirius from my original. (The woman in the last is Sarafina)

    And finally, my current work in progress.

    I should have several more, including the finished product of the work in progress, to post later.
  3. Well drawn and very proportionate!
  4. Thanks to both of you! I try really hard, even though anime has warped proportions I try to at least make it pleasing to the eye and not look like it's a miracle for my characters to be standing upright. lol
  5. WOW. I have no words for how good those drawings are. I wish I could draw that well. :3

    Your daughter is adorable! ^_^
  6. Thank you! <3 You're very sweet.

    And she knows it... it's quite problematic when your kid thinks she was born queen of the universe AND knows she cute.