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  1. Hey Iwaku,

    We did it! We Now have an Art exercise prefix for W.A.M!!


    Before you get started keep this in mind;

    You can create an exercise in which to help all of Iwakuvian artists practice and show off their skills! Exercises are intended to provide practice. These are NOT prompts; prompts and writing challenges belong in the Challenges forum.

    This is also NOT a personal request prefix, If you have a personal art request and desire a specific work of art from one of our members you can use the Request Art Prefix when creating a thread in the Museum ~OR~ Make a request in our Characer Portrait Studio

    Here are a few Tips to help you create your own Art Exercises:

    1. Title it accordingly, to get participants you want to grab at a certain subject or style of art to exercise.

    2. That's your theme and you're sticking to it! For each exercise you create latch to the theme of Traditional or Digital, Make sure you specify which styles you want to be exercised. You can create a traditional exercise one week and then a Digital one the next, This will keep the forum nice a tidy for newcomers and senior members alike. You can also do an exercise that allows both the traditional and digital forms of art 8D

    3. Iwaku Art School 101 - If you are in school, art school, or the like, and you are enjoying a simple art project in school, these make for wonderful exercises, feel free to share an art lesson that not only Showcases your art projects but also provides a learning experience for your fellow artist!

    4. Less is more! when creating a challenge try not to overwhelm your participants with walls of text or unseemly restrictions. Leave a decent amount of leeway for the artists to be creative and think for themselves. This is the part of Iwaku where we can let our art speak volumes.

    5. Include Iwaku Roleplay; Take an excerpt from a favorite post in a role play that you are involved and USE IT! Iwaku is, after all, A role playing Website, and as a Role player myself, I know that many of you out there feel the same as I do when we read a friends Post and we want to see that beautiful setting, or that intense action a character makes, Quote these Role play moments into an Art exercise to help all of us practice the art of Illustrating stories

    These little tips are not mandatory, and you DO NOT have to apply every tip to every exercise you create. I hope that they provide a window of insight into your own styles or creating ways to challenge yourselves and others as artist in both the traditional and digital fields of Art. If you have any question feel free to message me on my Profile or contact me through Conversation.

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