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  1. imageedit_2_8068144746.png
    Unnamed OC that I love.
    Bijorn edit.jpg Bjorn.jpe
    Bjorn sketch and digital version.
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  2. How do you even paint skin? Halp. >,<

    Critiques are very much welcomed. I'm still scared to do full body. Heh. Thus far, all I've got are head shots.
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  3. Skin IS soft and requires softer shading; but it seems you've hit all the wrong areas or there's little to no contrast! Oops!

    I know that usually, the forehead, nose, cheeks and lower lip/chin are usually the ones light hits the most, so you should make sure those ares are usually lit up!
    ...Also, view the face more as a three-dimensional shape, not just a flat surface. Try drawing out lines, draw sideways heads and draw a grid on it, "draw" the surface.



    As for pencil shading, I have a few tips:
    • always make strokes in the same direction (so all lines should be parallel)
    • go over the shaded area with the pencil softly (for a softer/more blended effect, do circles or crisscrossing lines), then apply stronger pressure in the darkest area
    • while doing lineart, keep it sharp and apply clean and strong/more prominent lines for the bigger objects/sections, and then slightly lighter pressure for details/smaller objects
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  4. THANK YOU!!!

    This looks wonderful. I'll try my hand at it as soon as I finish studying. xD
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  5. @chillin

    Finally tried to do the skin thingy. Attempted to color hair a different way as well.~~

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  6. It looks good! Now you only perhaps need a bit of more colour and contrast, and that's it!
    As for the hair, it looks good, however... A bit flat! Try shading bigger clumps of hair together and then add details/lighting onto that!
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