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  1. I am just gunna quickly introduce myself; I'm Aoi and I love to draw. I've lately, though, been a bit in a block... Kinda. Been drawing a heck of a lot of the same stuff lately and I was hoping by being on here, I'd relieve some of that art block.

    So what am I offering?
    I'm looking to offer two things; free sketches, and then lineart+colour for a small fee. And I mean a small fee.

    Basically the sketches are somethin' like this:


    So you'd get something like that free. Keep in mind, it'd only be character- and probably only a head shot cuz I am lazy.

    If you wanted to get line-art and colour, it's 6USD and I'd only be colourin' headshots right now. Sometimes I'll take like... a day to get it done ... sometime's a week. I'm a lazy little poop with school to attend, and life to work on.

    [​IMG]Colour/lineart will end up looking something a bit like this. This is a WIP but hey. you get the gist. I'll send progress shots at the lineart and flat colourin' if requested, which should be the time, if you wanna make changes, you inform me. If I finish it, give it to you, and you want changes then, that's a no go. Sorry 8c.

    Last but not least, I only have 5 slots open for this, and I ONLY take paypal payments. Sorry!
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  2. <33333

    I love the old style DaVinci Sketch Style

  3. Um...what about colorations? I have line art I've already made but um *flails* I don't know how to color digitally. T^T
  4. digital coloring is a hell of a learning process...but what better way to learn than to toss yourself in the deep end and hope for the best :D
  5. smoking hot pics!
  6. QwQ Uuuuaahh~ Thank you so much ! I loooove sketching over paper textures.
  7. I may consider doing a collab. Why not show me the picture and I'll telll ya whether I've got time to spare for colourin' it or not? cx
  8. Yess, too true~
  9. Thank you ~~
  10. *hesitantly hands over drawing* It's a looooooooot different than your type of art style. lol I need it to be colored for a role-play application on Deviant Art and I don't think anyone in the group is going to help me with it, so I have to go searching for someone's help... >.>;
  11. Ooh, no that's perfectly okay. Everyone's got their own style of art and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. I'd be totally open to digitally colouring this up for you. Seeing as it's not high resolution it won't take me too long either.
    My only final question is would you be okay if you PM'd me your Skype so that I can keep a semi-consistent check up with you on whether I'm doing it right xD. If not we can just use PM's on here. I can also probably livestream it too so that you can clarify colours for me while I am actually doing it if that works better for you.
  12. iViolaceous is my skype. I had a color palette in mind for him but I totally forgot what it was lol
  13. PFT. niceeeeeeee. It's okay, I've done that too
  14. I think his hair was blue and pink though.......maybe. >.>;
  15. Hahah XD- maybe?? You mean you don't remember at all?

    also invite sent~
  16. NIGHT EVLES ... And Blood elves maybe!?

    Your art is wonderful. I love your style. I think mostly I just want to see my characters in other people's styles. I was wondering if you could try out a sketch of one of my WoW characters? Just one I'll let you pic which one and surprise me. :3

    Lostpaw my rather grouchy tauren druid.

    Raziax or Raz my gay troll hunter. (His name is spelled differently in my sketch because I hadn't settled on the spelling yet. :P
  17. Wow... You are amazing. Are you free and available to do a sketch for me? I would love to pay you and get a colored one, but unfortunately I am butt poor at the moment. o.o
  18. Haha! Thank you so much! Well since we both want something drawn by one another we could always do an art trade? I'll sketch something for you and you sketch something for me? :D I totally wouldn't mind trying to draw one of your characters. ^_^
  19. ... :lol: That was mostly directed towards the person who owns this thread, although your work is certainly very talented as well. I can't draw people for shit.
  20. Lawl why did I think you were the owner of the thread? I need to sleep D: