Arrow Rp Search!!

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Hello and Welcome to my small search thread!! *waves* my name is Cirilla (or Ciri) and I'm on a fandom RP hunt! This one s specifically for my hunt for Arrow.

I am a gamer and anime lover who also reads to many comics haha. So feel free to shoot across suggestions.

My rules

- have fun
- no one liners
- be up for occ
- post relatively regularly (once a week minimum)
- if your below the age of eighteens... I don't really feel comfortable rping with younger members. Sorry nothing personal.
- Smut and 18+ things are welcome obviously as long as your 18+ lol
- be up for the possibility to double up. Yes I can play any gender ECT though I tend to end up as the male far to regularly.

SOOOO!!! I am looking for an Arrow rp and I am craving an Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak rp I have a few ideas to be in a plot though I need someone who is up to brainstorm with me XD

Well if your interested message below, pm me or switch to my more open fandom thread linked below <3

PARTNER REQUEST - Cirilla's fandom search |
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