Arrival of the Okori

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  1. Hello reader; my username is Kobura Okori, which means "snake origin" in Japanese. I'm here on the behalf of Okori, a roleplay clan that stretches far and wide throughout the internet! (Or so we'd like) To tell you about myself I'm a fighter; a warrior at heart with a boiling spirit and a soul on fire. I enjoy roleplay fighting so much that I won't argue OoC; I'll just ask you if you want to settle the debate through our characters. I'm new here, or so I believe, (I'm not truly sure) but I'm not new to roleplay in any way, shape or form. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all on behalf of the Okori, and I truly hope you all have fun with me around; you'll most likely see some posts of mine in the one on one section. Though that may be a secondary purpose, my first purpose is to roleplay here, and since I like fighting so much.. well.. who'd like to face off against my kitsune? ^^
  2. *bows* Greetings. I am the Demon, HollowEastword, I come from the shadows to welcome you here. Enjoy your new home and welcome madness! * disappears into shadows*
  3. A traveling clan! O_O How interesting! Welcome to the community!